All eyes are on the Caribbean over the past 24hours as Hurricane Earl, one of the largest Hurricanes this season has passed over islands such as St.
With Earl now lifting away from the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, all hurricane warnings and watches have been discontinued. A tropical storm warning is in effect for Puerto Rico (including Culebra and Vieques), the U.S. 890 miles east of the Leeward Islands, Tropical Storm Fiona finally develops, moving west at 24 mph with winds of 40 mph.
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Now that I’ve finally completed my commentary regarding our family Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line ship, Norwegian Pearl, I wanted to share some tips for when you next pack for a cruise. Our daughter actually owns the Kodak Sport Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x optical zoom which we used at the beach and during our snorkeling tour.
Each time you head off the ship you’ll probably want to bring some things along with you so a day bag is a must.
If the organizer doesn’t work on the bathroom door (my last Royal cruise), it can hang in the closet.
I might suggest, too, to bring T-shirts, or hats, of the same color for excursions so it is easy to spot one another.
On my last Carnival cruise, Fantasy, January 2014, we needed special permission to use a power strip. Generally, though, when we travel, we lock phones and other electronics in the cabin safe and forget about them till it’s time to go home. I have used power strips on my last three carnival cruises, once with an extension cord plugged into it, and never had an issue. Thank you for putting this list together – we used your suggestions on our trip in Dec 2015 and the shoe organizer was an absolute must for our family of four. I would also add bringing a few command hooks (the kind that peel off the wall) so that we could have extra places to hang things like baseball caps and lanyards.
We have travelled with a shoe organizer for years — both cruising and for hotel stays.
January 27, 2014 by Dana Zeliff 7 Comments Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link & I may have been compensated for my time writing this article. Bring  snacks that are easy to munch on such as pretzels or carrot sticks to keep the driver and passengers happy.  Also, consider packing a few special treats for the kids if they start getting moody. Bonus Tip – grab all the brochures when you stop at rest stops and you can and play I-spy on signs or seeing landmarks from the brochures.
Just when we were starting to get desperate, we see a sign!  A beautiful blue sign telling us the next exit had a gas station just .5 mi off the exit!  RELIEF!  That was the last time we ever gambled with a fuel stop! Now that you’ve checked, plan road trip, off your to-do list.  You can starting thinking about more important things like what to wear! April 3, 2014 by Dana Zeliff Leave a Comment Disclosure: This post may contain an affiliate link & I may have been compensated for my time writing this article. I decided to start keeping a travel bucket list and figured here on the blog was the best place for it!
Obviously this is a LOT of places.  I have a lifetime to slowly make my way around the world and hopefully add even more places to my list.
I’m not really sure the best way to do this.  Traveled with the kids?  Traveled with hubs?  Traveled since I was a child? By now you’ve probably read and seen all the pictures during my trip on Oasis of the Seas.

The Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP 10 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, at only $119.49 is a great deal. There are so many things to pack and prepare for cruise on the largest ship in the world, wish I had thought of everything, but now I know for next time! The website for Oasis of the Seas has uploaded a great video clip of the Boardwalk and Central Park balconies and its great views from the staterooms, see video below.
You won’t see these two cruise ships at this port for several months as Oasis starts its Western Caribbean itinerary this week.
Enter this code at checkout to get 16% savings on select hotel bookings over $300 with 3 or more nights stay. Use this code at checkout to get $100 savings on select vacation packages worth $1500 or more with 4 or more nights stay.
Click through this link and get extra 10% or more on select hotels when you sign up or create your email, save up to 85%. Right now Fiona is not forecast to become a hurricane and could take a track similar to Earl’s.
An idea is to attach one to a hanger or two for hanging on the room hooks, or pack some magnetic hooks that can stick to the metal doors. A cute cover-up is the perfect way for ladies to wear their swimsuit and still feel comfortable riding in taxis or walking around town. Each family member gets a row for their stuff… and my youngest gets the bottom row for toys.
If I ever lose a kid (it happened once, long before cell phones and my son handled it quite well), I have a photo showing their clothes, hair style, everything. I always carry their student IDs that come in their school photo packet, but I need to get used to the photo thing again!
On many cruises you are required to leave your packed suitcase outside your room the night before. I do know that you can line the hooks with some felt, which we’ve done at our own home. A few people have said that some cruise lines are forbidding the shoe organizers since I guess some have caused damage to the cabins, so be aware of that possibility.
It was a wonderful experience, but one thing I wish I’d taken during the trip was an inexpensive waterproof camera! An underwater housing for a digital camera is also expensive and can run a couple of hundred dollars. Waterproof up to 10 feet, the camera is perfect for those days you’re at the pools on Oasis or Allure of the Seas. One interesting note is how they mention the lack of noise from the Boardwalk entering the staterooms once the balcony sliding doors are closed. Similar to my pictures of the Boardwalk,  Aqua Theater and video of my view on Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk balcony.
This time its a series of pictures of Oasis of the Seas next to Costa Atlantica at the port in St. For the next several months, Oasis will port in the Mexican Riviera before it returns to its Eastern Caribbean route at the end of the year.
Just be sure to go through the set-up testing as directed before using it for the first time. You’ll be able to store your wallet, camera, and a small water bottle for excursions. We didn’t have that on our recent Norwegian cruise, but someone said Disney is fining people for using them.

Join us as we travel through Europe sharing our favorite kid-friendly destinations and travel advice. The Oasis stateroom cabins are modern, spacious and are configured for comfort and privacy. With all the pools, jacuzzis and beaches, having an inexpensive waterproof camera would have allowed me to capture my trip like never before. Not to mention the jacuzzi, take a look at the picture on the left, I took this picture as I was out of the jacuzzi because I didn’t have a waterproof camera.
This is so true, on our cruise on Oasis, we noticed how the balcony sliding doors blocked out all noise from the Boardwalk. They have a self sealing feature and a carabiner clip built into the handle which is great for clipping to your beach bag. We’ve used disposable waterproof cameras before, but I really recommend you look at investing in a waterproof digital camera for your trip. You will need a bag to carry your sleeping clothes, toiletries, the clothes you had on the night before and so on. And then he told me that for special circumstances they allow an extension cord or power strip.
We’ve used a shoe organizer a few times and never had any marks left, however I can see that irresponsible people might just throw something up and cause damage. If you are allowed to use it, some simple inexpensive felt might be useful to make sure the hooks don’t scratch the furnishings! The command strips have heavy duty hooks now, which would also likely work for the organizer. No more noise from the organizer hitting the door or flashes of light from the curtain sway. If I had the Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP waterproof camera, I could have taken pictures while I was IN the jacuzzi! You don’t want to be the person carrying your dirty clothes, shampoo and toothbrush around the next morning.
You can also hang it in the closet instead of over a door if you like the pocket organization. The tape has also been used to repair a broken latch on a camera, to emergency hem a pair of pants, and to fix broken suitcase handles and zippers.
So this article compiles all the articles I’ve written about Oasis of the Seas in one complete review.
As you can see I also included photos of the view we had to the Boardwalk and the AquaTheater from stateroom 10-317. The partly cloudy sky and deep blue green water was the perfect backdrop for these pictures. My new favorite water bottle is the Bobble Insulate Stainless Steel Bottle since it can help keep your water cool on those hot caribbean days, but also works for hot drinks, like coffee, if you want to enjoy a warm drink out on the deck without it cooling off fast! It really helped keep things off the floor and make sure all our little things had a home in our home away from home. You can also find these in most stores during the summer, but Amazon is your best chance if you’re not cruising in the summer.

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