While Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive are getting all the media coverage, Box is doing new cloud storage users a solid and offering 25GB of free storage.
Free cloud storage is becoming commonplace as vendors rush to satisfy the growing demand for cloud access.
Google Drive’s release last week with 5 GB of free storage capacity, and more for a fee, was one of the most publicized moves to let individuals, and increasingly businesses, put their data in the cloud. The Partner Marketing Guide lists marketing programs that vendors offer to VARs, providing support, services and capabilities to the indirect IT channel.
This is the section where we get a chance to rant about latest happenings in the tech world. OneDrive can store all types of files including photos, video and documents, with accessibility to Windows PCs or mobile devices. All mobile platforms support automatic photo uploads to the OneDrive, and works closely with Microsoft Office apps.
With an Office 365 subscription, one can collaborate with people easily and even view and edit changes after they are made. OneDrive’s automatic file organization is not always accurate which is one of the flaws of OneDrive. Dropbox is one of the favorites in cloud storage world because it’s known to be reliable and easy to use. The apps live in the file system for easy transfer of files from the computer to the cloud and even for downloading them. Google Drive combines multiple office tools with cloud storage and one gets an online word processor, spreadsheet app along with a presentation builder too.
If you already have a Google account, Google Drive can be accessed easily  and one can start uploading photos, videos, documents, and other files directly on the drive. The built-in office suite is a major advantage for editing documents, spreadsheets and effective presentations. Google Photos can help you organize photos into albums and one can actually drag and drop files into the Drive with a preview.
One does have to export files to edit them in another program and even have to share storage space with Gmail. Box is for anyone who can sign up for a free account but it is the huge number of sharing and privacy options that aid business and IT users.
Beyond the cloud storage setup, with support for all files, one can assign tasks, comment on other files, and even receive notifications on changes to files.
Other apps from Salesforce and NetSuite can be integrated too with plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom too. OpenDrive put the user in control of the personal cloud so that you can control the content and share memories, movies, and music all the time. Store your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration, all in a simple to use, secure environment. Share files and folders with other OpenDrive users account without restrictions on file sizes. As a personal account user, one would have to shell out about 13$ per month for unlimited storage and business account users have to shell out less than 30$ per month.
Rajiv is one of the founders of Nimblechapps, a web and mobile development company based out of India. Share this: Worry no more about needing to remember to bring your USB drive by putting your files into the cloud. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) would be the biggest public cloud service, but isn’t just for companies. This comes with a 5GB free storage as well as any purchase from the iTunes store can be stored and streamed from it without counting towards your quota.
As with Dropbox, Google Drive automatically syncs with the cloud and has everything the same across any device it is accessed from, except for Linux.

50GB of free storage seems like a great offer, though perhaps not so if you’re not a fan of ads nor the limited upload size (200MB max).
50GB free storage, as well as being faster though still terribly slow when compared to others.
As with most services, you would probably need to use SkyDrive through a browser to store, save etc. Privacy can be quite big these days, and SpiderOak can store things for you without knowing what they are.
Not just for Linux users, users of other platforms may also access its initial free 5GB storage service. If you would prefer your treasured photos, documents and media under your own control and not located on a remote cloud storage service managed by another company. The pixx.io box has been specifically designed to provide users with a powerful mini server and personal cloud storage box that comes complete with embedded media management software. The pixx.io box system allows you to safely store your files and photographs and provides faster methods of locating that required image or document. The pixx.io box project is currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $25,000 in pledges and still has 18 days to run on its campaign. Using pixx.io you will always find the photos and files you are looking for, right when you need them. Using pixx.io you can share your photos with customers, colleagues and friends – quickly and securely. With Windows 8 looming on the horizon, more and more companies are announcing their intent to support the new platform. The Box team believes that the final version of the app will be ready when Windows 8 is launched later this year, but the company plans on releasing an early version of the app for the Windows 8 Release Preview that is scheduled for the first week of June. It’s always nice to see companies jumping on board the Windows 8 train, but currently the Box app available for Windows users is geared toward enterprise and business users.
New users can sign up via the web to get their free storage - The most free storage offering I can recall by cloud storage services. Now anybody with an email address can sign up for free cloud storage - No mobile app needed. Not to be undone by Google, several other free storage vendors tweaked their offers as well.
Files live in the cloud with the Dropbox’s website, and there are subsequent applications related to every platform.
Business plans include 100 GB for 3-10 users at $6 a month and unlimited storage with minimum 3 users at $17 per month. At Nimblechapps he overlooks delivery, product development and often lends a hand to the in house development team. With these cloud storage services popping up everywhere, you might be spoiled for choice, what with additions or price changes.
There’s 5GB free storage and can upload and stream up to 250 songs with the separate Amazon Cloud Player. Business versions include work programs that are integrated with Box’s other cloud services and also business-specific apps. Unlike the others in the list, Dropbox doesn’t need a web-browser interface and can work with just about any platform. Files get encrypted before hitting their servers, and it’d be best for you to note your password as they can’t help with that.
It has trouble running on newer OSs unfortunately and may not work very well with more recent computers. According to Simon Tan, Box’s mobile product manager, the company thinks Windows 8 is going to be a big hit.
Since most companies offer some level of service for free, it’s easy to just signup for all of them and use each for their strengths.

Here is a list of the most popular cloud storage tools, with their strengths and weaknesses. The cloud drive can be accessed through the web or via a Windows app (Vista and 7 only), though the app only allows for uploads. While basic iCloud services can be accessed on any platform, the best way to use it would be with a Mac having Lion or better, or an Apple device with iOS 5 or better. The basic free version offers 5GB of storage and businesses can also upgrade it to 1000GB, making it well suited for corporations though not necessarily for personal storage. While there aren’t any attractive extras, it provides a convenient platform for sharing files. While there is an option to buy more storage, it can’t be directly through Mega and has to be via a reseller which isn’t very convenient. A feature that allows you to grab a file from any computer associated with your account may seem convenient, but could also pose a security threat.
Additionally, you can filter your media by date, GPS coordinates, size, orientation and many further characteristics. The app was available for demo at the CTIA wireless trade show in New Orleans earlier this week. Other services offer document specific cloud storage, such as Neat Receipts for mobile and desktop scanned image storage and access. Web-based file sharing systems typically require manual uploads and downloads without the convenience of click and drag management for copying and moving files.
A starting Dropbox account only has 2GB but more can be gotten through inviting new users or by paying. Restrictions naturally go away with a subscription and supports many platforms but does not integrate into your file systems. Files can only be accessed through their software and would be great for anyone looking for high security. Whether you are a hobby snapper, a professional photographer, or working as a marketing & communications manager in a SME. When managing or editing your data, you can use the batch bulk processing function of pixx.io.
Furthermore you need just one click to integrate a watermark in all the pictures, no matter if you are sharing five or 500 files. The upload can be done manually or automatically and runs at the background without interfering with your normal functioning of your personal computer. You can backup your files online so that even if one of your devices crash, your files aren’t lost. Edit a file in one device and the file automatically gets updated in all other devices.The number of entrepreneurs who are using these services has doubled over the past five years.
Fast, reliable and easy to use, Box lets users easily upload content, organise it into folders, share links to files and manage file and folder permissions. CrashPlan PRO uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption, one of the most robust encryption methods available.
Your files are encrypted before they leave your computer and then transferred to our servers using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol. Dropbox – Dropbox is one of the more popular cloud-based syncing and storage tools, and offers users a convenient way to transfer files from one system to another, or share files with colleagues.

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