IVR allows to easily design call flow and facilitates a convenient experience for customers.
An IVR augmented with visual interface offers much greater benefits than traditional IVR set up. As the callers can collect the important information before connecting with the agent, it dramatically reduces call handling time. With visual menu-driven interface, customers get the apt information in time and select the correct menu options. A national cellular provider that has million subscribers, out of which lakhs of customers travel internationally per month. Using tools that uses grammar-based speech recognition compatible with various languages helps to pick up customer’s information correctly.
Incorporating capabilities of visual IVR can help to route the calls to right agent and enhance customer service experience leading to improve sales numbers and provide customers information quickly. Shraddha Tewari a skilled and accomplished editor possesses diverse professional experience in developing creative and technology oriented content and is formally associated with TheRealPBX. If you're like many social media savvy people, either you've jumped into Google+ or you've been considering getting serious about it for a long time now. Your profile also includes several identity service sections, such as a contributor, that lets you link your "properties across the web".
Circles create the essence and foundation of Google+ and allow you to organize the people you follow into groups. Once you create a circle, you can share specific content to only that circle.
When a G+ user follows you—or adds you to their circles—they are giving you permission to email them. Google+'s +1 feature is related to the "Like" button on Facebook, though much more powerful. Only about a year old, G+ Communities allow G+ users to connect in collaborative forums and easily find others that share their same interests.
Hangouts are free private video conferencing calls with up to 10 people, facilitated through G+ or their mobile app.
Google+ Hangouts on Air or (HOAs) are similar to private Google+ Hangouts but are broadcast live.

Using the Google+ platform allows you to connect with your community on a whole new level, create video content, and so much more.
Experts claim that 2014 will bring a trend emphasis on the importance of video and Google+. IVR is an ultimate full-proof solution to improve customer service experience and build up a simplified sales strategy by streamlining the calling process.
Based upon agent’s skills, time of day, agent’s availability, caller’s number – desired routing configuration can be set up to create improved customer service experience and increase the revenue numbers.
IVR prompts can be configured to route the callers to desired extension such as sales, support, technical support or marketing. With visual IVR, customers have faster, more efficient way to self-service which reduces the average handling time dramatically. By utilizing this information, Visual IVR can route the call to the right agent, as customers choose to transfer from self to assisted channels as a part of their omni-channel user experience. It offers customers various options to choose from such as to give a call back, remain on hold or begin a web chat session in case multi-channel agent is integrated.
She keeps a strong interest in reading and writing about VoIP technology, cloud computing and latest software developments.
Choose a profile picture that is recognizable and add other details that say a little about who you are.
You may choose to link to other social media accounts you have as well as any blogs you own or contributor to. For example, you could share blog promotion with your community and followers while keeping family content saved and shared with only your family members. Click here to check out our Google+ Page and to add us to your circles. We'd also love to add you to our circles.
If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your site, consider setting up a G+ Page to reach a broader and much more international audience. Bloggers can join other blogging communities, communities specific to their niche, or can even create communities of their own! Home is found in the top left hand corner of any G+ page and placing your cursor on the left hand side of your screen will open a drop down menu of tools and options.

Once you've initiated a private Hangout, grab the Hangout URL (at the top of the window) and invite others to join directly by emailing them the direct link.
These simple, free, and easy-to-run instant webcasts are a great way to build and broaden your reach. You can promote your Google+ HOA on every social platform, therefore you may utilize the technology but still reach your audiences where they are most comfortable. Irrespective of the department selected, the callers are routed to the right person in time and ensure every customer get the desired response. Collaborative features enable the contact center advisor to share links, images and files with customer, that dramatically reduces the resolution time and entire call even further. This also reduces the number of ‘zero-outs’ due to customers getting frustrated with the IVR tree.
And when customers called to change their plan, they found calling 1-800 number was cost prohibitive from abroad. This way visual IVR picks up the language priorities and enable to respond accordingly, leading to enhancement in ease of access. Please add your Google+ URL to the contact list in our private Facebook Group and we'll add you. G+ does not penalize for visuals in your posts or promotions and there are no ever-changing algorithms that dictate who can see your content and who will not. Many social media professionals consider Google+ Hangout and HOA options the #1 reason to migrate over to the platform.
Fall in love with all the integrated options Google+ has to offer you and open your blog and content up to a whole new range of people throughout the world!
Here, the visual IVR can help businesses to escape customers’ frustration by proactively sending an alert to customer near to international airline terminal with a link to visual IVR, it could have created possibilities to easily follow visual menu for comparing, selecting and choosing international calling package. Human assisted speech recognition can be integrated to abstain from ‘please repeat cycles’.

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