Everyday there are more articles citing security as the top concern holding back public cloud adoption. Included is an excellent infographic provided by the group at PraetorianGuard covering the ever important issues involving information security in the workforce. Our vision is to create awareness and to help find innovative ways to connect our planet in a positive eco-friendly manner. The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Boredom TrackerBy David Fletcher Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.
What You Need To Know About Choosing A Cloud Services ProviderSelecting The Right Cloud Services Provider How to find the right partner for cloud adoption on an enterprise scale The cloud is capable of delivering many benefits, enabling greater collaboration, business agility, and speed to market. Four Keys For Telecoms Competing In A Digital WorldCompeting in a Digital World Telecoms, otherwise largely known as Communications Service Providers (CSPs), have traditionally made the lion’s share of their revenue from providing pipes and infrastructure. How To Humanize Your Data (And Why You Need To)How To Humanize Your Data The modern enterprise is digital. Despite Record Breaches, Secure Third Party Access Still Not An IT PrioritySecure Third Party Access Still Not An IT Priority Research has revealed that third parties cause 63 percent of all data breaches. Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the CloudVirtual Reality Cloud We’re lucky to live in an era where virtual reality is no longer relegated to the confines of a sci-fi movie universe. Digital Transformation: Not Just For Large Enterprises AnymoreDigital Transformation Digital transformation is the acceleration of business activities, processes, and operational models to fully embrace the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. How Your Startup Can Benefit From Cloud Computing And Growth HackingAmbitious Startups An oft-quoted statistic, 50% of new businesses fail within five years. 5 Essential Cloud Skills That Could Make Or Break Your IT Career5 Essential Cloud Skills Cloud technology has completely changed the infrastructure and internal landscape of both small businesses and large corporations alike. Teach Yourself The Cloud: Cloud Computing Knowledge In 5 Easy StepsTeach Yourself The Cloud Learn how to get to grips with cloud computing in business  Struggling to get your head around the Cloud? The Rise Of BI Data And How To Use It EffectivelyThe Rise of BI Data Every few years, a new concept or technological development is introduced that drastically improves the business world as a whole.
Cloud Computing Services Perfect For Your StartupCloud Computing Services Chances are if you’re working for a startup or smaller company, you don’t have a robust IT department. Computer security is an important concern for small businesses - breaches occur with alarming regularity at companies of all sizes. According to Carey, "Smaller companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing, which can help them scale up quickly and save on infrastructure costs." He points out, "Cloud computing isn't inherently dangerous - in fact, some experts say most small businesses become more secure when they migrate operations to the cloud since cloud vendors have an incentive and obligation to use sound security practices. Speaking on a panel at the 2014 RSA conference, high level security professionals with both Google and Microsoft agreed that cloud services are safe for business to use.
However, a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University indicated that there is some degree of vulnerability even with cloud vendors that tout themselves as zero knowledge providers, claiming that they store data in an encrypted manner than cannot be viewed by their staff members or anyone you don't want to see it. The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) urges companies to "choose services with established reputations," listing companies like Salesforce and Amazon EC2 as examples of established providers. Carey warns, "Passwords remain the first line of defense against hackers, and they'll likely continue to be a favorite way to gain access to company data into the future." he points out, "Weak passwords containing dictionary words and all lowercase letters can be hacked in mere minutes. An article on Microsoft Business advises against complacency with passwords, stating, "Hackers are a devious bunch and will stop at nothing to get into your network and files." Hacker efforts aimed at cracking passwords use everything from brute force (trying every possible combination of numbers, letters and special characters) to social engineering (trying to trick you into revealing your password) to dictionary attacks (using custom dictionaries that combine words with numbers and special characters).
Carey states, "People know they should create strong passwords that are hard to hack, and most are aware they should use different passwords for every site they visit, but the challenge is remembering all the passwords that requires, so too many ignore these best practices." Technology tools, such as Siber Systems' RoboForm Password Manager solution, can help counteract this tendency.
