If you follow along on Garden Therapy, you know that I also collaborate with a number of other websites as a blogger. Then, I shared my tips for keeping my garden fountain in tip-top shape throughout the year in How to Clean and Maintain a Home Garden Fountain. And finally, planning ahead for the jobs to be done with the fountain where the winters are cold with Winterize Your Water Garden with These Tips.
Read through this handy resource guide to choosing and maintaining a garden water feature and if you are wondering about how to install a water garden, well, you will have to wait for just a little longer for that. Here you will find DIY garden projects and crafts that break down barriers and allow anyone to garden, no matter their ability, knowledge, or even garden size. Privacy & CookiesThis site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic.
DisclaimerThis website contains general information about gardening, natural beauty, crafts, DIY projects, and recipes. The focus from the beginning was building a great consumer experience and building partnerships with thousands of independent hotel providers across Europe and the rest of the world. Our US Travel Insights piece showed that while mobile traffic has increased within the travel sector, almost 90% of travel sales still take place on a desktop. Understanding what matters most to travellers is not only our passion, but it fuels our innovation, site conversion, growth, and stability of products across all platforms. We will continue to optimize our product and our marketing towards consumers and our accommodation partners. I have heard many good things from friends about this amazing restaurant, and read some awesome reviews. I would highly recommend taking the time and visiting The Capital Grille and go during the Generous Pour Event.
So, with today being National Coloring Book Day, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some fun crayons and coloring pages so you can join in on the fun with your little one (or just yourself!).
The Melissa and Doug company created these fun crayons that are made out of plastic (not wax) for extra durability and are designed to be easier to grasp.
Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources. Kendall Rayburn is a special needs mother, blogger, and the Managing Editor for the Friendship Circle blog. With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app.
Because I like to use rich, dark colors in my art, I work with artist-grade, highly pigmented paints. Note: in this demo, I describe the steps I went through to create my version of the Watercolor Succulents painting, but it is just one of countless ways this painting could be done. To prep for painting, tape the paper to the work surface so it won’t buckle when it gets wet. To fade the edges of the succulents, lay down a brush stroke along the edge of each leaf, and then immediately go over the outer edge of that brushstroke with the clean wet brush so that the color fades out. Note: masking fluid saves time, because once it dries you can paint over the entire sheet of paper without worrying about getting paint in the wrong places. To have the background to look just slightly more neutral, brush over it with a wash of Perylene Maroon.
I hope that this demo has been helpful to you and that you’ve enjoyed creating your own unique piece of art. Dana Martin is an Artist and Illustrator whose vivid watercolors explore the intersection of nature and fantasy. Guest Blog Series – We’ve asked travel experts to provide their advice and insights on the best European road trips.
Start with choosing a reputable and reliable rental company and schedule your pick up smartly.
Take a look around the streets and you will notice that most cars have at least a mark or small dent on them so make sure you have good insurance coverage. You will soon notice that no matter where you go or how fast you are driving there is always someone trying desperately to pass you. Getting off the twisting roads onto the Autostrada there are only a couple of golden rules. Paying to ride the perfect ribbons of pavement in Italy does not mean you can go as fast as you want and speed traps are frequent.
If you see signs indicating parking for residents only, don’t park there, no matter how good the spot is, because you are not a resident and you will get a ticket.
Once comfortable you will cruise the back roads with confidence and enjoy the ride, but your copilot may be looking kind of green. When your time on the road is up and hopefully, Italy has influenced your driving style for the better. If your car needs to be topped up with gas when returned make sure to fill up well ahead of arriving since you may be hard pressed to find a gas pump in places like the middle of Rome or coming off the Autostrada into the Milan airport. Together for a quarter of a century, A Cook Not Mad‘s Tim and Nat have indulged their passion for life and experience to the fullest, but they feel most alive when traveling, cooking and eating. This entry was posted in Travel Tips and tagged driving in Europe, Italy, travel tips, travel to italy. So on most days that I have a cold (which is most days in the winter) I deal with colds and sinus congestion with eucalyptus shower steamers. The Travel Connectivity (TC) Booking Engine powers travel sites by providing the technology and the content necessary to sell and book travel online. Website Owners, Businesses, Online Travel Agencies, Universities, Retail Travel Agents, Consortiums, Consolidators, Technology Companies & Travel Suppliers. Medium Size Travel Agencies, Corporate Agencies, Consolidators, Home Offices with multiple locations scattered through different cities or regions.
Customizable Back Office: Automation interfacing in real time with Accounting & Content Management Systems.
