Administering a Linux OS like CentOS requires you to break down an high knowledge barrier to obtain a comprehensive solution. NethServer is focusing on maintainability, extensibility and standard compliance with CentOS.
It’s for the sysadmin who appreciates the effectiveness of a user interface which saves time compared to direct configuration file modification and for users who want to approach CentOS without having Linux skills.
NethServer architecture explicitly supports developers by making it easy to install and integrate additional software.
NethServer is an open source project, all the sources are GPL, all the documentation is under CC, and everyone can access to the bug tracker and join the project.

Consider this example: a system administrator needs to create a CentOS-based mail server on a VM or cloud instance.
Dans notre cas nous ne disposons que d’un seul adaptateur reseau filaire, nomme « Wired Ethernet Connection », que nous selectionnons pour poursuivre l’installation.
Il est possible de modifier les Switch virtuels une fois l’installation terminee en utilisant le « Virtual Switches Manager ».
Now all that needs to be done is configuring all those open source packages into a cohesive mail solution. When that’s done, he breakouts the OpenSSL documentation to figure out all the security certificate jargon.

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