This research was sponsored by Trend Micro but the analysis and recommendations represent STL Partners’ independent view. For tentative enterprises, security is still seen as a barrier to, rather than an accelerant of, cloud adoption, and one of the most technically challenging issues for both IT and compliance owners. Reality Check: Are operators' lofty digital ambitions unrealistic given slow progress to date? CtrlS one of the Top 25 Cloud Computing companies in India based on economy, usability and flexibility. Open source solves major challenges for enterprise and governments, thus having a ubiquitous cultural impact on society.
The potential cost-savings of cloud computing have long been touted as an obvious benefit of using this relatively new platform.
Perhaps the biggest reason for the lack of solid financial comparisons, however, is that the business's main motivator for using the cloud is usually not to save money, said David Linthicum, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners, a Boston software and services provider specializing in cloud migration services. These complex and, at times, competing business needs often result in CIOs adopting a highly nuanced cloud strategy. I think if you don't look at cloud and you don't look at the economics of cloud, they'll find another CIO who will. Nustad's not the only one with a cloud economics strategy that is not just a matter of dollars and cents. Reichental is working on setting up a business registry for the California city, so that when people set up a business in Palo Alto, the registry has all its information: address, what the business does, revenue, number of staff, etc.
Ten years ago the city would have found a vendor and then built an infrastructure, he said.
One thing is true for all CIOs: Sorting out the benefits of cloud services is a top priority. Go to part two of this feature to read about expert advice for getting the most out of your cloud services. It is important for companies to invest in a GRC process to help boost strategies devised to combat technology-related risks. It's important to understand how technology can help a healthcare organization achieve value-based reimbursement. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Cloud speed is the primary business driver for integration-platform-as-a-service (IPaaS) for enterprises. STL Partners carried out an independent study based on in-depth interviews with 27 senior decision makers representing Cloud Service Providers and enterprises across Europe. While CSPs with enterprise-grade propositions have in place the business model, margins and consultative resources to offer customers an assisted journey to the cloud, standard public offerings are provided on a Do-It-Yourself basis. Enterprises that had advanced their cloud strategy testified that successful adoption relies on effective risk management when evaluating and engaging a cloud partner. As cloud follows this same trajectory, with a rash of telcos, cable operators, data centre specialists and colocation providers entering the market, significant consolidation will be inevitable, since cloud economics are inextricably linked to scale. CtrlS, Top Cloud providers in India offers Private Cloud on Demand, Cloud hosting and cloud servers hosting solutions. The Irving, Texas-based Health Management Systems (HMS) analyzes petabytes of data for large healthcare programs to determine whether payments were made to the correct payee and for the right amount. And, to be sure, examples abound of companies that have saved millions of dollars in labor costs and upfront capital investment by migrating IT operations to the cloud. Hard-and-fast formulas for comparing the cost of cloud services versus in-house delivery of those services are difficult to come by, because for starters, the business models of cloud providers are often not transparent to customers. While HMS, for example, relies on SaaS for some of its back-end business applications, the analytics it uses to weed out fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare payments, for example, is proprietary and deployed in-house. Smith plans to deploy Microsoft Office 365, and although this cloud service offers an archiving solution, she has decided to put the money into an on-premises archiving solution. Our Kids' Smith thinks that what's happening with the cloud today is similar to what happened 10 years ago when CIOs needed to be looking at which services should be provided in-house and what services should be outsourced.
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Your user-id will allow you to log-in and download the report using the button and links on the rest of this page. These discussions explored from both perspectives cloud maturity, the barriers to adoption and how these might be overcome.
For CSPs, trust will be a key to survival and prosperity in the next phase of the market, enabling them to open up new opportunities and expand the amenable market, as well as to compete to retain and grow their individual market shares.

This reticence was typically seen by CSPs as unwarranted fear and parochialism, yet many are still finding it a challenge to educate prospective customers and correct misconceptions. Cloud economics turn out to be a local affair, dependent on a company's business drivers and constraints -- and the ability of CIOs to understand them. Nustad, who joined HMS as CIO in February 2011, doesn't handle just a lot of data but a lot of highly sensitive data. Indeed, HMS' use of SaaS predates her tenure, Nustad said, noting that these apps are now mature enough to either meet or beat any on-premises solutions she could come up with -- and they save her maintenance costs. Even cloud security -- a cause of concern for many CIOs, not just those trading in super-sensitive data -- is gaining traction. In addition, many CIOs, for reasons not always in their control, don't fully understand their own costs for providing IT services.
The survey focused on the business and technical drivers and barriers for software-as-a-service (SaaS) application and cloud analytics adoption.
The findings and observations are detailed in this three-part report, together with practical recommendations on how CSPs can address enterprise security concerns and ensure the sustainability of the cloud model itself. CSPs suggested that IT professionals may be as likely to voice support for the cloud as turkeys voting for Christmas. So, when it comes to calculating the cost benefits of using the cloud for crunching data, the expense of transporting large data sets to the cloud is just one factor she weighs. Increasing numbers of companies are realizing that cloud-based security providers offer solutions that are not only cheaper but also better than what they could build and manage in-house.
Cultural factors also get in the way of calculating the economics of cloud, according to analysts and consultants who cover this field. In addition, the survey showed that a modern, scalable architecture was the main technical requirement for a cloud integration platform, and speed or time to value was the primary business driver. As SaaS application, analytics and API adoption grows in the enterprise, the ability to connect with other systems is the essential ingredient to long-term customer success.

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