If you want your camera roll backing up your photos and video or you have too many devices and need more iCloud storage you can buy it right on your iPhone. This is good, but my message is not to do with iCloud, it just says cannot take photo, not enough storage? Backup of your devices occurs over Wi-Fi every day when they are turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. The only downside is that your device needs to be turned on, locked, connected to power and on a Wi-Fi network. You’ll probably find that with Mail and App data, the 5GB of storage from Apple disappears pretty fast. The good news is that since Apple released the new Photos App the price of iCloud storage has dropped dramatically. Although your Mac cannot be backed up to the iCloud it may use iCloud storage space for Photos, Mail and App data. If you wish to change your plan, click the Buy More Storage… button in the top right-hand corner.
Live in Los Angeles County and need Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or Apple Watch support or personal training? If you’ve checked Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage and under iCloud you have enough room, you should not be getting these messages.

Now move the slider to the Off position — for apps you no longer want backed up to Apple iCloud. As you turn off backups and delete data from your iCloud storage, you’ll see the Next Backup Size decrease. This is a great way to manage your iCloud storage space and stay under the free 5GB Apple gives you. I would call Apple and see if the can offer a quick reset option that will make the warning go away. Look at Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and look at both the Available amount under Storage and under iCloud.
If you fill up the allotted 5GB, you’ll receive a message that suggests you buy more space from Apple.
In this video I can help you get rid of this message and I explain what the iCloud is and how to use it best. He specializes in gorgeous tech How To galleries, heavy metal, playing guitar, and watching Star Trek. I would recommend watching the video before doing the steps below so you understand what the settings mean and do.
So I look around for some video storage service, looked at iCloud and they only have 5GB of free storage.

I have 3 receipts stating I bought 20 gigs, once for every month for three times, yet I can’t SEE where it is added, or HOW to see it added. Can you help direct me to where my (almost, at least 50 gigs SHOWS?) …please help me find where I can SEE the purchased gigs in my settings menu.
Looked at some others but it`s the same shit, you have give them personal info, open an account and lots of hassel, just to get a couple of free gigabytes storage. I just cannot believe that theres no way to easily send a video to a friend, it`s insane, people are online all the time, sending shit all the time, but easily sending a 300MB video to a friend? Next, tap on Manage Storage.On the Manage Storage screen you will see the space taken by your iPhone Backups and the space taken by Documents and Data (See image below)4. Sure they can make things and even make it work, but letting people send videos to each other, that`s just too much, cant be done. You will see a Pop-up asking whether you want to Turn off and Delete Photo library backup on iCloud.7.

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