From only ?14.95 per month, SBC Horizon is a complete cloud based telephone system for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed voice calls of the highest quality. Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single line, from one supplier and with UK-based support.
IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is becoming more and more a norm for any corporation, moving your servers into the cloud has many advantages, uptime and dynamic out scaling of services is probably the best known out of all of them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whatever the exact number, it’s clear that the use of technology in marketing is here to stay; they’re “entwined together forever,” as Forrester Research Analyst Sheryl Pattek put it in a recent blog post on how savvy CMOs must embrace their inner technology geek to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Download the full reportFill out the form below to get your free copy of this comprehensive report. With FREE handsets*, inclusive local and national calls*, the service allows you, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity. It's a specialist broadband product supporting our IP telephone services and includes everything you need for first class IP telephony: a Cisco router, a business-grade broadband connection. Our Converged FTTC Broadband service combines assured voice and high-speed internet access on one fibre broadband circuit.Integrating voice and data communications on just one circuit means a reduction in costs (compared to buying two separate lines).

Almost everything we do to acquire and convert customers now revolves around the use of some type of marketing application, whether it’s for social media, search engine marketing, retargeting, measurement, advertising, or more. This free open source software allows you to quickly and easily take your virtual machines and host them as a cloud solution, with an API to code against, the options are endless. They may be different from one another, but they all have one thing in common – they, not you, dictate the storage space.For the most part, this isn’t a serious deal breaker, but for some, it is. If you’re more of the latter, then here’s something you might be interested in – the D-Link DNS-320L ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure.This here’s an enclosure that allows you to set-up your own Cloud server for your on-the-go storage needs. A winner of the 2012 red dot design award, the ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure is a DLNA-certified NAS that provides convenient remote access to files and multimedia from the mydlink website or mobile app.
Once up and running, registered mydlink users can play stored music, watch videos, and view photos on the NAS directly from their mobile device using the mydlink Access-NAS app.In any digital home, it is not uncommon to find multiple computers and mobile devices each with different files and media spread across them. If any single computer fails due to a virus or hardware problem, it can mean the loss of priceless family photos, essential tax information, and purchased digital media.
The DNS-320L presents an ideal solution, as a secure, central space where an entire library important files can be stored while remaining accessible from anywhere.“As a mydlink-enabled product, the DNS-320L eliminates many of the most common technical hurdles to provide secure access to shared files while at home or on the go,” said Mr Christopher Neo, Sales Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd. Unfortunately, this portability often comes at the expense of space for storing files and multimedia.
With a mydlink-enabled NAS like the DNS-320L, these limitations are left in the dust with nearly limitless storage for a content library that is accessible virtually anywhere.

The DNS-320L does this by establishing a “personal cloud” that allows owners to access and maintain control over their digital content. The DNS-320L is DLNA certified, ensuring interoperability with a variety of standalone, mobile, and personal computer-based media players. ShareCenter owners with a standalone media player like the Boxee Box can stream media directly to their TV without the need for an always-on computer.
With two bays, each supporting hard drives of up to 3TB, owners need simply attach the hard drive brackets to the sides of your hard drives with the included screw, open a hatch, slide in a hard drive or two, and power on.
High capacity drives can optionally be installed together in a RAID 1 configuration to prevent against lost data in the event of hard drive failure, or alternatively installed in one of any three additional modes (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0). Feature rich backup software and support for Apple® Time Machine are included to help ensure the integrity of important data from one or more computers.D-Link GreenAs a D-Link Green product, the DNS-320L also includes several features that make it both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Offline, you’ll see him either sweating it out in the badminton courts or dining out in one of the new restos around town.

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