The heart of any rearview camera system is the camera itself.  The reverse camera you choose should have a waterproof camera (IP67 rating) that is also fog resistant.
It should be low light capable (at least 0.2 LUX or better) for seeing to the rear even at night. There are many types of cameras with a variety of mounting schemes but, the easiest and cleanest to install are the license plate bracket models.   They prevent you from having to drill more holes to mount the camera.
Make sure that a camera mounted to the license plate bracket can be height adjusted via tilting or you may be stuck with a view to the rear that isn’t ideal.
Viewing angle is important when it comes to any car camera.  Make sure the camera you choose has at 170 degree or better angle so that you can capture the whole area behind your vehicle.

Some cameras come with a built-in distance scale line display to help with backing up your vehicle and it is a really nice feature to have. For any wifi camera system you buy, the monitor should activate automatically when it receives a video signal and the signal from the backup camera should take priority over other possible inputs. We found a very popular model after research on forums, retail sites, customer review sites, and manufacturer sites.  It gets very high ratings in all categories and it’s manufactured by a highly regarded maker of reverse camera systems.
Take a look at this best rated model and see if it is the best back up camera system for you needs! What do you think of our choice? Which wireless backup camera system are you planning to buy?

Mark is a Systems Engineer with an advanced degree who has been trained to act as a translator between non-engineers and engineers so that products end up being what customers need.

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