Your private cloud will deliver many of the benefits of public cloud computing—including self-service, scalability, and elasticity—with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources. Bharat Gupta, an IT Professional with 8 Years of Experience working in Mumbai and very passionate about Virtualization & Cloud Computing.
He was awarded as a IT Pro Star by Microsoft Technet India & Champ Award by Mumbai IT Pro Community. You can host your own private cloud using the build in FTP storage, your own FTP storage or using WebDav, SFTP or use an open source private cloud such as OpenStack Swift, giving privacy and security. Federate access to all private and public cloud storage and cloud data making it easier to manage and access. The service comes with a built in encryption service in which data can be encrypted prior to being stored on remote public clouds so it is can act as a security blanket for your data. It offers a secure abstraction for sharing link and password protecting files over and above what a cloud storage service provides. It can be used to backup data from one cloud to another or move and copy between different cloud services. We do however recognise that consumers appreciate and would like to use the service, the 300,000+ users on our hosted service let us know that. To that end we made the decision to scale back the hosting of our own cloud service for personal users over time and enable personal users to simply host their own, for free. The Personal Cloud Appliance is pre-packaged software Appliance that encompasses the SME Personal hosted service that you use online except it is supplied to work with a single users account.
The Appliance itself uses CentOS Linux as its base Operating System and is configured to be used with any hypervisor that work with OVF or VMWare images, this includes Virtual Box, VMware, Hyper-V, XEN, and KVM, as well as OpenStack Glance compute. This short overview will step you through how you can get up and running with hosting the SME personal cloud server using virtual box. Once the Appliance is download simply right click and choose to open the OVF with Virtual Box. This will take you to the login screen where you can enter the username and password you were provided in the email registration.
The Appliance is configured to work with the default CentOS Vsftpd service which is configured as local storage so it is available to work with files out of the box. The Cloud DashBoard, available from the side menu, shows the configure providers and enables up to 10 other providers to be added. This ends the tutorial for configuring and setting up the Storage Made Easy Personal Cloud Appliance. Eucalyptus is an open source cloud platform that enables organisations to create private clouds inside their data centres using existing virtualised infrastructure. Eucalyptus enables IT organisations to build Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible private clouds that can pool together existing virtualised IT resources and provide them to its customers in a flexible, on-demand, pay-as-you-go basis.
Cloud controller (CLC): The cloud controller is essentially a Web-based interface between Eucalyptus and the outside world. Walrus: Walrus provides persistent storage capabilities to all of the virtual machines in the Eucalyptus cloud. Cluster controller (CC): A typical Eucalyptus cloud set-up can comprise multiple nodes, which are actually hypervisors on which virtual machines are provisioned. Storage controller (SC): The storage controller provides persistent block-level storage for virtual machines that are launched within a Eucalyptus cloud. Node controller (NC): Node controllers or nodes are hypervisor-based virtualised servers that host virtual machines which are provisioned by the Eucalyptus cloud. Auto-scaling: Mirrored on the concept of auto-scaling by AWS, Eucalyptus too provides similar APIs that help cloud administrators set rules and policies that enable applications running on virtual machines to scale-up and scale-down dynamically, based on fluctuating workloads.
Elastic load balancing: This is basically a service that provides better availability and scalability for applications running atop the Eucalyptus cloud. CloudWatch: This provides monitoring for virtual machines and applications hosted on the Eucalyptus cloud.

