Internet expansion is moving far beyond desktops and local area networks (LANs) to remote field service assets that rely on mobility and the cloud, from heavy industry field equipment to sensitive medical devices. Many field service organizations have yet to explore the benefits of the Internet of Everything and expanded mobile connectivity. When it comes to managing utilities and heavy equipment, for example, the goal is to mandate certain service abilities. Field service organizations can increasingly rely on agile environments that are both mobile- and cloud-based. As more field service organizations adopt mobility and BYOD, these types of systems are increasingly in demand.
For example, the process-flows for remote machinery and equipment can provide constant peak performance information and optimization.
In terms of implementing a cloud-based environment to enable Internet of Everything (IoE) capabilities, the ROI is relatively simple.
The value proposition is that companies can save year after year without heavy infrastructure costs. For small and mid-sized field service organizations with minimal IT staff, a cloud service provider offers operational abilities to set up a self-service structure and configure it to run monitoring systems.
These capabilities are also critically important for larger organizations that rely on heavy equipment, for example. For companies with mobility in place, the goal is to locate, track and monitor assets, whether heavy industry equipment or sensitive, technologically advanced instruments.
Expansion of service capacity enables organizations to broaden their reach, improve response times and increase service levels.
Here Are 7 IoT Considerations for MSPs What does the Internet of Things (IoT) mean for managed service providers (MSPs)? TweetScoop.itIn the wake of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives the need for enterprise security and management of mobile devices has increased. AirWatch also provides the utility to configure devices for a complete group, send request to devices for information or to lock or remotely wipe the device, which further adds an extra layer of security, as well as configuration convenience for administrators. For devices no longer functional in the enterprise, an administrator can remove the device access and wipe only the corporate data from it to ensure that the user’s personal data remains intact, hence allowing a BOYD initiative to be used across the enterprise in a secure environment.
AirWatch can be integrated with famous app stores like Google Play, Apple’s App Store and the Microsoft Store and the like.

The below video provides an overview of Enterprise Mobility Management using AirWatch and what features it offers. The below video shows a video demo of how mobile device management can be made easy using AirWatch, with details about the features it offers for both administrators and end-users. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
They’re either on the cusp through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementations, or else they’re simply not operationally or organizationally ready.
According to recent Gartner research, these four basic models can be applied to any of the four “internets” (people, things, information and places). For example, in terms of heavy industries, such as oil and gas exploration, road construction or mining, data access should rely on efficient cloud-based systems with high security and user-friendly GUIs.
Such cloud-based, mobile capabilities can be especially beneficial to smaller organizations with minimal IT staff.
This occurs primarily through devices, and especially technologies, that enable machine-to-machine communication and updates.
The upfront cost for cloud adoption is minimal; it’s fast to implement and provides an agile environment.
While security still remains a key concern for many companies, the cloud offers an opportune way to access IoE-based, mobile solutions.
The IoE, mobile and cloud-based machine monitors can understand and relay equipment status as well as geo-logistics to ensure that the correct parts with the right technicians are immediately dispatched to avoid equipment failures. The value is based on extending the life of capital equipment without incurring unplanned downtime to essential assets. Most field service companies are in the business of service optimization and mobility offers opportunities for constant improvement through adopting new capabilities.
Effective EMM Is Becoming Increasingly Important As more companies promote bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, the demand for enterprise mobility management (EMM) software could increase. The Cloud Will Provide Additional Growth Opportunities Do you offer cloud services to your customers?
Expect the IoT to Raise Data Privacy Concerns Privacy is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. The IoT Could Provide Opportunities in the Consumer Space The consumer space could provide another revenue opportunity for MSPs.

There are very few solutions which allow comprehensive management of all mobile devices across an enterprise and one of them is AirWatch.
With AirWatch you can manage apps throughout their complete lifecycle, right through the process of purchasing, developing, securing to deploying them. Furthermore, AirWatch enables querying devices for information according to specific parameters. This provides control over purchasing apps and managing their licenses for enterprise use and for custom app development initiatives. After you fill the trial request form, a sales representative will get back to you within one business day to setup your trial. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. This is especially true in industries that deal with regulatory compliances, such as OSHA requirements. Since most services are based on a pay-as-you-go model, organizations aren’t spending exorbitant costs up-front for equipment, such as servers, and IT management. Often, such capabilities can mean the difference between smooth operations and serious work interruptions that can affect a company’s bottom line. Extend can also apply to the levels of versatility and new capabilities made possible by mobility. MSPs that offer rotating network keys or tokens and conduct periodic endpoint integrity checks can ensure their customers are protected against myriad cyber threats. If not, you could be missing out on opportunities to support customers who want to reap the benefits of the IoT.
AirWatch also provides a comprehensive set of options for acquiring analytics based on enterprise devices, as well as the option to organize devices according to geographical locations. They also make it possible for smaller organizations with limited technical personnel to compete with larger companies. The demand for IoT-enabled devices could drive cloud adoption too, allowing MSPs that offer cloud-based services to extend their reach.

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