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And keep in mind that if you are backing up more than one device to the iCloud, that each backup of each device will count as additional space being taken up, even if they are the same files on each device. I then went to the Camera Roll album to take a look at what was taking up so much space so soon after the last backup, and I noticed that there was ONE video file that was 1hr 15 min long that was taking up 2.2GB of space! Apparently, what happened was kind of like a pocket dial, where it started recording video without anyone intentionally touching it. The reason it started recording video instead of just taking a picture was that the last time the camera was used, video was taken. The reason this was able to happen is that with iOS 5, you can now go directly into the camera with the swipe of the screen (starting at the camera icon) without having to unlock the screen.
If any of you have any other fixes for this situation, feel free to post them below so others can benefit. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he services clients ranging from residential to small business to celebrities. Thanks Ian Brown – I just followed your instructions to unfreeze my ipad and it worked YEAH! If your Camera Roll is the largest, then sync it to your computer and transfer all of your photos to your computer. If it is not your Camera Roll that is taking up the most space, then just turn off the backing up of the items that you don’t care about backing up.
The thing is, my next backup size is 3.8 gb, deleted all other devices backups and all the the thing from the first iCloud page, and it still says I only have 987mb left. Hi Anand, I’m not sure what you mean when you say you have a soft reset button instead of a hard reset button.
If you have trouble doing a hard reset, then your OS is most likely corrupt, and you should backup your iPhone and then restore it. So, I’ve tryed everything, like deleting the backup, dfu mode, so has the Genius Bar, and they said to make another account because this one has an error. HOWEVER, if you have your iCloud Photo Library turned on, or your Photo Stream turned on, then it WILL be using up space on your iCloud account to back up your photos.
The difference between your iCloud Photo Library and your Photo Stream is that your iCloud Photo Libary backs up your ENTIRE photo and video library, whereas your Photo Stream only backs up the most recent 1000 photos and your videos. So if you’re lacking space, and you have your iCloud Photo Library turned on, then I would suggest you turn that off and only have your Photo Stream turned on.
Then go through your photos on your Photo Stream starting at the top, where the oldest pictures are, and start deleting to free up space in your iCloud account. So if you have over 1000 photos in your Camera Roll, then after you import all of your photos onto your computer, you’ll need to not only delete photos from your Photo Stream, but also from your Camera Roll. FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the first 315 pages of Nirvana Zarabi-Smith's famous Quantum Encyclopedia ebook here. SYSTEM 28: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX package with a FREE and PRIVATE 1-on-1 SCIO EPFX Training Session with a SCIO EPFX expert, PLUS a 17" Quantum Computers laptop and a BUNCH of BONUSES! SYSTEM 20: Quantum Biofeedback Indigo package with a FREE and PRIVATE 1-on-1 Indigo Training Session with an Indigo expert, PLUS a 17" Quantum Computers laptop, the Indigo Beginners Manual, and Nirvana Zarabi-Smith's A-Z Protocols book! SYSTEM 16: Quantum Biofeedback Indigo package with a FREE 1-on-1 Indigo Training Session with an Indigo expert, PLUS over $1500 worth of accessories and bonuses! ATTENTION: I'd like to give you a brand new iPad Air, iPad Mini, or Vitamix 7500 (your choice!) for helping me.
How to Do When You Cannot Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup File Because of Unsuffecient Space? No matter whether you manually deleted the data from your iPhone, went to General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings, or lost all data due to factory settings restore, iOS 10 update, jailbreak, etc. If you have confirmed that you have enough space available, then there is more likely an error with iTunes.
For Windows, open your iTunes on PC, and choose Help > Check for Updates, and download the new version if there is one. It’s hard to avoid something not perfect for Apple product that someone may have run into the error that “Cannot restore backup because it’s either corrupted or not compatible with this device”. When you having problems restoring your iPhone backups, then please take a look at these solutions to fix the error. To free up iPhone space, you can try to clean the iPhone junks, delete some large capacity file or just transfer them to computer, uninstall some apps that not used for a long time.
If neither of the solutions above has worked, then you’ll need an iTunes Backup Extractor developed by team.
If you find yourself overfilled with data and cannot backup to iCloud, we have a simple tutorial to help you reduce the size of your storage. At any given time, I might only have a dozen pictures in my photo library, but my one or two-minute videos will take up more than a gig of space before I’ve had a chance to publish them on YouTube and delete them from my iPhone.
If your photos and videos are not the main culprits in taking up too much storage space in iCloud, there are a few other ways to make room. The most obvious is to follow Apple’s prompt and manage your storage in Settings by deleting some of the Documents or data that you might not need.
