In this quick tutorial we will find out how to synchronize your Android Apps with your desktop computer.
If you have already install bluestack then you only need to install the .apk app on your android device.
So now you have the channel pin you need to enter it into your android for synchronization, for that install bluestack cloud connect app to your android device. WhatsApp is the world’s Best and Most Popular Messaging Application built for using on Android, IOS, Symbian, Windows phone. If all of your friends are on whatsapp and you don’t have a smartphone then What to do ?? After successfully installing bluestacks on pc, open bluestacks application and search for whatsapp by typing on search bar. After installing whatsapp on your computer, you can’t just open it and use it, there are certain steps we need to configure whatsapp for first time use. Then after u need to enter the code that you received on the whatsapp window that asks to confirm code. Now you will see some options, in that, just click on the second button it will show you the Contact list. The other way to easily add all of your contacts to whatsapp for pc is by synchronizing your android smartphone with bluestacks. Open bluestacks cloud connect app on your android device and enter the pin that is generated on bluestacks and click on login. Great informative blogpost, hope to read more awesome stuff like this on your blog in the future.
This Android simulator has an easy to understand interface and expands all apps in the app player in an easy way.
It provides you an option to “Get More App” from where you can download many apps and run Android apps on Windows.
Step 4: Click on “All App”   icon in the app player and you are ready to run Android apps on PC. Step 5: For more apps you can click on “Get More Apps” option in the main app player window.
Step 6: Get Sign up with BlueStacks app player account and from there you can download many app from your PC browser. Step 7: If you want to run your existing phone’s apps then download Cloud Connect app from Android Market on your smart phone.
Step 8: Click on the “Cloud Connect” option running, from the browser which you will find after getting logged in with BlueStacks account. Step 9: Enter the “Phone Pin” into your Cloud Connect app installed on your smart phone and get connected.
Step 11: The apps will be automatically installed in to your system and then you will be able to run those Android apps on Windows.
Now just enjoy this great BlueStacks app player and run Android apps on windows in a very easy way. If you've ever dreamed of syncing your Android apps and games up with your PC and using them on a larger screen you'll be excited to hear that your dreams are becoming a very well-designed reality. For those of you that don't know exactly what BlueStacks App Player is, it's exactly what the title implies - an app player that allows you to run Android applications on Windows (a Mac version is also in the works). We were quite impressed with the alpha release back in October, and now we're excited to take the beta release for a spin.
Before we go in-depth with BlueStacks I'd like to mention a few issues that we encountered during the installation of this beta release. Your downloaded and synced apps will appear on your Home screen in the top panel, which is also where you can launch them from.
App Markets - Here you can launch one of the three Android app markets available on BlueStacks. Cloud Connect - I'm not sure why this one is on the dock, because all it really does is open the Cloud Connect settings that can be found in the regular settings menu. The one unfortunate thing about the dock is the fact that it always hovers over other windows. While this feature was available in previous releases, it has since been enhanced and works pretty flawlessly.
Aside from a few very minor complaints (and I can't put enough emphasis on minor), the BlueStacks App Player is insanely impressive. Oh yeah, you can go grab a copy of the beta for yourself completely free of charge over at the BlueStacks website. Although I don't really see much use for it for guys that have a tablet or better yet, Transformer Prime, which is really a laptop. I currently run Windows 7 at home on all of our PCs, because it meets my current needs and wants.

I'm as big an Android fan as there is, but there's a difference between being a fan and a fanboy. A fan recognizes the value in the competition and makes judgments pragmatically, not ideologically.
I should also note that I've used Ubuntu since the Dapper Drake release, but I've found myself dependent on Office 2010 for work, which Wine just doesn't do well.
Is there any way I can copy files or folders from my C: drive to the virtual sdcard that BlueStacks creates?
Tried to install on WinXP, and after being warned to update my graphics driver and Windows installer version, now it won't let me install because I supposedly have RocketDock installed, which I don't! I prefer VirtualBox and Buildroid, can use Google Play and lots of applications on my PC and Mac. Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks.
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For this you will need an app called bluestacks install into your computer and another .apk app called bluestacks cloud connect install into your android devices. Once install click on the setting button on the home page of bluestack and select cloud connect. This is it now you can select the app from the list that you would like to synchronize with your computer. Whatsapp works with the use of internet, so there is no need of paying any extra money for using whatsapp but it gives you 12 months of free service and it only costs a Dollar to renew and use it for next 12 months. You will get the phone pin from the page, when you will get logged in with BlueStacks account. Make your PC Android app player and play your favorite Android apps without having your smartphone with you. Actually, if you've been following along with the development of BlueStacks then you know that this dream-to-reality transition has been in the works for several months now. It also has an extension of sorts available on the Play Store called BlueStacks Cloud Connect, which is an app that lets you pick and choose which apps you would like to sync from your Android device to your PC.