The Travel Connectivity XML Application Program Interface Solution is specifically designed to assist programmers develop customized travel applications quickly and easily. Startups, Third Party Developers, Technology Companies in need of travel content to develop their own travel application.
Travel Connectivity works with travel suppliers to aggregate the most price competitive rates and fares.
Travel agents with or without a GDS connection, Online Travel Agencies, Consortiums, Travel Suppliers in need of complimentary travel content. Available either through GDS connection or Web API, flights, hotels, car rentals, cruise and insurance, individual mark up capabilities by percentage, flat amount, supplier, booking class, origin and destination. Any type of Business, Non-Profit, Association or Community with or without an existing website. Administration tools with real-time sales tracking, care free customer care and travel fulfillment handled by Travel Connectivity, monthly payments for sales proceeds. Travel Connectivity has a complete solution that enables you to enter the Travel E-Commerce space fast and without hassle. Any type of business, non-profit, association or community with or without an existing website. When I moved to my current home, there was a perfect in-ground bed ready to become the kitchen garden. It’s not often that you hear of a renovation being needed because things are thriving, but in this case, I needed to rethink what the garden would be in the long term, especially with all of that healthy soil and sunlight. My friends over at Monrovia generously provided me with some beautiful dwarf plant varieties that worked perfectly for the space. Like the yuzu, these two Bazelberries blueberries are also highly decorative, cold-hardy, dwarf, fruit-producing plants. I wanted a dwarf rosemary variety for the garden but decided on one that would respond well to pruning instead. Lavender is planted throughout my flower garden but I felt it needed a place in the kitchen garden as well. I wrote out the DIY instructions on how to create an irrigation tube for a strawberry planter over on Angie’s List where I also write a blog.

With all of these additions to the new culinary kitchen garden, I’ll be off to a great start with cooking. I’m in a zone 9z in Las Vegas, and I grow a lot of herbs too, along with fruit trees and vines. Whether your garden is a small urban space or an expansive acreage, there is a water feature you can use to enhance your garden enjoyment. I have always had small space water gardens somewhere from bird baths to wall fountains to a pond-in-a-pot. Recently, I have been sharing my collection of ideas for choosing a garden water feature over at eBay. Gardening healed me from a debilitating illness and so I know the power of garden therapy first hand. Browse through our projects and you will surely find one that will inspire you to get out and get dirty, try a project, and fall in love with the garden! A steadfast focus on building strong, meaningful relationships with accommodation partners has helped the business grow to the size it is today, and ensure that consumers have the widest set of booking accommodations options available to them. We aim to consolidate this by working closely with key partners in the industry to develop great campaigns, products and innovation.  Because we are singularly focused on booking accommodations, we can do it better than anyone else, and that’s why our customers, accommodation partners and affiliate partners are delighted to work with us.
By offering the best prices with no fees, the ability to pay when you stay, real reviews, real customer support, content translated in 42 languages, together with one of the fastest converting landing pages in the world, we are sure to provide affiliates with a great program.
We were escorted into the bar area, that had elegant high top tables, with surprising comfortable chairs.
It’s made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, blackberries, Cointreau, lemon juice and fresh thyme. I have been to some amazing restaurants and this was probably the top food experience I have ever had. From July 11th – September 4th you can enjoy for $28 with dinner a sampling of seven wines from wineries that have “broken rules” and completely altered the landscape of the wine industry. It makes me believe that every child (or adult) special needs or not has the ability to share something new and different with the world. They have a sturdy nylon, conical tip that is pointed for making fine lines and filling large spaces. Check out the selection of popular kid’s coloring books on Amazon, you’re sure to find something your child will love! She has a huge heart for the special needs community and enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee, writing, taking photos, and obsessing over her cats and dogs. When a student has special needs, those emotions are magnified and the checklists are multiplied. I love the look of watercolor painting but I admit that I find it a bit intimidating to get started with.
I use inks as well as watercolors because the inks are permanent once dry; they won’t bleed if you paint over them.
Be sure to have two brushes on hand for this — a fine pointed brush to apply the color (Teal ink) and a slightly larger brush to apply clean water. Paint over these with a light wash of Red Violet ink, and when it is dry, cover the little round leaves, as well as the two branches of leaves in the upper right corner, with masking fluid.
Masking fluid contains latex and is slightly toxic, so be sure to work in a ventilated area while applying it. This guest blog post is written by Nat & Tim Harris of the popular travel and food blog A Cook Not Mad. The roads twist through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world and a drive in Italy can elevate a road trip to a whole other level. Do you really want to try and drive out of the center of Rome or could you pick up on another leg of your trip? This is an exaggeration of course, but not by much and the proper thing to do is tuck to the right as soon as convenient wave them by and proceed at your own pace. Know what cities and towns are in your direction of travel to make sure you’re heading off the right branch of a roundabout and down an onramp in the correct direction.