Step 3: After selecting the app, tap the “Edit” tab in the upper right corner and then select the specific document to remove, or tap the “Delete All” tab.
Keep in mind that if you share multiple devices under the same iCloud account, you will need to manage storage from those devices as well. Of course, you could always just increase the amount of storage space you have by purchasing more from Apple. Note that this storage will be shared among all your devices logged into the same iCloud account. Or you can stop backing up photos and videos with iCloud as that tends to be the storage killer.

Pkgbackup is great for backing up jailbreak tweaks but not so good for other things in my opinion. If I were relying on iCloud in that situation, I’d have to restore my entire iPhone just for that particular app OR configure it manually again. I use Dropbox cause it lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
Super simplistic answers – how about all of us who make ALL these changes but who do not see ANY change in the amount of data held in iCloud? I get the feeling Apple wants me to pay for the extra storage and is making a reduction in data complicated so that I give up in frustration. Tagged with: cannot backup iphone 5 to icloud, cannot backup iphone 5 to itunes, cannot backup iphone 5 to computer, cannot backup iphone 5 because an error occurred, cannot backup iphone 5c, cannot backup iphone 5 not enough storage, itunes cannot backup iphone 5 because an error occurred, cannot restore backup iphone 5, cannot restore icloud backup iphone 5, cannot restore iphone 5 from backup not enough space, iphone 5 backup cannot be completed, cannot restore backup from iphone4 to iphone5, cannot get iphone 5 to backup to icloud. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. The quickest solution is to back up to a location with enough free space like a drive on your PC, an external hard disk or even a USB drive. Now that you safely backed up iPhone to your PC, it’s time to get rid of the iCloud popup message. When you disable a backup element, the information from that element is immediately deleted from your iCloud storage.
Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Yesterday I decided to look at when my new iPhone 6s backed up to iCloud for the last time when I realized that it hadn’t actually been backed up since September 25, which coincidentally was the first day I got this new device.
In this post, I will highlight some of the steps you can take if you are seeing a similar error. I will spare you the typical suggestions that require to reboot your device or check that you indeed have enough iCloud storage available for your device, because I assume you have already tried that. We’ll first assume that the problem is coming from iCloud, and not necessarily from your device, so logging out of iCloud and logging back in could do the trick.
Although I was pretty hopeful about this, logging out and logging back in didn’t fix anything for me, so I proceeded with the next step.
We previously assumed the problem was from iCloud, but what if it was from your device instead? If resetting your network settings didn’t work, it might be worth trying to back up to iCloud on a different Wi-Fi network. I have also heard from people on Twitter that they were not able to delete their backup from the problematic device, but instead, they had to use another device to delete the backup. If nothing else has worked for you so far, then your last chance is to go thermonuclear on the problem by restoring your iOS device. Again, this is my personal preference here, and something that I know works for 99.9% of software-related problems, but I do suggest you plug your iPhone in iTunes, and hit Restore, then set up your device as new, and not from a backup.
If you think that’s too much trouble, then restore in iTunes and set up your device from a previous backup.
If you’ve had problems with iCloud, please make sure to know what solution fixed the issue. That was happening to me on the previous 9.1 beta, but the 2 latest updates seem to have fixed the problem. We’re having this problem on an iPhone 5s trying to upgrade to the 6, but need the backup. Deleting the backup worked for me, but, it would not allow me to delete the backup from my device. I was unable to delete the latest backup, but after renaming my iPhone, I was able to delete the latest backup and create a new backup.
Just got my 6s & I did everything up until a hard reset but something said to just try using a separate password from my Apple ID for my MBA.
I had to delete the backup from a different device and then log out of iCloud and log back in to get it to work. Se le pedira que deslice el control deslizante para apagarlo, pero ignorar eso y seguir manteniendo los dos hacia abajo hasta que se apague.
Una vez que se reinicia, lo que lo hara automaticamente, suelte el boton de encendido, mantenga pulsado el boton de inicio. Una vez que aparezca el logotipo de Apple, mantenga pulsado el boton de inicio durante 10 segundos mas y luego dejar ir. No menciona continua pulsando el boton de inicio despues de que se reinicia, pero te sugiero que hagas eso. This is my third iPod touch 4th gen ( jail broken other two, and broke them not bricked, one virus dropped the other), tried hard reset, dfu mode, ect. It will ask you to slide the slider to turn it off, but ignore that and continue holding both of them down until it powers off.
