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We are here to serve you!  Our staff works very hard to provide as much information as possible online.   We maintain a 7×24 oncall status for all our regions too! Viruses that steal your passwords to send spam – This article talks about viruses that steal e-mail passwords in order to send bulk spam messages without you knowing it!
With the advancements in technology, small businesses and entrepreneurs have access to thousands of analytical tools, planning tools, development tools, split testing tools, email tactics, and social media tricks to help them create a marketing strategy.

All of the tools we mentioned are great and have reshaped how business is being done, especially marketing. However, spending too much time in the planning stages can cripple a small business, which often relies on immediate new revenue sources. If you are concerned about the longer term marketing strategy, Foley Media can help you develop a plan based on your available resources to accomplish your sales objectives.
If you have  watched television in the last 20 years you are likely to have seen at least one of Nike’s ads.

When you are developing a marketing strategy it is important to evaluate which of the pieces of the puzzle can be implemented and yield immediate results versus those that may have longer term results. The biggest advantage for small businesses is that there are some activities that you can do right now to drive revenue.

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