Carey explains, "With RoboForm, you only have to remember one password; once you pick a master password, you can access all the sites you visit. Carey states, "The 'bring your own device' (BYOD) trend and proliferation of smartphones and tablets can make employees more productive, but these devices can also undermine company security." He explains, "That's because with BYOD, employees are in charge of keeping software up-to-date and using effective security practices. According to Carey "BYOD is a fait accompli in many ways - there are companies that are still resisting it, but most are bowing to the inevitable and even embracing it since there are benefits to the company, such as increases in staff availability.
Carey specifies, "Companies must require employees to use a good security application and update it regularly.
Requiring employees to register their mobile devices is also an important security measure, according to TechRepublic.
Due to the possibility of having to wipe a BYOD device, it's essential to maintain backups of device data - both personal and business-related. While Carey feels these are the three biggest computer security threats small businesses are facing as of 2014, they are certainly not the only ones - and more are likely to enter the cyber security landscape in the future.
Carey reminds computer and mobile technology users to be careful when it comes to downloading. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partner hosted datacenters.
Cloud Services is a Platform As A Service (PaaS) environment can be used to create scalable applications and services.
Developers can write code for Cloud Services in a variety of different programming languages. Windows Azure Virtual Machines comprise the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering from Microsoft for their public cloud.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. In Part 1 of this 3 part post we tried to understand if not answer the question: What is Big Data? Volume, Velocity and Variety of Data can therefore be summed up as the key issues to consider when looking at data in general. The chart below summarized the key issues with Big Data and its evolution and how Velocity, Variety and Volume of data have impacted the evolution of Big Data.
Further, increase in the demand for the Velocity led to the evolution of Databases as a means to store Data because Programs at at that time could not process this data fast enough. The demand for faster Data continued to grow and so did the types of applications and programs processing this data. This vortex grew spirally fuelled by advent of Email, EDI and Supply Chain systems that integrated businesses and further fuelled by the growth of the Internet. A set of Data that has a repeating pattern thereby making it easier for a program to sort, read and process it, much faster than if this data contained no specific repeating patterns. While, the nature of Database technology and structures may vary immensely between normal Relational and Time Series or Streaming Data the inherent commonality is that the Data has an underlying pattern which is easily recognizable and hence any processing or analysis of such data can be done more easily. A set of data that may or may not have a repeating pattern but is an aggregate or a complex structure.
Such data usually contains a lot of meta data (data about data) that is stored together with the data.
In the previous 20 years the systems matured in their ability to handle Variety (various data types). Clearly, the growth of social media in the first 3 years of this decade is a great indication of how Variety(number of social media networks) is creating its own Volume(number of tweets, likes, facebook posts, etc).
On Velocity: We already have High Performance In Stream Processing Systems (Wall Street has been using such solutions for a while for Stock Market trading called High Frequency Trading).
On Volume: The one challenge that Big Data solution providers need to continue to address more than anything else is the Volume challenge. Coming Soon Part 3 of this 3 Part Post which will help us understand the key question around Big Data. This is to interested CEOs and CIOs in India who visit this Blog, you can now read about the Cloud when flying at 36,000 feet in Air India. In the 1st Part of this 3 Part Post we tried to understand the question : What is Big Data?
You’re Not AloneExperiencing Cluster Flux?  The growth of Hadoop over the past decade has proven that the ability of this open source technology to process data at massive scale, and allow users access to shared resources is not hype. It relies on accurate and timely data to support the information and process needs of its workforce and its customers.
From HVAC contractors, to IT consultants, to supply chain analysts and beyond, the threats posed by third parties are real and growing. Thanks to technology introduced by products like Oculus Rift, consumers now have access to virtual environments with fully immersive graphic capabilities.
And the culling of startups is even more dramatic, with an estimated nine out of ten folding. In 1983, the first commercially handheld mobile phone debuted and provided workers with an unprecedented amount of availability, leading to more productivity and profits.
While the most media attention is directed toward situations that occur at large companies where millions of people may be impacted, such as the breaches at Target and Michael's stores, small business owners and managers should not let themselves be lulled into a false perception that computer security issues can't impact them. While the researchers did not find evidence of actual compromise, they did identify the possibility that "data confidentiality could be breached." Their research indicated that there is potential for the provider to see stored information when it is shared with recipients who view it through the cloud, as opposed to actually downloading it. Magazine encourages those shopping for a cloud vendor to ask for documentation clarifying how any provider you are considering will protect your critical business information, as well as customer data. Doing so reduces the chance that your cloud provider might unexpectedly go out of business, leaving you hanging without access to your critical business information. RoboForm will generate secure, unique passwords for each site and allow you to change them frequently for added security, all without requiring you to remember them.
