Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. I would Only need to sync Mail to my iPad for the latter, so would not be concerned with duplicating Adress Book contacts, Calendar etc. It sounds like you've already discovered that you can migrate each MobileMe Family Member sub-account individually to iCloud. You are correct about aliases but it is possible to have multiple iCloud accounts and you can access the mail for those multiple accounts on a single iOS device or computer–which is what the OP wants to do. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged icloud or ask your own question. Feeling pressured to publish thesis results by advisor I don't want to work with anymore. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).
In the Saturn V launch sequence, what defined COMMIT, and what happened between COMMIT and LIFTOFF? Applea€™s iCloud service, paired with iOS 5 and Lion, offers users a whole wealth of new sync features, access to purchased content, and geolocation fun. Convert, merge, or ugprade to iCloud: If you have an Apple ID that is not an iCloud account, you can convert it into one. After moving your account, however, you wona€™t be able to sync Mac Dashboard widgets, keychains, Dock items, System Preferences, and data from third-party Mac apps that integrate with MobileMe. If youa€™re looking to move yourselfa€”and yourself onlya€”over to iCloud, here are various scenarios you may run into when signing up. You have never purchased anything from Apple (besides this brand-new device you now have in your hands).
If you have a separate account for purchases, you can add it to the Store pane in the Settings app. Add a secondary iCloud account to your Mac from the Mail, Contacts & Calendars pane in System Preferences. After youa€™ve done so, your significant other can change their Store credentials to your iCloud account. You can sync mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes with a secondary (or tertiary) iCloud account via the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars pane. You can each have individual accounts but share contacts, calendars, mail, reminders, and notes. After everyone has set up their iCloud accounts, they can change their Store credentials to your original Apple ID. Prior to iOS 5 and now iOS 6, managing multiple devices within a family using one Apple ID didn’t pose any major problems. Devices are tied to an Apple ID and they are treated as if one person is the owner of multiple devices. If you stumbled across these issues, you are certainly not alone among those frustrated by the impact of iCloud on your family.
Any purchase that has been made through the existing Apple ID cannot be transferred or used by another device using a different Apple ID. Your Apple ID can be any email address, so you can use Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or any preferred address. If your family would like to continue to share apps, books and music as you’ve done in the past, it too is a relatively easy, albeit time consuming process. You can follow the directions I’ve outlined above for creating a new Apple ID on your iOS device. Tap on the Sign Out Button > You’ll receive a succession of warnings about Contacts, Reminders, Notes and Photostream.
When you sign out of iCloud, Photostream and associated data associated with that account will no longer be available on this iOS device. You will be able to retain your iCloud contacts, calendars, Safari data and notes by selecting “Keep on my iPhone”.

