Having cloud storage these days have become a requirement, and we are spoilt for choice with what is available out there to help backup our important data, e.g. We’ve introduced Bittorrent Sync previously as a way to transfer large files anonymously but did you know that you can also use it to create your personal Cloud? Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire.
An incredibly versatile tool, ownCloud is a free, open source application that lets you build more than a Dropbox replacement to dump your data. Seafile, another open source solution, sells itself as a file syncing and online collaboration tool. Similar to OwnCloud, the aim of Cozy is to give you a way to maintain your own data using your own web apps. Platforms Supported: Images available on Virtualbox, Raspberry Pi, OpenVZ, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck. AeroFS is an open source app that is aimed at corporate users, offering collaboration tools as part of their package.
Similar to SparkleShare and obvious from its name, git-annex also uses git to manage files but "without checking the file contents into git". Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited.
The old rule-of-thumb with bug-fixing is simple:  Fixing a bug today costs less than fixing that very same bug tomorrow.
To get the most out of your testing efforts, the selection of the most robust and often cross-platform automated testing method is truly the best way to ensure maximal test coverage, on time and with great results.
In our third post in our series of Deconstructing Mobile Testing Methods, we’re looking into benefits that automated testing and continuous integration can give you in your daily work. Functional testing typically involves several steps to describe what the system does: from the identification of functions that software is expected to perform, creation of input data and output based on specification, the actual test case execution and comparison of actual and expected outputs.
Today, the beauty of automated testing for mobile apps is you don’t even need to own or possess the physical device you’re testing your application on. Most of the mobile services today have a server-client interaction, requiring a login, uploading of data (e.g. Keep  in mind testing frameworks, such as Robotium, uiautomator, Selenium, Calabash, etc., are just methods.
The most popular automated testing environment for mobile apps and games have been Testdroid Enterprise, which provides its users an in-house server product and a private device cloud, to enable developers and testers to run their tests in their own test lab. Testdroid integrates seamlessly with Jenkins, which is currently the leading open source continuous integration (CI) server monitoring executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron. Monitoring executions of externally-run jobs, such as cron jobs and procmail jobs, even those that are run on a remote machine.
Despite a bit old and focused on Hudson (Jenkins’ predecessor), you can find one great blog about how to create automated UI testing for Android applications here. How do you produce high-quality, robust and reliable software with increasing complexity with technology under massive competitive pressure? Testing effectiveness is the rate at which your testing technology reveals bugs before your systems are released.
Improve your bottom line + building customer satisfaction + reduced development costs equal automated testing – it can improve your top line.
Testing, we believe, is a crucial activity to ensure success in highly competitive landscape of mobile apps and games. In this month’s edition of what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included lots of podcasts, design resource directories, lots of web apps, learning resources, productivity resources, new frameworks, APIs, team resources, and much more. Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. ReadThisThing is a modern storytelling toolbox that includes resources and tools for things like audio and video content, staying up to date on the news, social media, and more. The Unmistakable Creative Podcast gives you access to hundreds of interviews with all sorts of creatives and interesting people.
Collections is Google’s answer to Pinterest, letting you create collections for your interests, follow and be followed, and customize your collections with custom names and cover photos. Funnel lets you easily create contact forms, track deals, send proposals, track customers, and more.
The Marvel API lets developers create stuff using information about Marvel’s library of comics, including both upcoming releases all the way back to their start 70 years ago.
IntroBar lets you welcome visitors from specific sources and even offer them special deals.
Deekit is a shared, real-time whiteboard for remote teams that works for designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, and more.

