After spending 7months at a small hospital we finally deserved some luxury and care, so we chose Cloud nine hospital on old airport road Bangalore for the delivery of our child.
We chose the luxury package which costed us around 85000 and Dr Praveena Shenoy as our gynac after reading reviews on the internet. They have an au bon pain cafe at the entrance; a mom and me store to buy essential stuff and a photo studio.
Overall a good experience with cloud nine and they were very kind to call us the next day after we reached home and find out if we were fine. It’s very difficult to get an appointment with Dr Praveena Shenoy and once we are there we need to wait for half a day, but it’s still worth it. This entry was posted in Hospitals and tagged best gynacologist in bangalore, best maternity hospital in bangalore, cloudnine airport road review, india mother blog, india parenting blog, Indian baby blog, Indian mothers blog, review of cloudnine bangalore. When you actually get to meet Dr Kini he is hardly spends five mins with you to just check weight and ur bp. After our package of four days they come and tell us we have to stay back for another day as baby has jaundice which is normal in all babies.
It is an overhyped hospital with an overhyped gyneac like Dr Kini trying to fool and cheat people for more money. On top it when we talked about commitments made at the time of booking with Ms Sonali(the head of cloud 9, ggn), she asked us if we had anything in written. No commitments fulfilled in our case and infact Cloud 9 made our lifetime experience a bitter one. Thanks for sharing your experience Tashi, Im sure many moms will benefit from your feedback. I will not let your organisation to cheat innocent people any more and will take necessary action against u, see that ur hospital is closed or shut.

Cloud 9 is not the hospital it is the fraud and blood sacking organisation cheating people’s by putting abnormal price and it is nothing but extortion or blackmailing the poor and innocent people.
We are a team of moms or rather would like to call ourselves the next gen moms, along with writers who love kids and everything associated with them.
Danny Hammond, was being monitored by Aitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Steven Sandberg at the request of St. Hospital security responded to the suspect's hospital room and electrically stunned him — he then became unresponsive and died after being taken into custody, Evans said. The state Department of Public Safety said that the violence was confined to the one hospital room and that nobody else was injured.
Sandberg, 60, was married with a daughter and had been an investigator with the Aitkin County Sheriff's Department since 1991, Sheriff Scott Turner said. They need to go out or eat at a place which is for the staff, and the place is not that great. We were told it’s very high and they had to start photo therapy immediately in reality just sunlight would have been a better option and charged us another 30K more. Definitely I went to deliver, but as a blogger I have to give an overall review with all factors instead of ONLY stressing on the operation theater and how I well the doctor performed the C section.
Thanks for your comments, Im sure people reading this post will see your comments too, if you would like to elaborate it would be better for our readers. Duty doctor who takes about half hour to understand your case file and gives you basic consultation. The next day the gyneac comes and says we can go home and they charged Rs 2000 for him to come and tell that. But with plenty of options these days its best to go to a place which is perfect for the money you pay.

Whatever Ms Sonali committed with we complained, she again went back on her words in next hour. The blog has contributions from many lovely moms across the globe and covers every aspect of parenting. How fair is it to charge Rs 600 which is a senior Doctor consultation fee and without informing the patient having them to meet a junior Doctor???
The paedatrician says we can’t go home as they have to do one more day of photo therapy but we decided o get the baby home which we did and baby was absolutely fine within five days. We were lured by the promises which were made and after alot of confusion we finally chose Cloud 9 Gurgaon.
But we were yet to see the actual truth: The final bill was 30k higher and none of the commitments were actually fulfilled.
Beside cost of MTP process is so expensive, total cost comes around 8 to 9 K and will let u wait like hell and at end of day they will give you two different tablet. And in the 5 days my gyneac came twice to ask how am I doing and next to tell I can go home. I better suggest people should try in manipal hospital where total cost around 3k and some private garnacologist in kormangala they are too professional with less cost and beside no more waiting.

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