MindView Online ermoglicht Ihnen, Mind Maps an jedem Ort zu erstellen, Mind Maps zu teilen, und Mind Maps zu Word, PowerPoint und Google Docs zu exportieren.
MeetingBooster ist ein umfassendes, Cloud-basierendes Meeting Management-System, das Zeit spart und die Produktivitat jedes Meeting steigert. IndependenceIT announced the general availability of Cloud Workspace Suite with Azure RemoteApp integration, meaning users can access apps on any device through the platform. IndependenceIT, an integrated workspace automation software platform provider, recently announced the launch of the latest iteration of Cloud Workspace Suite, the company’s desktop-as-a-service platform, which includes a host of new Azure RemoteApp automation features to help users obtain their enterprise documents from any device.
This cloud-in-a-box serves up shared space for a jukebox, photos, blogs, file sharing, workspace apps, and more. When you log in to Tonido, you land on the start page, which provides quick access to all Tonido's modules and features. Figure 2: The Jukebox application lets you listen to music and manage your music collection.
As you might have guessed, the Photos application lets you share and exchange photos with other Tonido users (Figure 3).
Finally, the Workspace application can help you to collaborate with other Tonido users (Figure 5).
The modules of the Workspace application sport some clever features designed to make your work easier and more efficient. Final WordTonido is not the most advanced server solution out there, but it's by far the most elegant and user-friendly one. San Francisco-based chip company announces their first fully open source chip platform. MindView 6 is a highly professional Mind Mapping tool that helps you increase productivity with powerful integration to MS Office.
MindView Mac is a highly professional Mind Mapping tool that helps you increase productivity with powerful integration to MS Office. MindView Online allows you to create mind maps from everywhere, share mind maps, and export mind maps to Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs. MeetingBooster is a powerful cloud-based meeting management system that minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity of every meeting. MindView's new Shared Workspace takes collaboration to another level by offering true multi-user editing, distribution of tasks and monitoring of task status, enabling students to collaborate on assignments or project managers to optimize projects involving people from various locations. Mediator 9 is the award-winning multimedia tool that turns you into a multimedia and web-designer. ScreenCorder 5 captures and records all your desktop activity in minutes - ideal for creating training and support videos or powerful demonstrations! Verwalten Sie Ihre Projekte vom Anfang bis zum Ende, indem Sie von Microsoft Project, Outlook und XML importieren und in diese Formate exportieren. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Google Drive und Microsoft Live funktioniert MindView Online perfekt auf jedem Gerat. Durch volle Einbindung in MS Outlook und Lotus Notes stellt MeetingBooster ein sicheres und effizientes Werkzeug fur das Planen, Ausfuhren und Archivieren von Meetings dar. In fact, the idea of having all your applications and data in the cloud gave birth to a whole new type of computing device known as the netbook. By default, Tonido accepts only local connections, so if you want to access the server from the Internet, you have to enable the web access feature.
Although Thots won't replace WordPress or other advanced blogging engines, this no-frills application does have a few nifty uses.

