So much is being discussed in the cloud computing arena, from implementation strategy to product functionality, and yet even though there are a number of reference frameworks, little is said about architectural patterns or industry practices when it comes to cloud computing.
When it comes to cloud computing one has to dismiss the hype and ensure the model brings business returns.
Where am I to identify the applicable architectural principles for the strategy, the design and the implementation of a cloud? Among the many architectural models to consider such as that from the DTMF Cloud Service Reference Architecture, IBM has proposed its Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA), a framework that has been submitted to the Open Group so as to assist in providing best practices and establishing standards and policies. At the onset of your cloud initiatives are the strategy and architecture design that would keep you away from the many pitfalls on your cloud journey.
This framework, based on actual cloud engagements, provides best practices as well as the patterns adopted during these engagements and will serve as an adoption model to lower risks and costs.
Enabling the management of multiple cloud services (across all the as-a-service processes including infrastructure, platform, software, and business) based on the same, common management platform for enabling economies of scale.
Regardless of the framework you will be adopting, one has to keep in mind that placing focus on the technology which is not an end in itself and not your business requirements, and expecting the cloud framework to deliver on the cloud mantra would be a risky assumption.
Your framework adoption will certainly bring benefits if you were to focus on your end goal and how a particular aspect of the cloud fits into your business.
April 15, 2013 by Eiad Al-Aqqad 24 Comments I have recently been delivering a Virtualization Assessment engagement for an Enterprise customer, where they have benefited of the recently introduced VMware Application Dependency Planner(ADP). VMware Application Dependency Planner is a consulting tool that provides automated, real-time application discovery and dependency mapping to accelerate datacenter migration, precisely plan infrastructure consolidations, and confidently virtualize business critical applications.
Having depth knowledge of the applications in your environment is critical to the success of any Data Center transformation effort being Virtualization, Cloud Computing, SDDC, or even just building your Disaster Recovery.
While being challenging, Application dependency mapping knowledge is critical prior to any Data Center transformation effort to avoid a catastrophic failure. As mentioned earlier in this post, VMware Virtualization Assessment consist usually of two main parts Capacity Planning & Application Dependency planning where it can be customized to give a more in depth understanding of the customer applications. How to obtain a VMware Application Dependency Planner or VMware Virtualization Assessment Service? If you are a VMware Consultant, then the tool can be downloaded from the Savo pages though partners can get it from the partners portal.
Deploy ADP Aggregator Virtual Appliance using the downloaded OVF(it takes about 80GB as well). Choose yes to setup the appliance roles, Choose installation type, Then enter the DB IP & Password (Take several minutes to complete).
If you get asked for the DB password again and installation stuck at that point, this means you have entered it incorrectly and you will need to re-do the role installation. You have just completed the ADP Aggregator installation; now let’s configure the Aggregator before proceeding with installing the collectors.
As soon you are login to the ADP aggregator you will be hitting the license properties page. At every ESXi host where you are planning to deploy a collector you will need to create a port group with Promiscuous mode set to accept and that where you will connect your ADP Collector Discovery port to.
Deploy the collector OVF to every host you need to collect Data from & make sure you connect the Network ports to the right network. Power on the collectors & go through the setup where you will need to provide IP configurations as well the IP of the aggregator. I am new to the consulting and I have to install VADM and VADP and set up for DC discovery. While I have not created a video during ADP install, If you are working for a partner you should have access to a video training on our partner portal. If you are not a partner or VMware employee, then you will need to reach out to one to access ADP as it meant to be used by consultants not end users.

