I found it infinitely interesting and I fully respect the effort and daring it took to commit $100 million to this.It was like a book that jumped to the next chapter just as things were becoming clear. And I agree, I started to dig it a little more as it progressed, and the casting was a real kick. For me it just didn't feel like a three hour movie, I was always intently interested to see where all the stories were going to end up I was immersed in the performances and the mega-ambition involved here.

I will say that since this was trying to be the time and space version of Babel (I disagree with you on that one as well, but anyway) this spoke to me much more fluidly than Inarritu's film.
I guess it helps that I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan, so the concepts presented were not as eye-rolling as others might perceive it. Good review Alex you explained your position as well as you could and I hope you read my own thoughts on it.

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