Recently one of my friend found an iPhone on the street and we tried to reunite the device to the owner, but we can’t as the device is locked.
The following is a temporary solution to access your iPhone by bypassing the iCloud Activation lock.
As we mentioned that this is a temporary solution, If you want to bypass iOS 8 activation lock permanently you need to perform few more steps.
Now here comes the tricky part, You need to keep sliding the Unlock and click the language options. You can access fully functional iPhone but here is a catch, You can see applications like Phone, Newsstand, and FaceTime. Best iOS 8-8.4 Instagram Cydia Tweaks: Change Instagram Feed and Its View Completely With These Tweaks! Best iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks for Photos App: Add More Effects to Your Photos and Protect Them! With the release of iOS 5 comes iCloud, which is Apple’s answer to Google’s cloud-based backup service for their Android devices. Before we start of with the instructions on how to set it up and consequently move on to the features at hand, we’ll just quickly tell you what the service has installed for you.
Tap Storage & Backup and you will be taken to a page showing you the total storage space you have access to and what is left of it. One of the major appeals of iCloud, especially when compared to Google’s cloud backup, is the availability of your cloud storage as a web portal via a computer. To set up preferences for your account on the iCloud portal, simply click on the username on the top right corner of the browser and a window similar to the above screenshot will appear. If you want a clean start and a fresh new backup of your pictures, you can click Advanced and select Reset Photo Stream that will remove all pictures previously backed up on iCloud.
Other options include a remote lock that sets a password lock on the phone that you specify from the portal. You can also share your reminders or calendar events with other iOS 5 users as well and they can edit the lists. Your on-the-go Contacts list can now stay synced with your iDevice and you can easily edit or add contacts without having to plug your phone into the computer.
Hitting the cog wheel here will bring up a list of options that you can play around with, such as, how to sort contacts, print their details, refresh (in case changes were made on your phone) etc. It actually might, since this will be backing up all your selected data using your data plan. If using iCloud means all my devices will have the same content, then I don’t want it.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. There are few handy methods through which you would be able to export contacts from your iPhone to other device or sync them to your iCloud account or Gmail account after exporting them.
My Contact Backup is a iPhone application, which allows you to send your contacts in universal format to yourself through Email in .vcf format.
Step 8: Enter your Email address to which you want to send the contact backup and tap Send. Importing your iPhone contacts to Gmail allows you to synch it with other non-iOS devices easily. Step 4: To export the backup to your iPhone, log in to iCloud account and export your contacts. Apple’s older web based services have been sketchy so far and while general notion may be the same for iCloud as well, the features and service being offered is actually very impressive.
Documents & Data is the option to back up documents made on Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.
Not only can you access the above laid out apps and the content backed up in them, you also have the ability to edit the data or content from within this portal.

