Often used on air conditioning plants to improve thermal inertia, our range of mild steel or galvanized chilled water storage tanks or chilled water buffer vessel, are available in sizes from 100 litres to 5000 litres. They have a minimum fixed 30mm hard foam insulation jacket, with four connecting tappings, and two instrument pockets standard. Please call us for more information, or latest pricing on 0845 303 9397 or email us via the contact us page.
You can also click to download our Heat Pump and Chilled Water Vessel Range in easy to read pdf format, to help with the selection of your chilled water buffer tank. Chillers are designed to operate with a minimum water volume, which typically ranges from 22 litre to 38 litres per ton for air conditioning application, for to get better temperature accuracy. Tank will be externally sandblasted to SA 2.5 and then coated with two coats of red oxide primer.

Manufacturers data report for pressure vessels from U-1A as required by the provisions of ASME code will be furnished for each chilled water buffer tank.
All of our chilled water buffer vessel tanks can be galvanized internally and externally to EN 1179.
If the compressor is off and if there is a demand for chilled water the compressor cannot get on immediately. Chilled water buffer tanks increase the system capacity, stabilize the return water temperature and result in fewer cycles of the compressors.These vessels can also be used as a boiler water storage tank or a boiler buffer tank. Our Cordivari commercial chilled water buffer vessel range, often from stock, are all pressure rated at 6 bar, and conform to all aspects of the European PED. These tanks increase the capacity of the chilled water in the system and stabilize the return.

A hot water buffer tank improves system efficiency, adding extra thermal mass to the hot water loop. Hot water buffer tanks are sized by using the boiler’s performance capabilities with the desired firing time and maximum temperature drop. Buffer tanks are required with where small, high efficiency low mass boilers are being used and also function to eliminate air in the system.The vessels come standard without insulation, with 3 pipe connections, rated to 700kPa and 96?C.

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