Speeding tickets will be forwarded directly to the rental company and immediately removed from your credit card. Many times you will have to park and walk into older villages so be prepared to pay and haul what you need. Don’t forget, what can be a lot of fun for a driver, twisting down a valley road, can wear thin on passengers. Dropping off your car at the end of your trip can be a stressful time, trying to catch a flight or hop a train. Understanding the flow of traffic and a few facts can make the trip that much more enjoyable. An award winning chef, Tim has dedicated his life and career to cooking and the pursuit of honest food.
Whether you need economy, luxury or high-capacity car rentals, incredible hotel accommodations, or international airfare, Auto Europe has got you covered, with everything you need to enjoy the perfect vacation abroad. Ever since my little guy started at daycare he brought home every, single virus in the world and rubs it all over me. They are refreshing and soothing when bubbling in the shower, which helps to get me going each day.
It encompasses the connection to the travel suppliers, the display of fares, travel content, precise pricing capabilities detailed up to the origin and destination level, as well as the system managing of the flow of the reservation itself. Travel Connectivity allows companies of all types to market, distribute and sell online travel of in a differentiated way. It is a cost effective way to access travel content, without paying outrageous license and support fees. Bloggers, Destination Sites, Sites with Local Content, Net Entrepreneurs, Universities and Corporations. Our products are scalable and customizable, whether you have a technology or a sourcing issue, don't hesitate to come to us with your problem, we like a good challenge!
I use fresh herbs in cooking year round and love to keep them close to the kitchen for easy harvest.
The 4-foot by 10-foot space is mostly in full sun and located conveniently just at the base of the stairs leading down from the deck.
All of the herbs grew like weeds and before I knew it I had monstrous sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and mint plants all competing to be the tallest and most vigorous in the neighborhood. My idea was to add in my favorite everyday herbs with a few special and decorative feature plants for interest. I reused some of my containers from the previous garden and divided the herbs to give them more growing room. One large silvery sage in the northeast corner of the bed, and a tall sage that has been trained into a 4-foot tall tree.
This Thumbelina Leigh English Lavender is a dwarf variety stays neatly at 12-inches high and wide.
On the one hand, I love how decorative they are and this one filled with Albion, Seascape, and San Andreas strawberries looks gorgeous. And this article lists a number of guides that will hopefully get your waterfall flowing in no time! I’m currently finishing up a much grander scale project that I will be revealing in the coming weeks. When I first started reading about water gardening, I noticed that many of the articles were written for those who already had ponds or fountains installed. While we do our best to provide useful information, any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk and not a substitute for medical, legal, or any other professional advice of any kind. The total transaction value of mobile accommodation bookings more than doubled from over $3 billion in 2012 to over $8 billion in 2013.
Heather (The Food Hussy) organized a fantastic group of bloggers and when Nathan came home and told me all about the event, I couldn’t wait to go.
Immediately we were presented with a drink option list, and the bar staff, knew their craft very well. The table was set with a sampling of three appetizers, prosciutto wrapped mozzarella, pan fried calamari, and lobsters and crab cakes.

You can find lots of free printable Do-A-Dot Marker sheets online that are sure to bring our your child’s creativity! Fellow special needs mom Sue Nuenke has created free coloring pages that feature kiddos with disabilities and you can download them for free on her site.
It’s probably been 20 years since I dabbled in the light touch of water and paint, finding myself more at home with forgiving acrylics.
Use cheap old brushes to do this and wash the brushes immediately afterward because the fluid will ruin them if it dries on the bristles.
If you are doing this project with children or you simply prefer not to use masking fluid, feel free to skip this step. Because Red Violet is the main color in the background, use light touches of it on the succulents to unite the palette.
Her Etsy shop, I’ll Call You from Paris, is home to lush botanical prints, whimsical flower girl paintings, and a hoard of other small treasures. When we travel, we like to live like locals and why should that not extend to driving like a local or at least accepting the inevitable when you hit the roads of Italy.
We have used Auto Europe in the past and they have been very reliable and offered great service. You may also find it handy to acquire an international drivers licence which is translated into several languages and is valid for one year. Trying to make a point or enforce a speed limit is the wrong thing to do and by no means is their eagerness to pass you an indicator for you to drive faster.
