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A tremendously successful book Cloud Atlas, which was written by British author David Mitchell in 2004, is laid in the basement of next brothers Wachowsky’s movie Cloud Atlas. Of course, no one has expected that Matrix’s creators will film something small, but it seems like Cloud Atlas outperformed any possible expectation.

The film is so advanced in the meaning of CGI graphics and complicity of the twisted plot that it’s undoubtedly destined to become another milestone in cinema industry alongside with The Matrix and Avatar. The first story begins in 1850 on a frigate sailing across the Pacific Ocean; this story is read by the character of the next story as a diary in 1931 which story is read in letters by Luisa Rey a journalist California, 1975 who writes a manuscript for the novel which is read by Timothy Cavendish, in 21th century UK which story was laid in the center of documentary movie which is watched by Sonmi~451, a genetically-engineered clone in not so distant future who rises a rebellion against totalitarian regime which is lead to “The Fall”, an apocalypses which destroys a civilization and forms a tribal societies on Earth. One of the tribesman watches a Sonmi~451’s story as holographic movie on his “Orison” device.

All the six stories which are nested in the film look like seamlessly connected with each other in the way we did not realize until the movie reaches its turning point, and then we travel back in time from story to story completing them in reverse order and realizing that “Everything is connected”.

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