Resource tagging: This allows users and cloud administrators to assign meaningful metadata to cloud resources. Maintenance mode: This feature enables cloud administrators to perform maintenance activities on the Eucalyptus cloud without any potential downtime.
In this guide, let’s set up a simple Eucalyptus cloud on a set of two machines, one acting as the management server containing the cloud controller, Walrus, the cluster controller and the storage controller, and the other as the node controller running atop a KVM hypervisor. Note: It is recommended that you install the node controllers first so that it becomes easier to add them to the cloud controller once they are all up and ready. Note: Follow the above mentioned steps for each of the node controllers that you wish to use for your cloud. 1)     Create a security group: A security group is similar to a firewall that protects your instance against network-related attacks.
Once your group is created, open the necessary ports such as SSH port 22 to obtain access to the instance. 2)    Create a key pair: A key pair acts as an authentication token between the users and their instances.
3)     Launch the instance: An instance is launched from a machine image (in this case, EMI). Get an unlimited remote desktop support server – lifetime use, best quality, maximum security. Meet strict security requirements, plus enjoy privacy and full independence by installing ISL Online on your server(s). The Corporate Server License can be installed in either a virtual machine environment (such as Hyper-V, Xen, or VMware) or on physical hardware running Windows or Linux.
Although the default Corporate Server License (CSL) is limited to 25 simultaneous sessions, you are welcome to send us a duly signed Corporate Server License Agreement and we will untie your CSL limitation from 25 to unlimited simultaneous sessions. Let ISL Online professionals install, configure and maintain your unlimited Server License.
Because ISL Online software automatically initiates an OUTGOING connection from internal or remote network to your server, it always works with the existing firewall configuration on the side of operators and clients. However, in order to enable connections to your server, you need to open ports 7615, 80 and 443 in your firewall.
Institutions with the toughest security standards, such as banks, government and insurance companies, have been using ISL Online software for years.
AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption protects top secret information and has a higher security level than many online banking services. A customer can revoke control from a technician or terminate a support session at any time.
We provide a Premium Support service which guarantees a two-hour (2) response time 24x7, 365 days a year. Particularly larger organisations might consider setting up at least two ISL Online servers and connecting them into a Corporate Private Cloud.
Get a pre-configured 1U rack-mountable server with an unlimited Corporate Server License installed. Explore more with experts in technology and learn more to help you build your own private cloud.
As a company Storage Made Easy concentrates on business and enterprise use of our products rather than personal consumer use. This simply involves entering you email address at which the download link will be delivered.
Learn about the Eucalyptus private cloud platform and then go on to install, configure and work with it. It provides cloud administrators an interface with which they can configure and manage the cloud’s underlying compute, storage and network resources.
It is basically a large storage container where users can upload data from any file type using simple HTTP put-get queries.

These nodes can be collectively grouped and managed by using the cluster controller, which primarily looks after the inter-node communications and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of each cluster. The SC interfaces with a wide variety of storage systems including local file systems, NFS, SAN and even iSCSI.
Eucalyptus additionally provides an optional add-in component that even supports VMware ESXi hypervisor as a node, called a VMware broker. It automatically senses and distributes incoming application traffic and service calls across multiple running instances, thus improving the performance and uptime of the application. Using CloudWatch, users can programmatically track, collect and analyse metrics, set alarms to troubleshoot performance issues and take automated action as well, based on the state of the cloud environment. This helps in tracking, as well as eases management and monitoring of specific resource collections used across the cloud. This helps make sure that the applications hosted on the cloud are always running and that they meet the required SLA levels as well. In this scenario, we are using two simple desktop machines, each equipped with 4 GB RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and a VT-enabled (Virtualisation Technology) processor on-board. The first way is to download the required RPMs onto your machine, install each of them and then manually configure the cloud as per your needs. A few scripts run automatically at this time to set the node controller’s networking configurations. Once the cloud controller reboots, it will start executing a lot of configuration scripts that will set Walrus, the cluster controller and the storage controller with a few default parameters. You need to note down the instance IP address either from the terminal or by using the Eucalyptus cloud user console.
An important benefit of Cloud Server is that you can access what you need and when you need, provides you full flexibility to work.
All remote connections are then established through the server(s) in your company, keeping all data such as user information or session history in a closed corporate environment.
Alternatively, you are welcome to configure your existing enterprise network security device such as F5 or similar reverse proxy. ISL Online enables you to integrate remote desktop and live chat technologies with leading third-party solutions via API (Application Programming Interface). Attend this 2 days power packed workshop and get started with Bharat and Shabbir take you from basic to deep dive training. It also handles high-level user authentication, quota management along with a few basic accounting and reporting mechanisms.
The second way is much faster and will get your Eucalyptus cloud up and running in a matter of minutes.
These public IPs will be mapped to individual Eucalyptus instances (virtual machines) once they are launched in the cloud. We have successfully completed countless customisation projects and OEM integration into service desk solutions, issue ticketing systems, ERP, CRM, etc.
However, you can follow the same steps even if you have more machines with better compute capacity between them.
This is primarily a CentOS-based ISO with all the necessary Eucalyptus components embedded in it.
A self-explanatory wizard guides you through the install process and sets up your Eucalyptus cloud for you.

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