As this iOS device recovery program has a wide range of features that will enable you to extract your data quickly and with complete reliability. Firstly download and install ios device recovery software for iOS on your computer or Mac, then select the third recovery mode that is “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” doing this you will see the main interface as below. When you successfully logged into iCloud, the Ios device recovery will then find all iCloud backup files that have been backed up before in your account and after that it will show you the whole scan result categorized by date. After complete scanning of your iCloud contents you can see the preview of almost every data in your iCloud backup file to check which item you want to get back, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos and many more. Now you have successfully recover down all your data from iCloud backup and save all restored data on your system. If you've never owned an iPhone before or you're brand new to using a smartphone, you'll want to set your iPhone up as new in order to start using it.
If you're transferring from another platform such as Android or BlackBerry, you can transfer some of that data after your iPhone is up and running. After your new iPhone powers on, you'll see a welcome screen, Slide your finger across the bottom where it says slide to set up. Now on the Location Services screen, choose whether you'd like to have location services on by default. On the next screen, choose whether or not you want to use iCloud to access data on other iOS devices and to store your photos, contacts, and calendars. The next screen lets you choose what phone numbers and emails associated with your Apple ID that you'd like to use on your new iPhone on conjunction with iMessage.

Lastly, choose whether or not you'd like your iPhone to send diagnostic information to Apple.
On the Welcome to iPhone screen, just tap on Get Started and your iPhone Home screen will be displayed for the first time. On the next screen, tap on Restore from iCloud backup and enter your credentials when asked. Just remember to make sure you're on the most current version of iTunes 11 before continuing.
If you aren't already connected to your computer containing your iTunes backups, your iPhone will prompt you to do so now. If you're running into issues with any of the methods above, the iMore forums are an excellent place to find answers to common problems and ask about other ones. Do you want to recover your photos, documents or contacts from your iCloud backup and don’t have any idea of how to use it?
The iCloud will upload all iPhone data to cloud (Apple host) so that it can automatically back up your data and update it every time when you sync it. To recover all at one go hit the “Recover” button to recover all iCloud Backup data and then save them on your computer with one press. Follow the steps below and then check out our guides on how to transfer data from Android and BlackBerry as well.
You can of course choose not to use iCloud or you can choose not to send usage information to Apple.

If you don't have access to WiFi or no networks are found, you can choose Use Cellular instead or wait until you're within range of an accessible WiFi network. Make sure you read the description of what location services are before deciding whether or not you'd like to enable or disable them. If you're brand new to iPhone and iOS, make sure you check out some of the other features below as well! If you're coming from Android or BlackBerry, make sure you check out our guides on transferring your stuff over that are linked above. We understand that not everyone trusts the cloud and if you prefer traditional hard backups in iTunes over using iCloud, that's fine too. We've even got separate guides for both that can help you pull as much data as you possibly can to your new iPhone. So be patient and make sure you don't disconnect your iPhone until iTunes tells you that your restore is complete.

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