Whether you have just started to explore Microsoft Azure, are in the midst of migrating to Azure, or in need of support or consulting services for an already-robust Azure environment, our team can help you accelerate the achievement of your goals and maximize your cloud computing investments. As a Microsoft Silver Partner with a proven track record and nearly two decades in business, our team of experts offer up well over 100 years of combined IT consulting expertise. Exigent Technologies LLC is a full-service information technology consulting firm that implements and maintains high-performance IT systems for small and medium-sized organizations in a wide range of industries. Editor’s Note: Being a provider of web and mobile solutions for many businesses from all over the world, QuartSoft offers technical assistance in migrating to the cloud as well as in building cloud infrastructures from scratch. The SAP Business One application resides on servers that are part of the Microsoft® Windows® Server platform.
SAP Business One Integration Technology enables rapid and easy integration with components of the SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver® technology platform or even other external applications. SAP Business One is equipped with an application programming interface (API) that is based on Component Object Model (COM) technology. The SAP Business One DI-API provides developers with an interface to the business logic and data access layers of the application thereby enabling them to enhance and extend it. The SAP Business One UI-API provides objects and procedures for accessing the user interface of the application. The data transfer workbench tool migrates master and transaction data from legacy systems into SAP Business One. SAP Business One is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, enabling seamless communication that can span your organisation and business functions.
SAP Business One is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business Suite solutions, and because it has an open architecture, it can be easily integrated with solutions from other software vendors. With all of today’s hype about big data, private cloud solutions and the latest technological advances, it can be easy to lose focus on what’s really important for business success – providing a positive customer experience. For example, research by McKinsey & Company on “emotionally charged interactions” showed that 70% of respondents reduced their commitment to a company when they had a negative, emotional experience. If you want your customers to know they are a priority, take advantage of what your big data has to offer. Have they changed their activities with current industry trends, marketing campaigns, economic issues or something else? Answers to these questions and others will help you learn what your customers really want now and in the future.

And this may be easier said than done if you are working with old and cumbersome data systems.
If your legacy system is holding you back from obtaining the accurate and current customer information you need to compete, it’s time to take action.
Provide service reps with access to saved activities to help customers at any point in their processes.
If your big data system does not have omnichannel capabilities that allow you to innovate, deploy sophisticated analytics and adapt to regulatory changes and trends quickly and easily, all while reducing costs and accelerating time to market, you are missing out on a competitive advantage.
Your big data solution should give you the information you need to provide a personalized and positive experience that your customers will want to share with others.
For additional help with your big data solution and enhancing the customer experience, please check out this information or contact us here.
Based in Miami, Mediaspectrum employs approximately 150 people worldwide with additional offices in Boston, London, Moscow, Sydney and Zug. We're about smart solutions and solid results built by people who make a commitment to doing it right. Request More InformationTo find out how Mediaspectrum can help your organization or schedule a demo of our solutions, please submit your information and one of our representatives will be in touch. That is why our team tries to educate our existing and future customers on benefits of cloud services and new developments in the industry of cloud computing. Access can be granted to users through wide area network (WAN) Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp technology to anywhere your organisation requires. SAP Business One Integration for SAP NetWeaver is a best fit for customers who want to seamlessly integrate SAP Business One with components of the SAP Business Suite.
You can use this API to enhance the functional scope of the solution or adapt it to meet your specific requirements. This also provides opportunities to integrate SAP Business One tightly with other applications. This enables developers to extend existing parts of SAP Business One and create their own new functionality within the framework of the application.
Pre-defined data file templates, provided in Microsoft Excel format; simplify the preparation of data for import. While your clients want fast solutions, they also want to do business with companies that offer personalized interactions.

From this information, you can create specific processes that cater to their needs throughout their entire interaction with your business (whether it’s online, via phone or in person).
With an emphasis on passing benefits of our innovation either to our clients or to consumers, Saisol is focusssing on developing various internal and exteranl products through the process of continious research & innovation. The following guest post about hybrid cloud data center solutions contributes to our educational efforts.
The SAP Business One environment uses standard database back-up procedures, eliminating the need for saving and transferring the database to another machine while providing immediate access to critical business information. This scenario typically arises in cases where the smaller business that runs SAP Business One is a subsidiary, branch office, vendor or other business affiliate of the larger entity with which it wishes to integrate. According to Slideshare’s “BtoB Marketing Analytics Spotlight Report,” organizations with more than 1,000 employees reported that “a lack of systems integration (54%) and issues with data quality and integrity (44%)” ranked highest for their key challenges working with big data. Several enterprising businesses have data centers that they are looking to mesh with the benefits of the Cloud.
Seamless integration of SAP Business One with SAP solutions is a key part of the vision for SAP Business One, and alignment with the SAP NetWeaver strategy is essential for achieving this goal. Two different APIs are provided: one for the data interface and one for the user interface.
It is through this process that these corporations can leverage their existing data center infrastructures with the new beneficial qualities of virtualization and the Cloud, resulting in better businesses practices, cut operating costs, better IT management and more.
However, companies who have not made the transition to the Cloud and are open to exploring virtualization options can become overwhelmed and begin asking questions regarding already existing infrastructures, servers and current data center use within their business. Integrating of data, networks and systems can sometimes present a challenge but having a game plan in place and options will offer a smooth transition and mesh of a legacy data center and a new hybrid one.
Meshing Your Data Center with the Cloud Several enterprising businesses have data centers that they are looking to mesh with the benefits of the Cloud. Through incorporating hybrid data centers and deciding on the goals to be accomplished by this transition, you can effectively blend your company’s existing data center with all of the benefits a hybrid cloud data center has to offer. About the Author: Brian Jensen works with Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about cloud computing services and virtualization.

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