Industry analyst Gartner calls BYOD the most radical shift in enterprise computing since the PC was introduced. Many allow employees to use whatever type of device they want." Others require employees to choose from an approved list of devices.
Veracode points out the importance of requiring employees to "keep OS, firmware, software, and applications up-to-date." Veracode also recommends subscribing to a "device locator service" for all BYOD devices.
Employees should know exactly what the company is backing up so they can make informed decisions about securing their personal data. It’s called Azure, and on this page you will find out exactly what Azure is and if it is worth the money for your business.

It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Virtual machines enable developers to migrate applications and infrastructure without changing existing code and can run both Windows Server and Linux virtual machines. I love most forms of music, I am an artist myself and I also enjoy yoga, dancing and I love everything in technology, especially Windows 10! In Part 2 of this post we shall try understand the Issues around Big Data or Data more broadly.
Email and the Internet were innovated largely so researchers could communicate faster (need to increase the Velocity with which the information changed hands).
Data Warehousing and Storage Industries emerged and grew at a skyrocketing pace fueled by the need to store larger and larger volumes of information.
Business Intelligence and Analytics industries emerged and grew significantly in their ability to crunch, analyze and produce insights. Opening a Microsoft Word File which is neatly formatted with bullets and indents will lose all its richness when opened in a Notepad or other Text Editor that does not support bullets and indents.
The challenge of handling volume to store(storage) or compute(analysis) remains open to all.
The paper is a sneak preview of the content you can expect in the Cloud Standards book when it is out this winter. In the past few months I have been talking to various CIOs and CEOs about the current state of the Cloud.
Then in part 2 of this post we tried to understand the Issues with Data and the Evolution of Technology around Data. As, I write my first post on Big Data I can clearly see the need for a Book or maybe even a series of Books here that can help clear up the mist on Big Data. If you already had an account, you may log in hereAlternatively, if you do not have an account yet you can create one here. In discussions with business and industry experts, security concerns really boil down to the classic CIA—now CIAA—triad: confidentiality, integrity, availability and the more recently appended “audit”.
In a cutthroat field like IT, candidates have to be multi-faceted and well-versed in the cloud universe. They also recommend backing up your data, either via a third party service or - if you use only one cloud storage service - pay the provider to "ship you a hard drive or DVD of the data" periodically. This type of service can enable the device to be tracked if it is lost or stolen, as well as to wipe it remotely. We shall also try and understand how technology has evolved around Data, Databases and what this means in the Big Data context. Obviously velocity(demand) creates its own volume!(supply)and cheaper technology means more people can use it, your 3 year old uses an iPad. Increasing Volume and Variety of Information created the Opportunity to use all this Data to gain better insights.
There was a demand by people using computing resources for an increased Velocity of Data (speed with which we wanted answers from computers). Such data therefore requires unique Applications or Programs to be viewed and processed accurately without any loss of information. There is no doubt that the underlying technologies required to solve these problems exist today.
Now in this 3rd and final part of the Post we try to understand the Importance of Big Data and why Businesses should care about Big Data. Geoff gave an interesting perspective on how Facebook could be valued based on its potential market share of the Ad market and the projected growth of the market by 2015. It is believed that this happens because Blackholes have a high amount of gravity and hence pull in anything that is thrown towards them. The Customers can create Virtual Machines, of which they have complete control, to run in the Microsoft Data Centers.
Now you will use a different Editor (likely Google Presentation or a Open Office Presentation tool and create a Presentation in a format that is not .ppt). Am sure we have heard the terms Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud but maybe not Virtual Private Cloud. As of the preview the Virtual Machines supported Windows Server 2008 and 2012 operating systems and a few distributions of Linux.
Hence Variety (the fact that other applications exist) create its own volume (new files in various formats). It is often argued that the Telcos stand to be the biggest gainers from the increased Internet Traffic and hence their desire to create new terms.

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