You may change the display picture associated with your account, along with the choice of selecting a different Language and Time Zone. This service not only locates your device for you, but also enables you to send a message to your phone that displays as an unavoidable popup with an alarming tone – highly useful for times when you cannot find your phone, especially if it was set to silent mode. Remote Wipe is a drastic measure to resort to for saving your data from getting into the wrong hands, as it will wipe the entire contents of your iPhone. This web-based app looks like it takes its cue from the new Reminders app mixing with the old Calendar app.
This would be particularly useful for frequent travelers, users who work with random, public computers, and those who are mostly on the go. You can not only view the documents that you have backed up, but it also offers the ability to edit existing ones or create new documents from scratch, which can then be synced across your iDevices. For now, the service seems well thought out and stable, based on our test run in Addictive Labs. I have a single Macbook, with almost 400GB of music NOT purchased from apple in itunes, thousands of ebooks NOT purchased from apple and photos and documents not in apple apps. Just have to be sure to back ur phone up before you restore from his so you can go back and restore to ur phone again !! We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, unlike Android smartphones you don’t get any direct option to export all your contacts from your iPhone at one go until and unless you choose to sync them with your iCloud account.
However, to change it, tap on Settings (Gear icon) below Backup button and select CSV (Excel) format else leave it default.
Not only this case if you had bought a second-hand device and you can’t use it as it is locked.
By using this method you can use most of the device except a few functionalities like Phone Calls, Call log, etc, Still you can access major part of the functions like Games, Maps, Youtube, Internet, Audio, Video and much more.
Furthermore, if you use apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers, iCloud can also make a backup of those documents. You can choose what you want to back up on iCloud and as you can see, it covers pretty much everything.
Find My iPhone is a very convenient way of locating your iPhone, which we will probe deeper in a bit. Once the message is delivered, an email is also sent to your Apple ID (email address), confirming that the message was delivered. Hit the cog wheel to bring up settings and quick access to whatever you want to add in the calendar. For now, Apple’s initiation of iCloud is commendable, but it remains to be seen how the service will pan out as the user base grows.
Can anyone tell me how to get to that laid out app section or the account bit with language and time zones on?
What if you are unable to access your iCloud or Gmail account to synchronize your contacts? However, with this method you can send only one contact at a time, so it’s a time consuming task if you have hundreds of contacts in the list.
In any of the cases, you need to bypass iCloud activation lock somehow then this guide will help you out.
For now, iCloud is up and running and we’ll show you exactly what it has to offer and how you can use it.
As for the apps, iCloud will not backup the app but its data, and when you restore from your backup, the apps will be downloaded from the App Store. That’s the key to making iCloud automatic backup functional, so if you do not enable that, you may toggle as many switches as you want in iCloud, but your pictures, accounts, documents and settings will not be automatically backed up.
Here is how you can export saved contacts from iPhone and then sync them with your iCloud and Gmail account easily.

If you don't have access to your computer and have no hope of remembering the pass code, you will need to erase it. That said, before a factory reset, you may still want to hit the Back Up Now button to backup everything for sure before erasing all data and settings. If you have the Find My iPhone option enabled in iCloud, you can simply access the location of your device from the portal and alongside a few more options to go with it as well. Starting to feel like i’m being held hostage by apple, the cost just never seem to stop! Manage Storage lets you see in detail exactly what is occupying space on your iCloud account. This will only store the device optimal photo, which is a big deal considering a regular photo of 2MB shrinking down to less than 500 KB. However, if you didn't set up either of these options before setting up the pass code, you may have to wait until you can connect to iTunes.
Clicking the Photos app allows you to access all the photos from your phone, granted they have been successfully uploaded to the cloud.You will see all your photos organized chronologically.
When you enter the wrong pass code too many times, the iPad will make you wait one minute before you can try again. This will allow you to access all your photos from Windows Explorer, given you have iCloud Panel for Windows installed.
Taking a few minutes to remember will be a lot faster than erasing your iPad and setting it up again from scratch.
If you don’t have the two apps mentioned above downloaded, you need to get them in the App Store before proceed. This will allow Dropbox to automatically upload new photos as they come in the background.There are two ways to view the photos on your Windows machine. This won't work unless your iPad is within range of a Wi-Fi network you have used in the past or connected to a cellular data service. Once you erase the iPad, it reverts to its factory default settings, which means it's unlocked, but your data and settings are gone.
Connect your iOS device to Windows machine, you will see a prompt that lets you import pictures and videos. When you turn this option on, the iPad automatically erases all of your data and settings if you enter the wrong pass code 10 times. If you used this option, all you have to do is type any pass code 10 times and wait for the iPad to erase its data. Personally I do not recommend this approach, but would still like to present you the options available. When the iPad restarts, the pass code is automatically deleted along with your other data and settings. Each has its own unique way to import and transfer those photos off your iOS Device to Windows machine.
Between the three, i-Funbox offers the most feature, but has grown overly ads-focused over the years, looking more like a mail-ware, which is one of the reasons not my primary recommendation.ConclusionAbove are some of the ways you can view or transfer your iOS photo on to your Windows machine.
They are certainly not limited to only those methods, but well covered in terms of leverage different technologies to achieve the same end result. The new feature of iCloud Photo Library (beta) truly puts direct competition with Dropbox, especially the fact that you can save additional GB of valuable storage space on your device makes a huge difference.

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