Have you ever noticed that you seem to buy, and then throw out endless numbers of plastic food and beverage bottles?
From ketchup and mayonnaise to soda and water, plastic bottles are truly one of the most common sources of rubbish. Have a look at just a few simple things you can do with plastic bottles to make your life easier now and navigate through a major crisis. Even though plastic bottles are exceptionally easy to work with, a few basic tools are very important to have onhand. Ruler, Paper, Compass, Protractor a€“ for designing items that you will be making from the bottles.A  A paper pattern is especially useful because you can always use it to make new items as old ones wear out. Candle a€“ for some projects, you will need to melt the plastic in order to create a perfect fit or to make a new form altogether.A A  When used with care, a candle can provide enough heat to soften or melt the plastic.
Source of readily available water or fire extinguisher a€“ if you are planning to heat plastic for any reason, keep water or a fire extinguisher on hand in case the fire gets out of control. Removing debris from water, cooking, and even watering houseplants all require some kind of sieve or strainer. To make strainers with the most precise patterns and holes, start off by adding water to the bottle and letting it freeze.
Once you have a solidly frozen bottle to work with, use clamps or a vice to secure the bottle to your work table.A  Now all you have to do is punch holes in the bottle with a nail or awl and then let the ice melt. First, if you have a clear bottle, simply fill it with water and set it in the sun for a few hours. Second a€“ you can cut the bottle open and use it to layer various kinds of filtration medium.
Third a€“ if you plan on using hydroponics for growing food and raising fish, it is very important to keep the water well filtered. Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes, horse flies and other noxious flying insects seem to show up when you have the least amount of time or energy to deal with them? To make matters even worse, the Zika virus and many other dangerous diseases can be transmitted by these insects. You can use plastic bottles to make inexpensive, easy to maintain bug catchers that will work no matter where you put them. Surprisingly enough, there are dozens, if not more ways to use plastic bottles to build shelters. Some people also fill the bottles with water or other materials that make it easier to use passive heating or cooling methods. Plastic bottles can also be cut apart for roof materials and siding, or you can melt the plastic down and form it into more suitable tiles.
If you think insects are going to be a nuisance in the post crisis world, then you may be caught off guard by how many problems can be caused by leaks. Carefully use the candle to heat the plastic patch until it fully adheres to the item that needs to be patched.A  Be careful not to melt or burn the item that is being patched.
If you have any kind of crazy glue or other sealant that will bond the plastic to the leaking object, you can use that instead of heating up the plastic. Vertical garden planters a€“ use bottles in combination with walls and ladders to create gardens in just about any area.
Vertical garden wall planters a€“ if you are already building a shelter out of plastic bottles, then you might just want to incorporate these solutions for creating a garden and also disguising your home.
Vertical Garden Towers a€“ one of the best ways to grow herbs, onions, and garlic revolves around having many plants arranged in layers.A  This is easy to achieve when you make some large holes in a soda bottle to that the plants can grow from holes at different levels in the container. Since plastic bottles come in all shapes and sizes, it is very easy to cut them down and use them as drawer and counter organizers.A  If you want something a bit fancier, you can also make vertical storage trays for lightweight items. For example, the tray system featured in the link below is perfect for storing paper clips, thumb tacks, and a number of other desktop items. If you need to store heavier items in each tray, it may help to use heavier washers at the bottom of each bottle.A  For improved durability, it may also help to use cement in the base to reduce the risk of the stand tipping over. Or, better yet, you can turn the base into something of a coin bank and let the weight of the coins act as an anchor for the stand.
Life jackets and other important swimming gear are the kinds of a€?leisurea€? items that you may also forget during a crisis. Unless you have a large homestead with a private pond large enough for boating, chances are you do not have access to a boat that can be launched easily. No matter whether you pay for docking at a local marina, or you must transport the boat on a trailer, it will be very difficult to manage all of this during a major disaster. There are also many other materials you can incorporate into the frame in order to take advantage of the best of the materials you have on hand.
When making a boat or raft, you should be very careful about the kind of glue that you use. In a world where electricity will be at a premium, you may still need air blowers or suction to accomplish some basic tasks. Before you throw out an empty beverage or food plastic bottle, take a look at your survival goals and the kinds of things you would like toe have onhand. Never underestimate the power of these simple a€?rubbisha€? items in situations where your life, and the lives of your loved ones depend on successfully innovating with whatever items you may have onhand.