The application offers pretty much everything you need to manage schedules, tasks, contacts, notes, and files, and it allows you to create as many workspaces as you need, so you can set a separate workspace for each workgroup or project. The Calendar module, for example, lets you import events from an iCal file, and if you ticked the Enable Public Display checkbox when creating the workspace, the calendar is automatically published on the web. In literally a few minutes, you can turn any Ubuntu-based machine into a server suitable for a wide range of tasks.
Integration with Google Drive and Microsoft Live, MindView Online will work seamlessly on any device. Fully integrated with MS Outlook, MeetingBooster provides a secure and efficient tool for scheduling, executing and archiving meetings.
Durch die intuitive Oberflache mit dem gewohnten Microsoft Office-Menuband konnen Sie sofort starten! In most cases, cloud computing means using third-party web-based applications and services, but why not roll out a little cloud of your own? It seamlessly integrates with your Twitter account, so you can push blog posts (or thots) on Twitter.
More importantly, Tonido is not just a server package, but a platform that can be extended by installing additional applications. An intuitive interface with a familiar Microsoft Office Ribbon interface lets you get started right away! Users will also be able to automate their RemoteApp application collection entitlements for the benefit of end users. It might sound like a daunting proposition, but with Tonido [1] you can turn your Ubuntu-based machine into a cloud server in a matter of minutes. This starts the Web Access Setup Wizard, which helps you enable and configure the web access feature. To do this, switch to the Photos application, click on the Manage link in the Shared Folders section to the left, and click on the Add New Share link.
With the use of the supplied ClipThots extension for Firefox [2], you can use your Thot blog as a place for storing and sharing interesting links and text snippets.The Webshare application, which lets you give users access to specific directories and files on your machine, is designed to take care of all your file sharing needs (Figure 4).
In fact, Tonido even allows you to turn any existing group into a workspace with a few mouse clicks. The Tasks module lets you specify a due date and priority for each task, as well as assign tasks to users. Right now this includes just a handful of applications, but as Tonido gains more traction, the list of available modules is likely to grow. If you haven't yet configured port forwarding, the wizard can do this for you, provided your router supports the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) feature.If you plan to use the Tonido server to collaborate and share data with other users, you should populate it with groups and invite users. Then select the directory you want to share, pick the group you want (or create a new one on the fly), and press OK. Using the Filter button, you can quickly view tasks matching certain criteria, such as Priority, Assigned to, Due Date, and so on.The Notes module (Figure 6) offers graphical editing tools, making it easier to create richly formatted notes. Even in its current form and with the default application set, Tonido can prove to be a genuinely useful tool for individual users and workgroups alike. First and foremost, you retain complete control of your data because you don't have to store it on a third-party server. To do this, switch to the Groups section, click on the Create tab, enter the required information for the new group, and hit the Create Group button. This automatically pushes your photos to all users in the selected group, and all photos shared by other users appear in your Photos application.

To select the directory you want to share, use the Add New Share link and specify the share's name and description. The Timeline feature provides a quick overview of all workspace activity so you can stay abreast of what other users do.
All shared photos are copied and stored on your machine, so you can view them even if the user who shares them is offline. Also, you can specify an optional share's expiration date, which can come in handy if you want to grant access to a specific directory for a limited period of time. The Group Chat feature allows you to chat with other users in the workspace, and the Forums section lets you host discussions or maintain a knowledge base. Not so with your own Tonido server: Even if your Internet link goes down, all Tonido's applications and data can be accessed through the local network, or even directly on the machine running the server software.
If the user you want to invite is already in your contacts list, just create an invitation with her Tonido ID. Similar to Flickr and other photo-sharing services, Photos lets you tag, rate, and comment photos, as well as mark them as your favorites. Once the share is configured, you have to add users who will have access to the shared directory. With the commands in the navigation bar to the left, you can view photos by tags, ratings, and users.
This also means that you can install the Tonido package easily with the GDebi graphical tool or by executing the sudo dpkg -i TonidoSetup_i686.deb command.
If you choose the latter approach, the recipient receives an invitation message containing a unique token.
Now you can send the users a direct link to the share (with the Send URL via Email command), and they can access and download files via a browser. The recipient then has to install Tonido on her machine and accept the invitation using the provided token.
On launch, Tonido presents the default browser and prompts you to create a profile (Figure 1). Creating the profile is as easy as specifying a unique profile name, password, and a few other pieces of information.
The application lets you create custom playlists, and it sports a few default dynamic playlists that give you quick access to the recently added and most popular tracks. The profile name is the only thing that is sent to the Tonido service, and it's done only once. Jukebox doesn't let you share your music files with other users, but you can create a guest account that allows other users to access your music collection. Each guest account must have one or several playlists assigned to it, and you can use this feature to limit guests to specific parts of your music collection.
Instead of the full-blown Jukebox interface, the guest user has access to a mini-jukebox application that provides basic controls. The Settings item in the mini-jukebox also allows the guest to select a mode optimized to the type of Internet connection.

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