Keep your lip liners and eye pencils perfectly sharpened and ready for action with this premium quality sharpener, which sharpens pencils to a rounded tip instead of a hard point. Tod Grupen { Aloha Lisa, I can imagine why a rounded tip on your eye liner is a good thing. I have made two different versions of almond milk now, and I will share both options with you.
Let me know how you like your almond milk and if you use the dried almond pulp in any recipes! Hey, Jen, I have found that if I use a little less than 1 full cup of almonds, the milk is the same.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When I make these again (which I definitely will!) I will double the drizzle because it is so yummy!

Again, I guarantee these products are fabulous because they are from one of the best cosmetic brands, Younique! To see such HIGH quality professional deliver a CLASS blog is something we should ALL be grateful for! I dry mine out on a baking sheet with sides and cook at 300 degrees, stirring every 10 minutes or so. Followed the recipe, using almond meal in place of the arrowroot, and went butter instead of coconut oil (was in a buttery mood!). I’ve been experimenting with a few different recipes and have had requests for a few more…we will see how my pregnancy continues and if I can get some of those recipes figured out and posted! I had way more batter after filling twelve muffin cups, so I made an extra mini bread with the remains.
I actually prefer the taste with the dates, but think I will try it with 2-3 dates next time instead.

Almond flour is so expensive and if you make milk and flour, you definitely will save money!
One of my favorite paleo baking experiences and nice that it doesn’t have a bunch of bananas in it, for a change.
I also found that straining went a lot quicker when I made it without the dates, but it still worked pretty well.

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