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The following is a basic overview, with descriptions and meanings, of the most common flowchart symbols - also commonly called flowchart shapes, flow diagram symbols or process mapping symbols, depending upon what type of diagram you're creating. FlowBreeze is a flowchart add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes creating flowcharts simple and pain free.

Used in programming flowcharts to mean information stored in memory, as opposed to on a file.
You might think that an expensive flowchart software package is required to make presentation-quality flowcharts.
Nicholas Hebb is the owner of BreezeTree Software, makers of FlowBreeze Flowchart Software, a text-to-flowchart maker, and Spreadspeed, an auditing and productivity toolset for Microsoft Excel®. Spreadspeed is a time saving Excel add-in for performing operations on workbooks, worksheets, ranges, tables, text, numbers, dates, data, and more.
Shelving unitsShelves with space for everythingOur shelving units make great homes for all sorts of things, from beautiful objects you love to display to storing those DIY essentials in the garage. The table below lists the flowchart symbol drawing, the name of the flowchart symbol in Microsoft Office (with aliases in parentheses), and a short description of where and how the flowchart symbol is used.

The Spreadspeed auditing features are a set of risk assessment and error reduction tools for ensuring the quality of your spreadsheets.
It simplifies the task of creating flowcharts by converting your text into flowchart shapes, automatically applying styles, routing connector arrows, positioning symbols, and much more.Try a free 30-day trial today!
Most have room at the back for cables, so they can hold your gadgets while they recharge, too.

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