Have you noticed that after you watch a video message sent to your iPhone or iPad in Messages app, it disappears automatically soon after?
At the moment, iOS offers two options for automatically deleting video and audio messages, either have the multimedia messages expire in 2 minutes, or never. Ideally, Apple will introduce a few other time options for the multimedia message expiration, perhaps even a several day or 30-day option, since only being able to choose between never delete or delete in two minutes seems a little overly polarizing.
So my imessage works and everything, but when I sent a picture it shows it sending and it sends right away, it automatically disappears and just shows a blank little box where the picture was or just shows the text that goes with that picture, but no picture is there? I can’t hear my audio messages with my volume all the way up and loud and clear for other stuff, but just not the audio messages. From microSD card slots, waterproofing to dual-SIM card slots, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones bring in a host of improvements.
Both smartphones retain the Super AMOLED displays with QHD (2560×1440 pixels) resolution, and are powered by either a Snapdragon 820 chipset or Exynos 8890 chipset depending upon the market. Let’s take a look at five note-worthy features of both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Cameras: Samsung's recent flagship smartphones have boasted impressive cameras, and it's the same case with the new smartphones.
A lot of people make a common mistake, believing they have freed up storage space on their device after deleting a bunch of photos and videos in the Photos app. In this brief tutorial, we’re going to lay out a few extra steps you should take in order to get rid of deleted items in Photos forever and really gain some additional storage lost to unwanted photos and videos. With iCloud Photo Library turned on, however, an item deleted on one device gets placed in the Recently Deleted album on that device, as well as on all your others that are iCloud Photo Library-enabled. If iCloud Photo Library is disabled on a device, deleted items are moved into the Recently Deleted album on that device only. Step 2: Tap the Album button in the tab bar alongside the bottom, and then tap on the album titled Recently Deleted.
You will see a warning message informing you that clearing items from this album cannot be undone.

Tip: You can cherry-pick specific items in the Recently Deleted album before choosing Delete.
Step 4: To immediately delete all your recently deleted photos and videos, click the Delete All button. You will be warned that clearing your Recently Deleted album cannot be undone (unless you use Time Machine, in which case you can restore deleted items from your automatically created backups).
I make Shared Photo Stream Albums, then put them all on a external drive, then I delete them all. Yeah if you select a photo you will see a circle in the bottom right corner showing it pulling up the full res photo, but it isn’t stored on the device, but in the cloud.
To download some user created iOS 8 and OS X wallpapers, make sure to check out Sunday’s Wallpapers of the Week post! It’ll be completely gone from the Messages app and the media overview for the given message thread. The same idea generally applies to the audio messages, though because iOS lacks traditional file system access they can’t really be saved in a meaningful manner outside of messages. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Both smartphones, while looking pretty similar to their respective predecessors, bring in a host of new features and improvements. They also feature a better set of cameras, bigger batteries, and highlighting features like microSD and dual-SIM card slots, and water and dust resistant capabilities. That’s because Photos on iOS and OS X tucks all deleted items under a special album for 30 days. In short, items aren’t immediately removed from your device upon choosing Delete in Photos.
Sporting exciting additions like Continuity, which promises a more streamlined experience when switching between iOS devices and desktop devices, we are really enjoying getting through some of the beta testing. It is an image of El Capitan in Yosemite park, keeping in line with Apple’s new vision to name OS X versions after California-inspired locations and entities.

For the desktop version, make sure to save the image in a folder and set it as your desktop.
That auto-delete video messages feature is new to iOS 8 and is enabled by default, which can be either good or bad depending on your viewpoint. Let’s take a quick look at the top five features of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. There are also quite a few tweaks on the software part, with special focus on the gaming aspects. The stream albums don’t count against the storage you have on your device or in iCloud. The limitations could come into play, but so far I have like 15 albums each with almost 200 pics in them.
I know have 50gb so it will be a while before I need to make a new stream or add to my existing. Apple presumably chose to enable this to resolve the growing message cache problem that impacts a lot of iPhone users who share media frequently, and while it’s effective at that, it can also be overly aggressive and has caused a significant amount of confusion and frustration for some. Samsung claims that the camera is capable of capturing some great photos even in low light. By the time the limitation starts to possibly be an issue for me I’m sure another solution will be easily available. The iOS wallpapers can be downloaded directly from your device by opening it in mobile Safari.
After much criticism last year, Samsung has also brought back one of the most sought-after features -- microSD card slot. It has opted for a hybrid setup, wherein you can choose to either insert one SIM card and a microSD card, or two SIM cards.

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