From the 1970’s forward, print-based solutions evolved into Web-based software and online research solutions. Other insights into the relevance of a particular technology for professional customers can come from looking at what research and development teams at Microsoft and Google are covering.
Kirsten van Engelenburg onManaging Change in Changing TimesHi Ryan, thanks for your reaction. Insightful research, flexible data, and deep analysis by a global SMB IT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization dedicated to tracking the Future of SMBs and Channels.
Techaisle's recently completed survey of SMBs and Mid-market companies reveals the following Top 10 IT Priorities, IT Challenges and Business Issues that the IT and Business Decision makers are facing in 2015. For the midmarket businesses Reducing Operating Costs is the top business issue for 2015 followed by Increasing Profitability and Increasing Business Growth. To find more information about GRT's DW methodology, please refer to the Data Warehouse Development Approach. Software as Service (SaaS) is where you just consume, and use web browsers to use applications that are hosted on the cloud. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is more developer oriented, and you don’t manage or control the networks servers. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Here you have more control of virtual machines and the network configuration.
AX will be deployed on IaaS- Azure provides the virtual machines, storage and network capabilities, and gives you the amount of control you want.

Companies can choose to deploy the cloud, completely on the Azure network, or privately (their own cloud system), or a mix of both. Scaleability- Azure allows businesses to react more quickly to the needs of their organisation: whether the business expands, merges or acquires Azure can adapt better than a phsycial hardware option. Efficiency-Azure replaces infrastructure, hardware and IT management costs with automated processes to help refocus IT resources in the company from looking after infrastructure to working on key projects. While there is no price difference between the licenses prices for AX on premise or in the cloud, you will need an Azure subscription which like any subscription, needs to be renewed.  So there is a continual operational expense involved and still some form of administration usually done by a Microsoft partner. All things considered the new Azure capabilities with AX is a great thing for businesses because it help them extend their operations efficiently and effectively, meet their needs today and in the future as they grow and their needs change. And with more intelligence being added to content, the distinction between research-based and software-based solutions is increasingly blurred. It provides a framework for understanding when an innovation makes sense for a particular market or set of customers. They simply are inputs, among many inputs, into understanding how professional publishers can use technology to provide meaningful solutions for professional customers. Also appearing for the for the first time in 2015, Managing Uncertainty is among the top ten business issues for both small and midmarket businesses.
Just last week, the Federal Government updated their computing policy which will see most public sector bodies compelled to consider cloud-based software and services over legacy alternatives when it comes to new ICT investments and service updates. And like any software you have it manage and secure the licenses, operating systems and data.

After recent events with celebrity photo scandal- it’s even more obvious that the key foundation to the cloud is security.
If there is any crashes – then the system can be recovered quickly and is easily replicated. If you do opt for a private cloud of course the set-up costs are going to be higher and the on-going costs are usually higher.
So the question arises: when should professional publishers invest in a particular innovation to provide solutions for their professional customers?
There is a book dedicated to explaining how it is used and introductory information is available in videos on YouTube.
KPMG is an Australian partnership and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity.
Publishers providing solutions for professional customers have invested in several publishing innovations over the past several decades.
And it needs to be particularly in the light that many government organisations will rely on it.
There are some interesting frameworks that can be used to analyze when an innovation makes sense.

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