AWS isn’t just for the rich; it enables start-ups to leverage high-end technologies and infrastructure needs with no CapEx.
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Amazon offers APIs in several programming languages so that you can manage your infrastructure programmatically. If you want scale, speed and security for your websites and apps, then get in touch to see how we can build the right solution for you.
Time to market: Business is a competition between few players, the intensity of competition burns down from CEO to bottom of the hierarchy. Professional egos and revelry were there with our earlier generations and with us now and it continues.
For instance, when I was 13 years old my father used to scold me every day as most of the time I was playing cricket rather than studying. People wanted to buy car, house, bike and many other things from the first pay cheque. They wanted to be a manager in the year one. Our journey of storage device started from floppy drive and currently we are in the era of cloud. Unknowingly, all these 7 reasons create so much stress and pressure on you, that is why you don’t like corporate job. Mademoiselle Floor Lamp: Looking for the perfect accent piece to decorate your home’s dungeon in the basement? Replacement Collar Dress Shirt: Perfect for the lazy, white-collar (no pun intended) bachelor, this snazzy dress shirt comes with two removable collars. Humunga Lips, Tongue and ‘Stache: Would your dog look better with a mustache or a pair of bright red lips? Did you know the plastic bottle are also some of the most versatile things you can have for managing all kinds of prepping needs? Despite that, when your life turns upside down because of a short term or long term disaster, sieves and strainers may be the last things on your mind. Do not put the cap back on the bottle or overfill it as this can cause the bottle to split from the expansion that occurs as water converts to ice.
After you empty the water out, you will have a perfectly good strainer for food, water, and anything else that will not interact with the plastic. The UV rays from the sun will go right through the plastic and kill off any bacteria in the water. If so, then you probably already know that these insects will probably appear in droves during a crisis situation. In times when sanitation and waste removal systems will be either overtaxed or unavailable, it is more important than ever to know how to get rid of flying insects using non-chemical means.
In fact, if you have a problem with insects right now, you can use these bug catchers to solve your problems.
A You can fill them with sand or other materials that would normally be of little use, and then make a mud cement to form walls.
You can also use plastic bottles filled with water and bleach to create a basic light that will brighten up an interior room. When it comes to overlooked areas of prepping, you may not even be thinking about storing away extra PVC pipe or other items that may spring a leak at just the wrong moment.
Who would think that a house lurks beneath a mess of wild grape vines, raspberry stickers, or even poison ivy?A  Even better, you can combine these vertical plant walls with an internal layer of sand bags to make your carefully hidden home bullet proof.
If you have very limited space for growing indoors, a vertical garden tower may be the best way to go. This includes sticky notes and other reminders that need to be in a prominent place without taking covering up other important things. Since plastic bottles float well, they also make excellent life vests.A  Just make sure that you leave the caps on and do not poke holes in them.
Nevertheless, if you must travel across water, you won’t get very far without a boat or raft.
While many waterproof glues and epoxies will work fine in freshwater, they may not work well at all in marine or brackish water. While you can still sweep the floor and get rid of cobwebs with a broom, there may still be times when a vacuum cleaner or air blower will be of immense benefit.

From boats and vacuum cleaners to organizing tools, you can do far more than expected with plastic bottles. Give some of these ideas a try and you are sure to find plenty of cost efficient, effective ways to pursue prepping goals and perhaps even make your life in the pre-crisis world a bit easier. In over 190 countries, companies like Netflix, Pinterest, and LinkedIn rely on AWS for their infrastructure needs.
You might just be able to find the normally high-priced apps you need in an hourly priced model with no up-front cost. Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) enable you to spin-up clones in multiple regions within few minutes, for rapid deployment.
Launching a new instances, creating backups, and other critical actions are possible through through an API which is more powerful than the AWS Management Console.
Nice salary, beautiful campus, wallet full of credit cards, few foreign trips and other benefits.
We need to secure our job rest all secondary, this has major contribution to hate corporate job.
If you work for 15 years in corporate world imagine how many times you need to showcase yourself . Every project is new learning, every tool is new learning, every technology is new learning, every domain is a new learning, and every personality is a new learning. I was so angry about him but suppressed as he is my father ?? when learning is very painful at that age as it is against to my interest, if someone pressurizes me to learn which I don’t like eventually, I will be stressed out at this age. According to the invite, company CEO Tom Moss and Shankar Parasaram, Head of India Operations will also be available for an exclusive meet at the event. Just make sure that you do not let the water get too hot because this will cause the water to take on a plastic taste.A  In addition, if the water gets hot enough to make steam, it can cause the bottle to burst.
Be sure to have a clean cup or some container ready and in position to catch the water after it drains through the filtration media. Even if you use simple media like charcoal and fiber floss, your aquaponics system will work better than if you have no form of filtration and aeration. It will also be to your advantage to use a rope or net system as part of the boat’s form so that the bottles have a better chance of staying together even if the glue fails. These guys create artificial pressure to secure their job and showcase that they are working .
If you work for 15 years in corporate world, imagine how many times you need to learn new things to survive. Day by day customer requirements are getting increased, to fulfill customer requirements companies have been spending a lot in innovation.
Nextbit Robin is the first of its kind smartphone to use cloud technology to free up space from the internal memory of a smartphone.
This toothbrush plays your choice of tunes from the Biebs, Lady Gaga, LMFAO or Psy for two minutes while you clean your pearly whites. Speaking of the bill, this conversation-starter will set you back $499 (not including $99 for shipping and handling). It was initially launched on Kickstarter and easily managed to surpass its crowdfunding goal in just two days. The company had listed India in its initial pre-order and it will be worth watching how the device is priced here. This is a great skill either and it is very expensive as you need to spend years together to learn this skill. Nextbit Robin's selling point here is the intelligent cloud-based system which backs up unused app data to cloud storage. With the Nextbit Robin, you will never run out of space as the phone backs up to the cloud when it is connected to Wi-FI. And it will never put you in a situation where you have to delete something, to download a new app or click a photo The phone comes with 100GB of cloud storage free and users can buy more space if needed.
Users also have the option of pinning apps, which won’t be removed in case of a space crunch. Nextbit wants to create an experience that is as close as possible to pure Android and push timely updates. As for specs, Nextbit Robin comes with a 5.2-inch Full HD display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection on top. The handset is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC which was also used in Google's Nexus 5X and Motorola Moto X Style. Nextbit Robin's power button is at the right hand side and it also doubles up as fingerprint scanner.

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