Leave your signal on when you pass to let any cars behind you know you will resume in the right lane as soon as you finish passing. The A1 does not have frequent off ramps in most places so missing your exit can add a lot of time and hassle for a turnaround. Parking tickets follow the same direction, usually with nothing left on the car to indicate you will be receiving a ticket until you are informed by the rental company.
Although you cannot avoid the curves in the road what you can avoid is being heavy on the brakes. Take the opportunity, before you get to the drop off, to go through the car and make sure you have all your belongings, like cables, coins or umbrellas and they are packed well for an easy and clean drop off. So rent that convertible for the Amalfi coast or Tuscan road trip, put the top down and enjoy the ride. As a professional photographer, Nat records their adventures with incredible pictures of everyday life and the extraordinary. Give us a call, toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 to speak to one of our helpful reservations agents, and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.
They are now my daily aromatherapy rand I’m grateful for the no fuss, no mess relief. The Affiliate Program relies on an easy-to-implement content and technology, special development or training is not needed. Join me as we tour the transformation of my perennial herb container garden to a culinary kitchen garden that looks as beautiful as it is tasty.
I lugged over the herb pots from the old house and transplanted them into the soil surrounding a young fig tree that came with the garden. However, they didn’t have a chance at the title with the fig tree growing in the center of the space. Given the size of the space, I hunted for dwarf or container varieties, as well as those that responded well to pruning.
Then, I added some annual herbs such as basil and parsley around the perennials for practical and decorative purposes. Since it responds well to pruning, I plan to keep up with these two plants and harvest a heck of a lot of rosemary throughout the year! A nodding onion (Allium cernuum) is planted between the two rosemary plants showing off delicate white blooms that hang upside down. I have been using it to grow strawberries for many years (as can be seen by the patina on the pot) but I have always been disappointed at how the berries in the lower pockets grow. When I haven’t been working on it, I have been pouring over books, the internet, and visiting garden centers to get every shred of inspiration I can on water features.
I wanted to find some information on what sort of water features were out there and how I could choose what is right for me.
It’s not often we get to go out and have a nice evening out with friends, or just each other, but when we do I enjoy it immensely. They are very proud of their Stoli Doli, its a martini that is infused with fresh pineapple that they do in house.
There are several categories of photos, everything from season-specific to sports, the site houses over 240 fun pages so make sure you save the link for later!
Then I discovered the work of artist, Dana Martin, who takes inspiration from nature and brings it to life with a dab of paint and ink. Print the page and you are ready to get started! You can choose from a light blue or light sienna design.
Leave a small area in the bottom right corner unpainted, to keep the background from looking too flat. Braking suddenly and frequently is frowned upon instead of slightly adjusting your course in order to say, go around the nose of a car sticking out of a driveway on a busy road. Many Italians have been driving these winding mountain roads their whole lives, I remember a regional bus in Umbria leaving us in the dust once driving out of Orvieto. Check your mirrors diligently before you pull out to pass because often you can discover a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed, making pulling out very dangerous.
Know the number of your exit and be prepared to slow down if there is a toll booth and be ready to pay without holding up the people behind you. That constant stopping motion contributes to car sickness the most and can also be annoying for drivers following you. They believe that everyone should get to know a culture by learning about the foods they eat and living like locals as much as they can. These rates will allow you to effectively compete against well-known Online Travel Websites like Expedia and Travelocity. The soil was terrible but I built it up with layers of homegrown compost over the next few years.
While most citrus requires heat, sun, and at least Zone 8, a yuzu is an interesting addition to my temperate culinary kitchen garden. The Italian oregano has a lovely lime green color and it is easily transplanted to the ornamental garden as a groundcover. The lavender can be cut back after blooming to keep its pretty shape and it will rebloom up to three times each year.
Roads are narrow and if traffic stopped every time a car encroached another’s space the country would be at a stand still.
Flashing headlights mean they are in a big hurry and worth staying right until they are safely passed. The colors will probably not be as dark as those shown here, but you can still paint a beautiful watercolor. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to enter and exit roundabouts or hairpin turns smoothly and safely keeping things moving and drivers & passengers happy.
I have yet to taste it but the fragrant leaves give me some indication I will use a lot of yuzu in cooking. By the time our table was set with our appetizers and we were ready to be seated at our table, I must say that cocktail was no more. The sides that came to the table were lobster mac,  parmesan truffle fries, and soy glazed brussels sprouts. The parmesan truffle fries, will literally melt in your mouth, so unctuous and tasty, you cannot go wrong. Brussels sprouts can be quite divisive among people, but let me tell you if you think you don’t like them, you will love these.

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