Dropbox for Mac – Up to 1TB of storage capacity for $9.99 per month and 2GB of free storage forever. Shailynn Krow is our Operations Manager, as well as a Revuezzle Senior Researcher and Editor.
No matter how computer or technical savvy you are, one basic thing we are all aware of  is that back-up is one of the oldest requirements in computing. There will always be an argument as to what kind of back-up is best, but storing your data off-site AND online is a great option. Whether you are putting together a budget, doing online banking, unloading photos from your latest vacation or typing a letter, nowadays you are always asked if you want to back-up.  The answer should always be YES! Cloud sync services take a totally different approach in that it normally adds a separate folder or drive to your computer.  The information is then automatically and invisibly synced online as it changes. And finally, consider one last important thing … with a cloud back up service you have that piece of mind of knowing that for any reason whatsoever, whether it be a hard drive failure, computer theft, a natural disaster or something gets spilled, you will always have those files stored or backed up at another location. Another nice feature of the Deluxe plan is the ability to host several sites with different domains on the single plan, great if you plan on launching more than just the single site.
For a fully itemized list of what Go Daddy’s Deluxe Plan offers, check out this chart. In addition to the standards, Go Daddy offers a handful of specials and add ons to try and separate it from the hosting pack a bit. One Click WordPress Installation – Get going with a WordPress site or blog in just minutes.
We do wish that Go Daddy also offered chat support, but alas, this isn’t in the cards apparently.
Filed Under: Editors' Choice Winners, Featured, Web Hosting About Josh CovingtonJosh is the Editor-in-Chief of Geeky Product Reviews, the premier site on the web for tech reviews of popular consumer products. While it truly comes down to preference, one area you will want to compare is that of cloud backup.
When looking for a backup provider for your PC or home network, you need to look for something with extra security – and something that is of course, PC compatible.

But, you need your files that you upload to the cloud to be retrievable and compatible with your OSX. At Revuezzle, we have tested, tried and scrutinized the biggest names in cloud storage to find the ones that work with OS, Windows, Linux and more.
As a full-time researcher, writer and small business owner, she is passionate about writing, researching and maintaining her blog. It used be that storing your back-up off-site was the thing to do but it could be expensive.  Today, the cloud offers a less expensive yet safer way to back-up, and it’s practically worry-free. Your data will be stored encrypted, but what does that mean if the sign-on system is weak?  It means that if anyone really wants to access your data, all they really have to do is guess your password.  This then means you would need to pick a password that is not only strong, but unique to you and only you. By far the biggest player in our roundup, Go Daddy assaults the senses with major marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements aplenty, including their notorious Super Bowl ads.
All hosting plans come with access to Go Daddy’s custom control panel, a simple and intuitive interface for managing your site, installing apps, and changing settings. 500 email addresses are included as well, more than you’ll ever need, although the 100 MB of email storage will quickly run short if spread across several users. The credit may not be enough to cover lost revenue depending on your traffic volume, but it’s good to know that GoDaddy has some skin in the game too. We have several instances using Go Daddy’s phone support here at Geeky Reviews, and have no issues singing anything but praises.
After all, the web hosting market is a competitive one, and that means consumers like us benefit. Go Daddy is the web host of this very site as well as all of the others in our network, so we have no qualms about wholeheartedly recommending them and awarding our Editors’ Choice in this category. He has spent years toiling away for a major consumer electronics company, collecting extensive industry knowledge on what's great and what stinks just to be able to share that knowledge with you. Not all cloud backup services can accommodate Mac – and there’s plenty that don’t perform well for PC. Read our in-depth reviews of cloud backup services or check out one of the providers above.

It only takes a second of misfortune to lose years of data, pictures, videos, and memories.
Most times you are asked to pick a password that in no way shape or form can be guessed by using your email address.
We’ve found Go Daddy to be more than just talk however, offering a great array of hosting solutions at a very reasonable price.
Their team is smart and knowledgeable and willing to provide support and advice, often going above and beyond what would normally be expected.
Go Daddy is no exception, offering their unlimited Deluxe plan for just $4.49 a month when signing up for at least a year.
You’ll need at least a year to get your site in its feet (and all of the hosting plans in this comparison offer money back guarantees anyway). When it comes to storing your information over the web, the optimization of the company you choose will matter. When she is not found busy typing away on her computer, she is spending time with her husband and two children in their hometown in Utah. After that intro period, the price goes up to a modest $8.99, which we still feel is a great deal, especially if you plan on hosting multiple sites on the one account (which you absolutely can). Our product reviews are based on extensive research of customer reviews, professional reviews, and our own expertise of the tech industry. For FTP users, Go Daddy also offers FTP access with all hosting plans, allowing you to connect via client like FileZilla for moving larger files and entire folders. That puts Go Daddy on the low end in terms of price and makes it a great value when you consider the benefits over the competition.

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