Yes, that's right - the BlueStacks App Player beta went live today, and you can go grab a free copy of it for yourself right here.
First off, it seems that because BlueStacks uses virtualization, it won't run properly and may not even install if you have another program installed that also uses virtualization.
While I do find a few aspects of Android virtualization like this a bit useless and farfetched (more on that later), BlueStacks App Player really has some awesome things going on here. This is made possible by the presence of the Amazon Appstore, GetJar, and the 1Mobile Market.
After a bit of messing around, I finally started launching applications, and I must say that viewing many of these apps on such a large screen feels a bit liberating.
For example, BlueStacks advertises this app player (among many other things) as a way to check up on news or browse your social feeds, but why wouldn't you use the full featured resources available to you if you're on a computer? When you close the actual BlueStacks application, the dock will remain and allow you to launch apps when ever you please.
You can hide the dock by clicking the X button, but that just basically minimizes it into a small icon that also hovers over all other windows. After you download BlueStacks on your Windows machine, you'll be prompted to register with an email address and your phone number. If you can get past installation issues that should only affect a small number of users, then you too will be able to see what enormous potential this has.
Unfortunately, it's only available for Windows user for the time being, but a Mac version should be on the way. If you hit ctrl-shift-esc and and choose the processes tab look for rocketdock.exe and end the task. I don't know what to do, I really would like to download this software but the installer won't even open.
In addition, it has a Push SMS feature that can deliver text messages right to your desktop.
If you had the chance to use the alpha, you'll first notice that the beta has a completely revamped UI. I mean, it basically provides you with a virtual version of your Android device to use from your Windows machine. The Google Play Store isn't available, though, because BlueStacks hasn't received licensing permission from them. Then you'll be provided with a unique pin-number that can be used to make the connection between your Android phone and PC. If you're an Android fan and have never wished or hoped for a complete Android virtualization solution please raise your hand.

When you want it back right click the Bluestacks system tray icon and choose restore dock settings. At 1st it will give you the normal items but when you hit lv50 instead of give the user SR and Up tokens, you will get it.
The reason being inefficiency of the app working in all platform and lack of support from developer.
In addition to that, if you have older graphics hardware you may only be able to download a limited version that won't allow you to run graphics intense apps and games. You can use the search feature on the Home screen to find apps and games, then BlueStacks will search for the download among all three app databases.
With incredible advancements in handset hardware, Android gaming has recently reached new heights and BlueStacks has taken it up even further from there. If I wanted to browse Facebook or Twitter, I would go to their websites or use their dedicated desktop applications. After the two have been linked, syncing is a synch - all you have to do is select the apps you want to see on BlueStacks and hit the Sync button. This, while rather unfortunate, isn't a huge deal because you'll still be able to use the vast majority of apps and games currently available. Alternatively, you can select and launch an individual market from the dock near the top of your screen and browse through apps and games. Some apps and games, however, don't scale correctly, but you can tweak them to look the best possible in the settings. Quite a few Android applications are limited and designed specifically for mobile use, so they're great on a phone or tablet, but you have much better options when you have your computer in front of you. In addition, a new SMS pushing feature has been added, which will push popup notifications of your texts directly to your desktop. Other new features include a huge increase in app compatibility (graphics intense apps and games like Angry Birds Space and Air Attack HD now work), a push SMS feature that shows you your texts via popup on the desktop, and accelerometer support. If you want to sync the apps you already have on your Android device with your PC, you can do so with the Cloud Connect app available on the Play Store. With that in mind, there are definitely tons of Android apps that you won't find websites or Windows applications for, and BlueStacks allows access to them. As of now, it can only show you your texts, but reply capabilities are under development as you read this.
The app was mainly created as a means for android testing for developers but now it is being widely used as an alternative gaming platform. I have not seen where the accelerometer would be used, but we've been assured users won't have to hold their laptops up in the air to take advantage.
In addition, some developers have the same apps available on Windows that are also on Android for much cheaper, so this causes a bit of a conundrum in that aspect. With this option you can connect your Android phone through PC and can synchronize your existing phone apps on PC. Both installation processes are quite straightforward and it will be completed quickly.This is how the home page looks like. You can also directly install apps if you already have the APK files downloaded.Download Apps OnlineIn order to download apps from Google PlayStore you will have to provide a Google account.
There is a wide variety of apps given on the home screen or you can  search for specific apps in the search option. When the download is finished the app can be found in the all apps options in the top right hand corner.
Once BlueStacks has been installed, you can install the apps simply by double-clicking the APK files. For this you have to download BlueStacks Cloud Connect to your phone. You will have to click on the time in the menu bar below. Click on the pop-up menu that appears then select settings.Click on the cloud connect option then you will be asked to provide your email ID and phone number.
Once that is done a PIN will be provided to you which should be provided at the time the Cloud Connect app is opened on your mobile. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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