So over the course of 2014 I have visited Brighton on numerous occasions for job interviews, recruitment fairs and as press at The Great Escape Festival. Not only are their cakes and ice cream for you to buy every single day of the week but you can also order large personalised cakes and wedding cakes. Further still you can have parties at Cloud 9 from Hen Dos to Children’s Birthdays or even Ice Cream Lessons where you can create your own unique flavours – this is definitely something I would love to do in the future!
Now it was only on Monday that I wandered past Cloud 9 on my way back to the train station when I noticed a sign poking out of a magnificent looking baked delight. It was hard to resist gobbling down the entire slice on the train but I made it and it was definitely worth the wait. If I lived closer to Brighton I would definitely order a whole cake like that from them whenever a good enough occasion came up… eg. Of course they have other gluten free cakes available and the range varies regularly as everything is made fresh. Now as I mentioned Cloud 9 also are partial to pleasing those with dairy and lactose intolerances and vegans by creating a variety of vegan cakes and bakes too.
In the mean time, I hope you have enjoyed what I have to say on Cloud 9 and I hope you get the chance to visit soon! For this brownie recipe, though, the almond meal works just fine.  And, while you do see tiny bits of almond meal, the taste is one hundred percent chocolate!
Hi Veronica, I always think I should try something gluten free, you make it sound and look so good. I’ve never used almond flour before but it definitely looks worth trying.Your brownies look mouth watering! 16 of the BEST Gluten Free Destinations in Brighton – Gluten Free Cuppa Tea ¦ Free From Food Blogger, Becky, UK. Crafty Chooks – The jazziest, hippish upmarket chicken restaurant, full of gluten free goodness! What I really want to know however, is what are your favourite places to enjoy gluten free food in Brighton? Although each visit has been very different in terms of activities, one thing has always remained the same; I always end up on Cloud 9… in Cloud 9! They now have two shops in Brighton, one in The Lanes and one across in Kensington Gardens. Not everything is gluten free and not everything is dairy free or vegan but there is certainly a huge amount of choice for everyone.
Seriously its better than anything I have ever tasted with gluten in it, let alone without! Gluten free cupcakes seem to regularly be available and I have often seen a very inviting looking chocolate orange cake, which I have yet to try, but will soon! Unfortunately so far all the vegan cakes have had gluten in them so I haven’t been able to try them… just drool over them. This means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, your price remains the same and I will receive a small commission.
The first time I visited was back in 2010 in Brighton & since then I have been back to the Brighton restaurant as well as loads of their London locations a thousand times!

We very often nearly don’t get to go as you really should book a table… it gets very busy! It now has numerous stores across the city & finally they have jumped on the Gluten Free Bandwagon. But, the thing is, I love cake and Brighton seems to love providing Gluten Free Cake options. I ordered an amazing rainbow cake to be delivered to a company I had visited whilst I was at Glastonbury. I am certainly not someone who opts for gluten free brownies ever, I am not a massive chocolate fan and brownies are well… boring?! But she loved it and was licking her lips for hours, if that isn’t a good review, I don’t know what is! Basically I read that sign as, “Buy me, Eat me”, so I did what I was told and bought a bit slice to take home! I am a fan of chocolate chip cakes where the sponge is vanilla with chocolate chips dotted throughout. You really wouldn’t have a clue it was gluten free, Cloud 9 really have found the perfect way to make delicious gluten free delights. However, Mark of course can eat gluten but can’t take dairy so he happily obliges on every occasion to be chief taster! Now, not every single flavour is dairy free, BUT there are dairy free flavours at Boho Gelato that I would never have expected in a million years… & they taste amazing!
Now this is BAGELman so I know I am instantly going to disappoint you when I say they currently don’t provide gluten free bagels. Gluten Free Fish & Chips are available every single day at Wolfies, they use a completely separate gluten free fryer to guarantee no cross contamination.
All their gluten free pizzas are made on Venice Bakery UK pizza bases; which, if you have been following me a while you know are one of my favourites! Glutenwise is in fact a market stall, run by the lovely Zarah every Saturday at the Brighton Open Market.
Just trust me, Brighton is one of the best places in the UK if you are Gluten Free (& Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan etc). Grease a 18cm x 28cm slab pan and line with baking paper.In a heatproof bowl, combine butter and chocolate.
If you manage to get a table inside, you will definitely become the envy of all the people walking past, gawping in the window at the delicious cakes! Hen, as the name suggests calls itself a Chicken Restaurant, but, it is so much more than that. It’s an eatery that prides itself on being not only delicious, but also highly nutritious.
They also have a really wide range of different fish from Red Snapper to your standard Haddock & Cod.
Zarah also takes Glutenwise around Brighton to the various food & farmers markets throughout the year. All the bread sold in the Infinity Foods Bakery (towards the back of the shop) is handmade & freshly baked daily by a very small team.

In Vietnamese cooking unlike a lot of other Asian cuisines, soy sauce is not one of the number one ingredients. You can tell it’s a Brighton favourite amongst regulars, which is definitely a sign of a good restaurant.
I came across Glutenwise many years ago now & if I am every in Brighton at the weekend I will always pop along for some delicious gluten free cake. The chocolate base was really chocolaty, which usually wouldn’t have massive appeal to me but it was really moist and complimented the cheesecake top so well.
It had an almost marbled vanilla and chocolate look about it, somewhat similar to the cheesecake brownie top look. I always go for scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on top of some delicious, freshly baked gluten free bread (toast!).
Boho Gelato are always changing their flavours to fit in with the seasons and festive occasions too. From lemon bakewell tarts, loaf cakes & even gluten free battenburg, Zarah is brilliant at making all our classic bakes gluten free. I had a delicious Salted Caramel Brownie which had little shards of hard caramel sticking out of the top, it was seriously amazing. You can takeaway & sit on the sunny beach or eat in… I would recommend eating in, they have an amazing contemporary interior that makes you want to redesign your home! Not only do I recommend the Cheesecake Brownie, but last year my very cheeky dog stole my Gluten Free Cheesecake Brownie I had brought all the way home & gobbled it up! Add the eggs and chocolate mixture and stir with a wooden spoon until just combined.Spread into prepared pan and bake for 25-30 minutes or until crumbs cling to a skewer inserted in the centre. If anyone could transport me another slice within the next five minutes I would be very grateful. I also love the gluten free loaves, rolls (simply the best ever) & foccacia breads that are handmade every day.
This is a definite go to place in Brighton, don’t miss out! I did a review of Little Bird a while ago, if you want to check the post out then click here! They also create amazing celebration cakes, so if you have an occasion coming up, you might like to consider popping into Catwalk Cakes for some gluten free cake chatter!
Oh, & you can hire it out for Adult or Children’s Birthday Parties too, a Gluten Free Pancake Party? Also, if you are looking for a celebration cake, Cloud 9 will make amazing gluten free cakes… I got this one made last year!
Bake for 30 minutes or until a knife inserted into the center of the brownies comes out clean.
A place where you can get have pizza gluten free & dairy free is always a top recommendation from me!

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