Yet, some of the basic principles of map making and cartographic communication remain the same. One of the challenges map makers face is how best to symbolize the relationships represented on the map. Choices of the shape, style, and color of symbols as well as classification methods all ultimately affect the usefulness of the map in getting its message across.

Today, we can use modern technology such as geographic information systems to help us produce and analyze maps in ways that enable us to rapidly communicate our ideas with others. This week you have the opportunity to become a cartographer, creating a map that tells a story of interest to you and that is applicable to your teaching situation. Halle Berry: Hollywood Awards Gala Gorgeous Halle Halle Halle Halle Halle Halle Berry Halle Halle Halle Esquire Magazine Halle Berry Widescreen Wallpaper Halle Halle Berry Widescreen Wallpaper Halle Halle & Gabriel Halle Berry: 'Cloud Atlas' Set for December 6!

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