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Customers can quickly provision solutions for asset management, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. We will have quite a comprehensive set of partners around hardware that we will recommend to customers if they're looking for that." The suite will even include services that will let you monitor the sensors and the data stream you're getting from them to make sure the system is collecting information correctly. There will also be some finished IoT solutions that businesses can adapt to their own situation rather than starting from scratch.Getting the pricing right will be important.
But we want to make sure that a customer doesn't have to start with modest deployment and completely resign it when they scale up."As part of the suite we will be providing simple billing so customers can model what their costs will be as they scale from small deployments up to the massive IoT scale.

If they're considering that, they want predictable pricing."Secure and transparentGiven the number of reports on how poor the security is in many IoT devices and systems deployed so far, George thinks Microsoft also has an advantage given its experience with security and privacy.

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