Augment is a Chrome plugin that lets you access apps like Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox, and more, right within Gmail.
9 Squares is a collaboration between nine different designers and animators from around the world. The Trianglify Generator lets you create a custom images based on triangles and color gradients.
This Email Framework makes it easier to build bullet-proof responsive HTML email templates. Beagle is a tool for creating better proposals that lets you import content to base your proposals on existing ones. Peek Space is a collection of free-to-use, curated space photos that you can use for your projects.
Project Fi is a project from Google that aims to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience alongside leading hardware makers, carriers, and users. Visual Studio Code is a free app for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Valencia Sweetness is a brush-style script font that includes alternate, sans, and script ornaments. Spastic is a hand drawn font designed for people that are “a little strange, off, and possibly should have some distance from one another”. Bough is a free hand drawn typeface with a vintage feel that comes in regular and condensed versions.
Matchstick Thin is a free sans-serif typeface with a geometric style, designed by Oliver Walthard. Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
The R-360 has a unique rotating printing bed which can be used for 3D scanning (3rd party scanner is required). Users are offered a free cloud slicing service called Slicer Cloud for their R-360 printer.
All you need to do is configure a folder to act as a drop-off point so you can sync all your files on all your devices running Bittorrent Sync. The program recently entered beta and it requires you to sign up to its beta program but it looks to be a solid, easy to use app to create a personal cloud within the Apple ecosystem, bypassing iTunes. Along with data storage, the app comes with a number of other features such as a way to manage your calendar, to-do lists, a document editing tool and many more. In the developers own words, "Cozy allows you to turn your server in a kind of personal Google App Engine." The developers encourage users to develop it further, hoping to connect many different services and utilities to it.
This means that you will get full version history of your files as well as the other good stuff that comes with git. It’s a well-known fact that automated testing methods can be used for both validating requirements and reducing the costs of testing through automated test case generation.
And, not only benefits, but what existing products and features can bring to you or your team to help you to easily get up and running with automated testing. In the past, for some reason, if you wanted to automate the test generation process, there was a large gap in bridging high-level use cases and concrete tests that hammer your software. In order to automate functional testing, it’s highly recommended to adopt professional tools and run test cases again real Android and iOS devices. For example, some pre-market devices are located in Hong Kong and CDMA mobile devices are in the US. Some of those are better suited for native app testing, some better for web and hybrid app testing, but to get the most out of these frameworks and methods, you need professional testing tools to fully utilize benefits that these frameworks have to offer. Testdroid Enterprise can be – and typically is – used as a part of continuous integration environment that enables test execution to start automatically after every code check-in. In a nutshell, Jenkins provides an easy-to-use continuous integration system, making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project, and making it easier for users to obtain a fresh build.
For example, with cron, all you receive is regular e-mails that capture the output, and it is up to you to look at them diligently and notice when it broke. Simply put, testing efficiency is just the average number of tests you can run in an hour of tester time. So, increased effectiveness reduces costs through a better product, improving your bottom line now and your top line later by building customer satisfaction and loyalty. But “poorly” planned testing can be 20-50% of the total development effort, and in that case, it’d also be the biggest single cost in your budget. It includes startups looking for all sorts of job functions, from entry level to co-founder.
It lets you show incoming users different layouts or copy based on what has worked best for users in the past.
Giving a custom intro based on where visitors came from lets you get more out of your visitors.

They’re broken down by category, with videos of people, drinks, animals, industry, and more.
You can adjust the width and height of the final image, as well as adjust the variance in triangle shapes, the cell size, and the color palette. It also has tools for collaboration, and lets you send directly to your client with a custom cover letter. Answers were collected from personal experience, Stackoverflow, and official documentation. Just specify the type of content to center, the container size, and alignment, and it generates your code for you.
Just upload an image and adjust the number of points to use and the style to create your own custom image.
You can browse by a variety of tags, including “friendly”, “small caps”, “whimsical”, “cute”, and more. There are apps and resources for coding, community, project tools, UX, inspiration, and much more. So far they’ve had interviews with Jeff Lembeck of Filament Group, Mark Dorison of Chromatic, and Lara Hogan of Etsy. It’ll tell you when there’s a partial service outage and when systems are back up, with optional push notifications.
The Modular design allows you to fold it up for traveling without compromise on printing volume.
The Slicer Cloud will process your files on a cluster of powerful online servers and you can upload your files and get them prepared for printing easily.
These solutions forgo the use of a third-party server, ensuring that your data is for your eyes only. The service prides itself on its fast syncing speeds, with no limit on the data transferred. This is an excellent solution if you have documents that require going through a lot of changes.
The app is mainly in command line but for those who aren’t keen on this, there is an easy-to-use alternative version. However, the full automatization of large software entities also has a cost that many companies haven’t been ready to pay for. To determine if your app can run successfully for a sustained duration under heavy load, stress tests can be used. But you can still have access to these devices, conduct your instrumentation tests and receive results in minutes. So logically, higher testing efficiency drives down product development time and costs, improving your bottom line. In order to ensure that testing can be done extremely efficiently, using agile continuous integration with direct access to more than 230 real devices but not leaving anything untested, Testdroid is the only, smart option available. All plastic parts are 3D printable so users can just print their own replacement parts when needed. The R-360 3D printer is also open source, according to the team, the printer design will be released in 2014.
They have limited storage space and at the end of the day, they are still a third party you have to trust with your (sometimes sensitive) data. We have here 8 tools to create your own cloud – all offer unlimited storage, and a few other features third-party cloud storage lack. The application features a rich online file editor, version control, multi-platform file syncing and more.
All you need to do is to install the AeroFS client into the device you want to put in your sync circle. Historically, one of the reasons is the recurring concern of the lack of adequate integration with well-established development life cycles.
Physical location, as well as physical devices are becoming irrelevant for automated testing.
If you’re developing these kinds of services, users need to ensure all their changes are done in code, to either server side or client side do not break the functionality of the service.
When your app needs to be translated and tested with devices in multiple languages, these types of tests are easily performed automatically to change the language of devices, and even do it again with the same test runs.

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