How to download apps and games from the App Store Now that you've got your new iPhone or iPad, it's time to fill it with great content. How to use apps, watch movies and tv shows, play music, and look at photos on Apple TV Everything you need to know to get the most of your Apple TV! ESPN to Launch Multi-Sport Subscription Streaming Service in Future The Walt Disney Company has announced it is acquiring a minority 33 percent stake in BAMTech, a video streaming company previously formed by Major League Baseball, for $1 billion. Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of tvOS 10 to Developers Apple today provided developers with the fifth beta of tvOS 10, the next-generation operating system designed to run on the fourth-generation Apple TV. Apple Removes Fake Bitcoin Wallets From App Store After Users Scammed Fake Bitcoin wallet iPhone apps are routinely leaking through Apple's App Store vetting process, leaving users' accounts at risk of being compromised and their coins stolen. If you’re tired of conventional antivirus apps and want to try something new, perhaps we have the answer. Although it may seem unsafe to let your files be scanned on a remote server, the security algorithms behind the free Panda Cloud Antivirus manages to protect your files and private information. Although you would be required to have a decent internet connection, if you use the free Panda Cloud Antivirus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the constant updates. Although Panda Cloud Antivirus has a paid version for those of you who’d require the safest environment for your private information, the free version is more than enough for the common user and even some small business companies.
The Apple TV App Store can be rather daunting, with myriad iPhone apps to choose from all different genres. To save you the trouble of trying all those applications, here we have a list of top five free music apps for Android users to download.Please note that some of the following apps download will work only in specific countries where they operate.
Release back in 2009, Panda Cloud Antivirus has evolved into a comprehensive and reliable security solution. Although at first glance this seems as a difficult mind boggling technology, the term actually explains a pretty simple innovation.
Although most people are concerned regarding their privacy, mainly because the security relies at their end, you can rest assured that your files will be safe, as five years in there hasn’t been a single threat to their servers. Due to the use of cloud computing technology, the Panda’s Collective Intelligence runs constantly and provides you with protection against malicious websites and viruses  with constant access to up-to-date information. Innovative and constantly up to date, the free Panda Cloud Antivirus is definitely one of the best antivirus software products to date. If these apps not supported or not available on your Google Play because of your country, you may need to use Android VPN apps to access them or install the SDK of the apps separately.Download The Five Free Music Apps for Android Users1) Google Play MusicIn late 2011 Google decided to enter the online music streaming industry and introduced Google Play Music as a rival to the likes of Spotify and SoundCloud. With web servers being upgraded every day, their processing power becomes far greater than what some sites and applications require.

However, if your internet connection breaks down, the antivirus will still keep your device secure by using its local cache, containing information about the most common threats in circulation. Panda Cloud Antivirus proved itself to be one of the most reliable free antivirus apps on the web, and here are some reasons why! Instead of reserving a limited amount of power for a certain user or a site, cloud computing simply lets everyone use the same processing power source and distributes power as to help everyone get the same experience.
With Google Play Music users have access to their entire online music collection on the go. The free Panda Cloud Antivirus puts this innovation to use and rather than using your computer’s power to scan your files, the client connects to a private server. It offers a variety of custom radio stations and even offers smart recommendations to the users based on their taste.Google Play Music can also be used as a music player to access the music stored on the smartphone.
Through Google Play Music users can also access hundreds of free songs on Google Play and millions of songs available for purchase. Users can also save songs to their smartphone for offline access.‘Instant Mix’ is one of the many features of the application, which creates a playlist of songs that goes well together for the users.
Song Matching feature of Google Play Music allows the application to scan the user’s music library and add it to their online music library.
It is a commercial music streaming service, which was founded by Daniel Ek in 2006 and launched for public in 2008. It requires a premium membership to enjoy all the features, but earlier this year Spotify updated their application which now let the users listen to music for free. The android application of Spotify offers almost identical music experience to the desktop and web versions.Users can connect with Facebook and other social networking websites to view social recommendations. Users can follow different artists and follow their playlists, which is a great way to introduce yourself to new artists and expand your music library. Users can create custom playlists, add friends and listen to the playlists created by their friends.
Spotify comes with tablet support and can run on most of the android devices.Spotify provide its users with the opportunity to listen to more than 20 million songs from a variety of artists. It is like a community for musicians which enables the users to record, upload and promote their music. The android application is free to download and comes with all the features of the website. Users can not only make playlists, but they can also like and share the music for their followers.

With SoundCloud users can also share what they are currently listening to on other social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter.The SoundCloud android application has simple and clean user interface. The application runs much faster than the website and there is hardly any load time between songs.
The songs are categorized in all the popular genres and users can even listen to whatever music is trending on the app. Users can not only search songs by artist names, genres or song titles, but they can also use tags to look for their favorite song. SoundCloud is one of the most popular music service and has over 175 million unique monthly listeners. The application has a beautiful and easy-on-the-eye interface with few visual ads, but the users can pay for an ad-free version.
The Slogan of Songza is ‘good music makes good times’.Songza automatically provide a playlist for the users based on their mood, what they are doing and the weather outside. These playlists are humanly curated by a team of 60 music experts including DJs, musicians and critics.
The playlist offered by the application are based on a variety of factors including day, time, device and activity of the user. Thanks to this feature of Songza, users don’t have to waste time searching and browsing for music. Songza is Editor’s Choice app at Google Play, which is proof enough that Songza is one of the best online music apps for android users.5) RdioRdio is another famous music streaming service, which is providing free service to the music buffs. Rdio has one of the nicest looking interface among its rivals and it is very simple to use.
Users even have the option to choose the quality of audio to save data when using the application through network.Rdio offers most of the features provided by the likes of Spotify and SoundCloud including playlist curation.
Like other music applications, Rdio also lets the user follow their favorite artists and add friends to share music with them. The free version is ad-supported, but the users can simply become premium members to enjoy ad-free music and other extra features. Most of them offer premium membership for full access and extra features, but even in the free version, users can listen to all the music they want.

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