On additional tip for #2: users would be advised to turn off autosyncing of apps and music if following this path. For iOS devices that have a phone number, is there any benefit to using the new Apple ID over the phone number for Facetime and iMessage? Having learnt computery stuff on a pc I found itunes of old impossible to get to grips with the new icloud just makes it worse.
If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? When I transitioned to iCloud, I used my primary Mobile Me account, which I set up on my Mac and iPad. This way you don't have to switch users in OS X to access the second iCloud account's mail. Each of these is a completely separate email address which forwards email to you and lets you send email from it. Unfortunately, as iCloud is the companya€™s fourth online service iterationa€”fifth, if you count registering for base-level Apple IDsa€”trying to upgrade can be confusing at best, slam-your-head-against-a-wall-in-frustration at worst.
Your significant other has her own MobileMe account for syncing, but you both use your account for purchases. Everyone wants to switch to iCloud for syncing, but still use your account for purchases: Leave the Apple ID as-is.
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The only restriction being a limit of X devices, which most typical families would fall under. In a typical household, a parent is the owner of an Apple ID that is used on the assorted iOS devices.
Hang tight, we’re going to walk you through the changes you can make to fix your shared Apple ID woes. Purchases include apps, books, music, movies and anything in the App Store and iTunes Store.
If your family has not made a significant amount of purchases or don’t have any plans to in the near future, the best option for you would be to create new Apple ID’s for each member in your family.
When you create a new iTunes library, it doesn’t have any music, apps or books associated with other libraries. If you are setting this up for your child, you’ll have to setup a payment option within iTunes and you can use the same credit card for the various accounts.
Using a free iCloud account, you also have access to the fantastic Find My iPhone service along with access to all your data. We have one family computer and at the last count two iphones 3g, one ipod touch 2g & one ipod touch 4.
In June of 2012, Mobile Me will cease to exist, but I still need to use that second account.
Unfortunately, there's no way to have two separate accounts in iCloud, but this may prove useful to you anyway.
To help ease the pain (and keep your walls dent-free), wea€™ve put together some common upgrading scenarios for migrating to iCloud.
When it comes to features like Documents in the Cloud, Photo Stream, and Find My Mac, however, youa€™ll be left in the cold.
If youa€™re currently syncing with MobileMe and wish to avoid the hassle, however, you may want to wait until you upgrade your system (or Apple releases a patch that adds iCloud support).
If youa€™ve added your iCloud account to your device, you should see those credentials logged in; log out and input the Apple ID you use for purchases. Your account is used for your email, and you and your significant other share contacts, and calendars.
This will enable you to sync with your significant othera€™s mail, calendars, contacts, notes, or remindersa€”in addition to your owna€”by toggling the appropriate switches. Make an iCloud account for each member of your family by visiting the website or by setting it up on their iOS 5- or Lion-enabled devices.

Family members would use one Apple ID for iTunes, so they all had access to apps, music and movies purchased on that account. Let’s say that Mom has an iPhone and is exchanging texts with Dad, a friend or a co-worker. The goal here is to setup your App Store and iTunes Store purchases with the existing Apple ID shared with your family. If you have an Apple ID signed into this account, I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that all of your iOS devices have been recently backed up. At the conclusion, you’ll want to uncheck the boxes next to Use iCloud for contacts, calendars, reminders, Notes and Safari, as well as Find My iPhone. The default selection here is to Merge, which is ok, considering this is a newly created account. The obvious downside to the transition to iCloud were the negative affects on families who were sharing one Apple ID.
Is it possible to have both my primary iCloud email, and that secondary account on my iPad?
Your other members of the family can sign up for iCloud by going to the website or by setting it up on their iOS 5- or Lion-enabled devices.
If you are ok with no longer sharing purchases, then continue reading below for steps on how to make a clean break.
When you sign out of iCloud on your Mac, you’ll receive a number of dialog boxes which remind you that reminders, notes, documents and everything outside of your contacts will be deleted from your Mac. This being Mom’s computer, once completed creating your new Apple IDs for the kids, she’ll want to sign back in.
If you saved your contacts, reminders, etc., they will all now merge with iCloud and will be available to all devices that use this new Apple ID. If your family would like to continue sharing store purchases, please skip to Using Multiple Apple ID’s. If you’ve backed up properly, you should have no worries, as we’re going to sign back in upon creating these new Apple IDs. Our goal when writing guides is to make it easier on you, the end user looking to find a solution to a problem. You could be receiving Facetime requests from your child’s friends who shared your Apple ID.
The advantage to this method is that you of course get to continue sharing purchased items as you’ve done to this point and there are no changes needed to iTunes on your family’s computer. The whole concept behind iCloud is that your stuff is saved, so should you go an drop your Mac off a cliff, all of your valuable data comes back after a simple sign-in to iCloud. What I’ve outlined above are two paths to living in a post-iCloud world, both of which will require a few steps to complete. One requires creating a second Apple ID for services and will allow you to continue sharing purchased apps, music, movies and books.
If you are using one family computer, iTunes is setup to expect devices from Mom’s Apple ID. Press the Create Library… option and give it a distinct name so that you can easily know what libraries belong to different members in your family.
The other more drastic move is to create independent Apple IDs and iTunes libraries for each family member. There are a few ways to manage multiple Apple devices in your family, while ending your frustration with iCloud. If you have a Mac with Photostream enabled, iPhoto will also start streaming photos from everyone in the family.

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