Once it restarts, which it will do automatically, let go of the power button, but continue to hold the home button. I was going to clear everything off of it and have to redownload EVERYTHING, but then I found this website. This weird iTunes error can also happen anytime when you want to recover deleted, lost data from the previous iTunes backup, even if you have ensure you have more storage for the backup data.
You cannot access the iTunes backup files directly, because all of them are in a proprietary database format. If this is not the latest version, here’s a pop-up windows tell you to download iTunes directly.
Not only does this tool helps you extract all the files in backups, but it also helps you save data on computer that it won’t delete the iPhone data. We know that many of our readers already know the basics of their iPhone, but we like to post these articles to help new users, and hopefully, new readers of our little website. The best way to keep your storage low, not just for iCloud, but also for your iPhone in general, is to delete photos and videos that you’ve backed up somewhere first.

If your device is only using 2.3GB of storage space, but you still receive the “Not Enough Storage” error message, you may need to manage the storage of other devices on your account. Your iTunes account will be charged immediately and will renew automatically until you change or cancel your plan.
If you jailbroke it, and used iFile or something, you could find the photos that went with the iMessages (even though the messages were long deleted) and you could delete them that way.
I recommend AT&T’s storage locker for photos and videos as you can get 50GB of storage for free!
You get 15 gb for new user, then you can get 5 gb each time you invite someone to use copy. This article explains how to back up iPhone without subscribing for paid extra iCloud storage. To reduce the total footprint of your iPhone backup in iCloud, you can alternatively remove some photos and videos from your Camera Roll. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.
The problem appeared to be a little more complex than a simple reboot, but I eventually figured it out.
Although I cannot guarantee it, I’m pretty confident these steps could actually fix most problems related to iCloud. Although this isn’t part of the potential fix, backing up your device on your computer via iTunes is something you should consider doing right away to make sure you do have a backup should something go completely wrong. This is kind of a pain in the butt as it will delete all your credit cards on file with Apple Pay on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch if you have one.
Try connecting to your neighbor’s network (hello Scott!) or to a coffee shop to see if it makes a difference. Even though my device wouldn’t backup to iCloud, it seemed to have backed up once on the first day I got the device.
It might do the trick and save you to reinstall everything on the device, but it might also bring back the exact issue you were trying to fix to begin with, which is why I always recommend a restore and set up as new. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is anything else you can do on your own, and it might be time to visit an Apple Store and meet with a genius. But I solved going to iCloud on settings, manage iCloud storage, deleted the backup that was there and created a new one. I think this problem occurred after I installed beta software and then reverted back to the latest (non-beta) version of iOS.
Had to go to new device (iphone5), log on with Apple ID, delete the old backup (which just happened to be incomplete), reboot (soft boot) original device (ipod5thG), and then the back up worked famously. I tried a manual backup to iTunes by connecting the iPad to my PC with a USB cable, but I’m not sure that worked either. I just followed your steps and to “unfreeze” my ipad and delete apps that were taking up too much storage! It will ask you to slide the slider to turn it off, but ignore that and continue holding both of them down until it powers off.?3. In this article, you will find how to deal with this error and how to rescue your iPhone data. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Usage" on your iPhone, and then you can see how much you have available versus used. What you need to do next is to recover iPhone data from the unreadable iTunes backup file with a professional data recovery tool. You will see all iTunes backup files will be found and listed in the interface o f this program. If you already know how to manage your storage in iCloud, my feelings wont be hurt if you skip this post. Regarding adding FTP support, I see how that would be a useful feature (but have no need for it). This way you don’t have to immediately decide what information to delete to free up iCloud space and can still back up the iPhone on the spot. I figured that deleting that backup might fix errors associated with it, and indeed it did.
I connected this phone to MetroPCS’s network and have been experiencing issues since launch day. It seems to have completed, but I can’t actually see the backup file, and iTunes no longer transfers installed apps to the computer.
It was not until he graduated from college and experienced the real world for a while did he realize that computers may be where his talent and passion lie. Once it restarts, which it will do automatically, let go of the power button, but continue to hold the home button.?4. This is actually the first thing I did when I realized my iPhone hadn’t been backed up to iCloud in a week. So yesterday I decided to delete the most recent backup as well and that solved the problem. I’m confused because I know you said it was your video that was causing the storage space issue.
I would even go as far as to say, anytime you restore from iCloud to sign out and sign back in, just as a good measure. It also says it can’t back up because not enough iCloud storage but there is 20 gb available. And I can’t free up the storage not even able to backup as it is more than the free storage available.

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