Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Without diving too deep into the research from Forrester, the research giant was kind enough to offer this extremely detailed infographic to help explain the cloud broker business model.
Very soon, they will be interested by when an under what condition they can move their applications to the cloud. This will be a discussion along Service Portfolio, Demand and Financial Management processes, followed by the definition of service quality parameters along the Service Level Management process. If the management system in place is not very mature (process capability wise) for all strategic processes, there are investments needed to develop IT capabilities supporting business relationship management on truly strategic level.
The webinar is on Wednesday, August 31 and will focus on the implementation of Cumulus by Harlequin publishing. Sounds simple but the reality of a private cloud program will unearth process bodies and zombies a big deal. Elastic and rapid increase and decrease of consumption of capacity volumes requires the automation of Capacity management. Self-service management means the execution of service request in real-time based on defined standard changes. An automated Request Fulfilment process will trigger process automation for Change, Deployment and Configuration management.
Availability of a service is certainly one of the critical service parameters to the business. By re-thinking the consequences, there will be serious impact to the processes supporting availability: Event Management.
Event Management will become THE backend process where a lot of the IT business logic will have to be deployed to.

We focus on intelligent information management, digital customer experience management and the emergence of social business tools and practices. Hopefully, well-defined and implemented Event, Release and Deployment Management processes will impact the Incident Management too: Assumed, cloud end-users will not be affected by incidents the same way like it is with traditional IT Services, a new definition of Incidents is required, especially the demarcation of Events and Incidents (when an Event becomes an Incident) will have to be reviewed.
More: Monthly Editorial Calendar Article Submission Guidelines DX Summit 2016 Advertiser Media Kit Stay In the Loop Get Our Newsletter Most Popular Articles Marketo Founder's Account-Based Marketing Startup Nets $22M view comments The Problem With Microsoft SharePoint? Fighting incidents itself will also be an automated process with a good portion of IT business intelligence.
Which will lead to the question: What will be the role of the first level (Service Desk, IT Operation) and the second level (usually Technical Services in the future? For Service Desk and IT Operation, there will be a decrease in responsibility and workload for sure. For Technical Services functions there will be a workload shift from Incident Management to Problem Management.
And for Problem Management, same as for Availability Management, there is a move from reactive to proactive management needed: Problem Management will be based on the analysis of events and trend of events and not so much on Incident Management information.
Access management capabilities needed for private cloud are being sourced by three requirements: Self-service just-in-time, security aspects and consumption metering. Access management will have to automate the implementation of the combination of the three requirements: Authentication, authorization and accounting.
Almost infinite capacity would only be available by adding public capacity offerings to private cloud services. This model provides added value support on top of one or more existing cloud services (private) to enhance some specific capability of a€?saida€™ cloud services, without actually providing any of the cloud services itself (public cloud offerings). Intermediation service capabilities may include identity and access management, service level management and reporting, security management and incident reporting, or supervision on pricing and billing.

Intermediation services providers often also provide pre-contract consultancy services such as guidance of the cloud customer through the cloud selection process. By looking to the requirements of such a model to the existing IT Service Management System in place, this model certainly will have an impact to the maturity of Supplier Management (supplier selection, service quality requirements and price models), Service Level Management (managing underpinning contracts), Security Management (business data ready for public) and Service Continuity Management (no internet – no service, complete vendor failures, contract exists and data availability). Re-shaping the existing Service Management Model for private Cloud All the above mentioned process capabilities have to be in place for an internal IT organization in order to become a private cloud service provider and a service broker on top of it. Many IT organizations are making use of the already existing Continual Service Improvement Process (CSI) and addressing the gaps as part of the process. Other organizations start a dedicated project (some of them are using agile methods) to defined and implement the needed capabilities.
And still others develop and implement a dedicated, new IT Service Management System (Cloud Operating Model) in parallel to the existing , traditional IT model and make use of a Cloud Migration Concept to transition traditional services into the cloud. Mai 2014 um 12:54 Very good post, I was really searching for this topic, as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet, that is why it was very difficult to understand. Antworten Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechen Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht verA¶ffentlicht.
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