Can we make the collector configuration in such a way that it should collect all information regards to the traffic collected but the same information should not be passed to the aggregator. We are going to implement this collector in a PCI zone where there are some security concerns so we need to stop sending the data to the aggregator.
Is there a way to get collector ID which we usually give while installing a UNIX Collector (which starts from 100), I have installed a collector but want to check which ID has been given so that I can configure Active probe. ADP will definitely help you identify application dependency, if you need to connect with the ADP team, please e-mail me from your official partner e-mail.
Does ADP runs a Passive Discovery or Active Discovery and is there a requirement to make sure that the ADP account that collects the data is a member of the local admin.
Hi Robert, I don’t think it went EOL, I have reached out to you by e-mail with extra details. Patrick, Not sure, but if you can e-mail me from your partner e-mail assuming you are working for a partner as ADP is limited to partners, then I can get you connected with the ADP team.
Eiad Al-Aqqad is a Senior Consultant within VMware Professional Services Software Defined Data Center practice. If you meet all of these requirements, you are ready to use the connection wizard to connect to QuickBooks. Jezeli nie pamietasz hasla, wpisz adres e-mail, z ktorego obecnie korzystasz w Personal Television available on Netia Player, mobile phones, tablets and computers build in organizations. Build and implemented into organization IaaS Cloud Computing as a product served for customers.
Set-Top-Box developed with NetGem for Netia for viewing IPTV and Internet Television as HBO GO. Opracowanie architektury softwarewej aplikacji typu softphone dla VoIP, oraz zbudowanie takiej aplikacji i wdrozenie dla klientow TP (wolumen uzytkownikow kilkanascie tysiecy). Piotr posiada umiejetnosc jasnego definiowania zadan, umiejetnie definiuje poszczegolne etapy wytwarzania systemow informatycznych, a takze sluzy pomoca jako programista. Piotr is highly responsible and professional co-worker who do his best to keep the team working and have it sucessfuly complete projects. Potrafi jasno zdefiniowac problem i odpowiednio przydzielic zadania, co czyni pozniejsza prace latwiejsza i efektywniejsza. - a well-being andactivity dedicated portal created in cooperation with Fitness Club Gymnasion.
Grupa ta ma na celu umozliwienie jej uczestnikom szybkie reagowanie na wzajemne potrzeby, nie tylko w wydaniu biznesowym. Obviously you can make an informed decision on what is available and what are the tradeoffs and what works for your organization. What are the steps to be undertaken and how the different pieces do articulate with each other to achieve a less risky and cost effective implementation?
Some of the available frameworks have identical aspects; this should be a positive step in the right direction of avoiding vendor lock-in.
The CCRA provides you with the building blocks making the cloud and how to go about managing it. For further details please do refer to the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture document V. Questions will remain as to what cloud type, service model, offering and architecture to integrate into your existing environment.
VMware and partner consultants can use this agentless, non-intrusive, and continuous dependency mapping tool across physical and virtual application infrastructures to quickly gain an understanding of service dependencies with accuracy and efficiency. Where ADM had to be licensed by the customer to use it & permanently run it to keep an updated Application Dependency Mapping, ADP is a consulting tool that VMware Consultants and partners can use to help customer prepare for any Data Center transformation being Virtualization, Cloud Computing, SDDC, or even a disaster recovery.

You will need to know your Applications SLAs, Required Capacity, Security Constrains, Application Dependency, & more. Imagine the case where you build a disaster recovery solution, & when the time come to use it you discover that your most critical business application is not coming up as no one has thought of one of its forgotten about dependency. This make such a service crucial before or while planning for any Data Center Transformation effort being Virtualization,  Moving to the Cloud, SDDC, or even Building a Disaster Recovery. Below are the steps to install and configure VMware ADP to scan Application Dependency for an environment running vSphere & where you will deploy multiple collectors and a Separate aggregator. You will need to hit the upload a new license then enter the license key obtained in step one before you can do anything at the web interface. The collector has just to collect the information but it should not send traffic to aggregator.
If you can provide me with more details about what you are trying to achieve, then I could check for you with one of our ADP gurus and get you the definitive answer. I just want to deploy the collector and make sure it collects the data and no communication to the aggregator.
If so can you provide me with your official e-mail, so I can pass it to our ADP team who might be able to help you further. If you need an admin guide or so on, please reach me out on my VMware e-mail from your partner account.
When looking for some support for ADP, the VMware support person said it was but I want to make sure he wasn’t referring to ADM. Dodatkowo posiadajacy umiejetnosc swobodnego dzielenia sie posiadana wiedza, dzieki czemu poprzez przedmioty, ktore prowadzi mozna sprecyzowac swoja specjalizacje zawodowa. Posiada ogromne doswiadczenie w zakresie technologii wprowadzonych przez Microsoft, zarowno w zakresie jezykow programowania jak i systemow operacyjnych. Ponadto jest doskonalym programista T-SQLa, oraz potrafi sie swobodnie poruszac po wiekszosci wspolczesnych technik programistycznych. Precyzyjnie i jasno definiuje wymagania co zapewne wynika z doswiadczenia w pracy jako programista.
One way to address this is to look at the existing cloud computing architecture frameworks and integrate it with your existing infrastructure, catalogue of solutions and line of business. This will ensure you are focusing on the existing requirements and your particular environment rather than implementing a new paradigm that will fail to integrate into your business. While most of these requirements and knowledge can be collected by conducting interviews across the SMEs and business owners of the applications, application dependency mapping has proved to be more challenging due to the dynamic nature of application dependance as well the lack of complete application dependency knowledge in most enterprises.
He helps VMware Enterprise customers with their Datacenter transformation efforts being Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Datacenter, Infrastructure As A Service, or IT As a Service. A do tego z poczuciem humoru podchodzacy do napotykanych trudnosci ( upierdliwy klient ;)), cierpliwy i rzetelny w swojej pracy. Obecnie tworzenie systemu wspomagania przedstawicieli terenowych oraz centralna analiza pracy. This should give customers quicker results at lower costs, & help them succeed with their Data Center transformation. I have developed strategic designs for few of the most complex environments around where I got to execute on these designs or help the customer execute upon it.

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