Also read – How to Transfer Photos from the iPad to Your Computer using iCloud’s Photo Stream? Also, you should notice that the Outlook Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks are now grouped into a single checkbox option.
It’s the time of the year again when we are busy keeping track of the number of days until Christmas. Looking for honest software or hardware review, event coverage (Malaysia only), sponsored posts or got news tips for us, simply send us an email here. Auto Unlock allows an Apple Watch can unlock your Mac, effectively bypassing initial user authentication if you’re wearing your Apple Watch. Universal Clipboard allows Mac users (and iOS) users to copy and paste across the entire Apple platform set.
There’s also a new built-in disk space optimization tool set, one of which automatically uploads old and unused files into iCloud, thereby freeing up space on the Mac hard drive, and another which automatically sweeps caches and old junk off of a Mac automatically. Apple Pay is coming to the web as well, allowing Mac users to tap into the secure payment feature easily when shopping online on any website. Picture in Picture mode is coming to the Mac natively, so you won’t need any third party apps to have that ability. Apple has setup a preview page here for macOS Sierra for those interested in learning more. I really don’t get the capitalization thing, macOS, MacOS, Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS X, whatever, LOL. Apple is now allowing Mac OS Sierra on most Macs made before 2010 anyway, so enjoy Mavericks because it’s likely the last stable MacOS release out there! The new OS versions not having new features that excite you is a terrible reason not to keep up with new releases, which inevitably contain security, stability, and compatibility upgrades.
That being said, I guess you should count yourself lucky that you can even run the software you need on a seven-year-old computer. I don’t mean to be a MS troll, just an Apple user who has become increasingly disappointed. I have found OS X El Capitan to be a much better experience than OS X Yosemite was, for what it’s worth. I was hoping Yosemite was stable by now and have had it in use for too long now to be able to go back months to the Mavericks back-up. BTW after I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite, the system upgraded my 46″ tv that I use as a monitor to 73 inches. Me too, I don’t know how many hours and days I have spent trying to get this to work the way it should. If, like me, you detest ios, Siri is the only reason to update, and I don’t intend to spend six months trying to get rid of new bugs just to get Siri. As a user that just upgraded from Lion to El Capitan I think I will pass on the Sierra upgrade. I have two 2009 MacPros that have the 5,1 upgrade and x5690 CPUs (12-core 3.46GHz Westmere). If one was to say the opposite, then hardware models they do frequently update, can less frequently run current OS releases?

I hate that Apple has taken OS X from being a super cool and modern UNIX workstation that started life powering Job’s NeXT Cubes, and turned it into a candy colored silly sidekick to iOS.
For a few glorious years we had Steve Jobs wanting revenge on the tech world, and OS X was his centerpiece.
I say off with his head and the rest of the focus groups inside of Apple that have neutered our once lean and mean workstation OS. Pretty sure there was an article recently about the USA nuclear weapons system still running on 30 years pc’s with floppy discs. This mostly seems like a downgrade for IOS compatibility — like the latest iWork suite, which removed some of my favourite features so it would work on an iPhone. Dark theme, the only thing I’ve been wishing for since when major software products (including some Apple products) switched to dark themes. You will be greeted by the Hello screen as seen below. Swipe from left to right on the screen to begin the set up process.
At this point, if you’ve a Cellular iPad, then it will activate your device, and inform you to check if there are any new settings available from your carrier after inserting the SIM. You will then be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID or create a Free Apple ID. If you already have an Apple ID, select sign in with Your Apple ID. If you’ve two-step verification setup, then it will inform you to verify your identify by entering the verification code sent to one of your trusted devices. You will now be informed that Find my iPad service will be automatically enabled when you use iCloud.
You will now get the option to select the email ids and phone numbers that can be used to contact you via iMessage and FaceTime.
You will get an option prompting you to upgrade to iCloud Drive, which stores your files in iCloud so that they can be accessed on all your devices. It will update the iCloud settings, and give you an option to setup Touch ID, so that you can use your fingerprint in place of your passcode or Apple ID password for purchases.
Now Lift and rest your finger on the Home button repeatedly. You will see that the fingerprint animation on the display fills up with red color as you progress. After the entire fingerprint animation turns red, it will prompt you to adjust your grip to capture the edges of your fingerprint.
Again place your finger on your Home button, this time however, lift and rest the edge of your finger on Home Button repeatedly. After the entire fingerprint animation turns red, it will inform that Touch ID was successfully set up, and this finger can now be used for unlocking your iPad. You will now be asked if you want to use your fingerprint instead of your Apple ID password when buying from the iTunes & App Store. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Among the notable new features is the support for Shared Photo Streams – a feature in iOS 6 that enables you to share select photos with fellow iOS users. The blog contains great sources of information on Windows software application, Android and iOS related apps and mobile devices, gadgets and everything that might interest tech enthusiasts. MacOS Sierra offers improvements to Continuity, iCloud, Apple Pay, tabs improvements, a cross Apple platform clipboard, and perhaps most notable is an inclusion of Siri.

For example, if you copy something on an iPhone, you can paste it to your Mac, and vice versa.
You can securely authenticate purchases on your Mac by using TouchID on your iPhone, or on Apple Watch. Siri is also tied into Spotlight, allowing users to search for files and things they’ve recently worked on by issuing the proper voice commands. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! They are filled to the brim with PCIe cards and Samsung SM951s and I have had zero problems with Yosemite or El Cap. Just stick to a full working OS ( Mavericks for me ) and your late 2009 will just keep on working fine for years. So basically I’ll still have dark themed windows alongside with white themed macOS which is killing my eyes when I work in the late evening. I remember the iPhone 4s launch, where they involved some under-hood hardware changes and presented the world with Siri. Tap on the preferred Wi-Fi network and enter the password for your Wi-Fi network (if it is a secure network), and tap on Join.
If you want to use services like Find my iPad, which is recommended, enable it by taping on Enable Location Services option.
Find My iPad is a free service that allows you to locate, lock, and erase your iPad if you lose it.
Deselect the email ids and phone numbers you don’t want associated with this iPad and click next. You can upgrade to iCloud Drive later as well so for the purpose of this guide, I’m selecting Not Now.
I will sacrifice the latter to Mac OS Siri err Sierra, but I don’t even know why beyond keeping up with the update joneses. Probably to Windows 8.1, too (the irony), albeit with many hacks and patches to make it suck less.
If you want to transfer data such as your saved messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings from your old iPad, then you can follow our guide if you need help. Find My iPad also includes Activation Lock, so someone will need your Apple ID and password to erase or reactivate your iPad. I prefer to run Mavericks or Snow Leopard (these MacPros are mostly offline and out of the reach of anyone who could harm them). The Mac, as a platform, is looking for a nice, cosy spot to lie down in and croak at this point. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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