Piano tutorial for how to play my arrangement of "Tale As Old As Time" from 'Beauty and the Beast'.
I used the score display function Clavinova There is a place for hard to see real-time recording, left-hand part and right part of the score is not divided. Please do not hesitate to message me to request for a slower version or other piano songs "How to".

With a main theme that riffs on everything from Batman to Gladiator, Marianelli paints a taut, futuristic London with a sea of tympani and brass. Quieter woodwind and string sections help build character but are equally menacing, keeping with the bleak subject matter. Julie London, Cat Power, and Antony and the Johnsons provide some moody lounge moments, but it's Marianelli's show, painting a totalitarian government in the deepest blues he can muster.

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