Cloud 9 is a floating bar  and watersport haven in the middle of the ocean with its own Pizzeria!
To get to us from the main island, there are boats available from Port Denarau and Wailoaloa. The Tui Tai Expedition Cruise is about both island-style adventure, underwater discovery, and relaxation. Located on the water’s edge, the Port at Denarau offers the largest single collection of quality shopping and dining in Fiji and a wide range of spas, land, sea and air activities suitable for all age groups. Cloud 9 is Fiji's only two level floating platform with an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria surrounded by turquoise blue water and picturesque views. This unique venue has surround sound system throughout, sun decks, hanging chairs and day beds. Cloud 9 caters to all events at the ocean - whether it's your special day tying the knot, a unique private party, or a corporate function with a twist!
The floating wonder sits 40-45 minutes from the coast of Fiji, and can be reached by an exciting boat ride from Port Denarau A  Putting together our food and beverages menu to post on our website soon.. Cloud 9 has a fully stocked bar with international top shelf drinks as well as the local favourites of Fiji Gold, Fiji Bitter and Fiji Rum Co. During the week days the floating pizzeria has a custom made play list created for the enjoyment of guests. Now, what about the ultimate destination for a group of friends to have an epic adventure-packed journey? A great and delicious way to experience Fijian culture is by learning to cook a few traditional dishes.
Giving back to the places we visit is a beneficial experience for both us travellers and the locals. Although the life that the Yasawa locals are trying to create for themselves on the islands is inspirational, resources are limited, and that’s where the work of volunteers plays a vital role. There are several other volunteer opportunities available through Vinaka Fiji which you can learn more about here. Just one cup will make your mouth feel numb for a couple of minutes while consuming larger amounts will make you feel relaxed and sleepy for several hours. While I typically encourage you to get off the beaten path, for this experience, I’m encouraging you to get on it! You will start your off-road journey ATV as you ride through lush tropical plants, rolling hills and nearby villages. I had been rafting four times previous to this experience, but had never fallen overboard until I went rafting in Fiji!
Not only will rafting get your blood pumping, but it will have you in awe from the breathtaking scenery surrounding you throughout the entire ride.

I hope by this point, you’ve added Fiji to the top of your must-travel-to destinations. Kristen Sarah has one of the leading YouTube travel channels and is the head honcho of award-winning travel and lifestyle website, Hopscotch the Globe. The open concept, two-level, floating lounge bar and restaurant features an Italian wood fire pizzeria, day beds, hanging chairs and 360-degree view of the ocean. Were you just sitting there wishing you were floating in the middle of a clear blue ocean, sipping a cold beer and lowering slices of pepperoni pizza into your mouth? It has everything you need in paradise – surround sound, an internationally stocked bar, sun decks, hanging chairs, day beds, and pizza. There are 2 environmentally friendly toilets on board, sundecks with day beds, hanging chairs, bar stools, benches and chairs to lounge on in-between dips into the inviting ocean! Surf Shop, Surf School, Surf Tours, Surf Travel and the Fijian Water Patrol make up Fiji Surf Co. I never would have expected it to be a place for adrenaline pumping adventure, interesting cultural experiences and deliciously spiked beverages. You will definitely feel like you are floating on Cloud 9 as you sip on refreshing cocktails and float effortlessly in the most beautiful turquoise waters you will ever see. For example, volunteers will be brought to the island to help teach English in the schools.
If you’re invited to a Kava ceremony and offered a bowl of this muddy looking water, it is an insult to turn it down, so try a little. In Fiji, the roots are ground up into a powder and mixed with water before being consumed by many of the islanders on a day-to-day basis. The Off-Road Cave Safari tour on Viti Levu Island is highly recommended if you’re looking for an adventurous and cultural way to spend a day on the islands.
After a 30-minute butt massage, you’ll arrive at Sautabu village to partake in a Kava ceremony followed by a tour of Neihehe Cave. Although I walked away with a couple scrapes and bruises, I was thrilled to have been thrown from the raft as that is what got my adrenaline pumping. It is also a place that will capture your heart and have you saying see you later rather than goodbye. I just have to make the money to make it there on my way to New Zealand- these pictures make it look incredible!!
Situated in the turquoise waters of Vanua Malolo on Ro Ro Reef, Cloud 9 is a 40-45min boat ride from Port Denarau, and a 10 minute speed boat ride from Musket Cove Resort, Lomani Resort and Plantation Resort. The floating bar can accommodate up to 100 people and activities include swimming, parasailing and jet ski rental.
The vibe is completely laid back and the staff will make sure you spend your stay with a smile on your face.

Since have the ability to speak English opens up endless job opportunities around the world, learning to speak English at a young age is vital.
There are several opportunities to snorkel with either a tour company or independently, but if you are spending some time on Barefoot Island, snorkelling with the Manta Rays is a must! While I did participate in a couple of ceremonies that were included in a tour, I was also invited to the home of a local to drink kava with other members of the community.
Inside the cave, you’ll learn about its significance as well as the history of cannibalism which played a major role in Fijian history. If you’re an adventure junkie like myself, then you know that is a feeling we strive for. You can catch her most recently guest starring in Season 4 of Angry Planet and Season 1 of Fabulocity.
There’s just so much to see and do, and you always have a permanent smile on your face. If you're someone with an adventurous spirit and is curious about different cultures and places, then you've come to the right spot. Since there isn’t enough income on the island to hire several English teachers, English speaking volunteers are brought to the island to assist in helping teach the language to the children through educational games and literacy activities. The trained staff on the island will take you out to the Manta Ray swimming channel where you will get the unique opportunity to swim along side these gentle giants that can have a wing span reaching over 20 feet wide.
I felt like I was being officially welcomed into a community each time I participated in a ceremony. Many people think that Fiji is really expensive, which it can be, but there are also a lot of budget options making it possible for every type of traveller. When you get opportunities to spend time doing something the locals typically do, you truly feel immersed in the culture.
There is a chef on board who makes delicious wood oven pizzas that cater to vegetarian, non-vegetarian and gluten free guests. Now, when I think back to Fiji, participating in a kava ceremony is one of my first thoughts. Talk about service! Be prepared to move your body as there is a sound system throughout this two level unique bar. It was one of those special moments that can’t be arranged or anticipated ahead of time.

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