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Western Martial Arts (WMA) is a term that refers to any structured fighting system that has historical roots in Europe. Luckily, many of these combat systems were recorded in manuscripts which still survive to this day. Originally formed in 2001 as the Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild (OMSG), the group reorganized in 2011 as a martial arts school that now operates as the Ottawa School of Medieval Armed Combat (OSMAC).
OSMAC is a part of a growing community dedicated to researching, interpreting, practicing and passing on the fighting arts of the medieval warrior.

The Ottawa School of Medieval Armed Combat feels that in order to explore fully all aspects of Flos Duellatorum, it is important to include armoured fighting as a crucial aspect of our training.
In keeping with the ideal of fourteenth-century men-at-arms, members enjoy partaking in authentic medieval combat and actively seek out tournaments and opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Many of these combat systems have fallen out of practice over time, while others have evolved into modern sports such as boxing and fencing. From these documents, WMA researchers and practitioners have been able to recreate many of these martial arts and are slowly beginning the process of reintroducing them into modern society.
Its main focus is Flos Duellatorum, the martial system presented in the manuscript of the same name written in 1410 by Master Fiore dei Liberi.
Indeed, many sections of the manuscript deal specifically with fighting in armour, and studying armoured combat, both in practise as well as in full-contact free play, is essential to gaining as full an understanding of the manuscript as possible.

OSMAC also enjoys participating in educational shows for schools and at various public events. Unlike their Eastern counterparts, which maintained a strong historical tradition (passing knowledge directly from one person to the next), some WMA have not been actively practiced for hundreds of years. In addition, OSMAC draws upon other historical sources as appropriate to develop its skills in grappling, dagger, sword, spear, poleaxe, archery, and horsemanship.

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