Thanks to Bitnami, you now have the unique opportunity to deploy ownCloud on your computer and use it as your personal cloud server. The header above sounds quite funny, but ownCloud provides a cloud solution that run on the cloud, hence its name.
E' disponibile la nuova versione 3.1 di Seafile, noto servizio di cloud storage in grado di coniugare le qualita di Dropbox con quelle di Owncloud. In questa semplice guida vedremo come criptare facilmente i nostri file salvati in Dropbox utilizzando EncFS. Bitnami ha rilasciato un nuovo installer che ci consente di installare facilmente ownCloud in Linux, Microsoft Windows e Apple Mac. Dropbox ha risposto indirettamente alle critiche di Edward Snowden consigliando agli utenti di cripare i propri file prima di caricarli online.
Edward Snowden si e scagliato contro Dropbox, il famoso servizio di cloud storage non rispetta la privacy degli utenti.
Si aggiorna il client di Dropbox, la nuova versione incluse Streaming Sync funzionalita che ci consente di velocizzare la sincronizzazione dei file.
In questa guida vedremo come installare facilmente il client ownCloudin Ubuntu Linux e derivate ufficiali e non.
E' disponibile la nuova versione 2.0 di Kuaipan, servizio di storage cloud di Kingsoft Office Corporation incluso nei repository di Ubuntu Kylin.
Canonical ha rilasciato Ubuntu One Downloader, semplice applicazione per scaricare i file ancora presenti nell'ormai obsoleto servizio di cloud storage.
E' disponibile Canon Irista, servizio di cloud fotografico che ci consente di avere 10 GB di spazio web gratuito nel quale salvare le nostre foto preferite.
Droxi e un nuovo tool in Ruby che ci consente di accedere facilmente al nostro spazio web di Dropbox direttamente da terminale Linux.
Non ci resta che inserire eventuali dati di login ecc e aspettare il termine dell’installazione. Questa dock e molto bella, ma come si integra, ad esempio con Unity e la sua gia preesistente? Io la uso da diversi anni ormai, devo dire che e l’unica cosa me mi fa sopravvivere a unity.
Grazie, le tue guide sono sempre perfette, sei il vero motore dell’opensource in Italia.

Ma se volessi accedere da mobile con l’applicazione qualse sarebbe il mio indirizzo server?? This is the second part of my postings about ownCloud, an Open source solution for managing your data in the cloud.
There are basically two ways to achieve this: You can either use one of the ownCloud sync clients that are available for different platforms and allow you to synchronize a local directory with your ownCloud files (just like the Dropbox client for your Dropbox storage).
It is easy though to install a custom certificate for ownCloud and get rid of all the browser security warnings.
You need to have authoritative access to a public DNS domain and register your ownCloud server's name in it. Check the "Connect using different credentials" option and enter your ownCloud username and password when prompted. To overcome these restrictions you can use a third party WebDAV client instead of the Windows built-in one.
In this tutorial we’ll go through setting up a Jekyll theme from NodeJS or Python as is mentioned on the Jekyll installation documentation page. Let’s look the step-by-step process of updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update works, what to expect after install, and how to troubleshoot backing up files and folders to the Windows.old directory for use after the upgrade. You can also set up a test environment with our Cloner plugin if you prefer to stay within your Multisite install. Tagged with: how to set directory in r, how to set directory in python, how to set directory in terminal, how to set directory in cmd, how to set directory in mathematica, how to set directory in rstudio, how to set directory permissions in linux, how to set directory in ipython, how to set directory in r mac, how to set directory in powershell, how to set directory in mac terminal, how to set directory in matlab, how to set directory path in java, how to set directory in java, how to set directory in turbo c, how to set directory in ubuntu terminal, how to set directory in stata, how to set directory in batch file, how to set directory path in linux, how to set directory path in php. It is an amazing product that includes top-notch features like versioning and encryption support.
To install it, download the package that corresponds to your computer’s hardware architecture (32-bit and 64-bit), run it and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. However, you can run it on your own hosting provider or on Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud hosting services using Bitnami’s cloud images. A differenza sei vari servizi di cloud storage, ownCloud garantisce una maggiore sicurezza dato che l’intero sistema e installato nel nostro pc e server e saremo solo noi ad amministrarlo, da notare inoltre la possibilita di espanderne le funzionalita tramite add-on dedicati.
The first part covered the installation and initial configuration of the BitNami ownCloud stack virtual appliance.
But if you want to actually work (edit, copy etc.) with your files on a Windows system then you will prefer to have them available on a Windows drive that you can access directly with any application.

This way you can make your files available on a fast local drive and independently from a network connection.
No problem if you use it on an internal or firewalled network, but I would not recommend to send your login data and private files over an unencrypted Internet connection. Download the StartCom Class 1 Primary Intermediate Server CA certificate and store it as the above mentioned file. In Windows 7 you just need to make sure that the "WebClient" service is enabled and running.
You may also need to choose a character encoding other than "System default" here if you use non-english characters in file names. It can be deployed using BitNami’s native installers, on the cloud, as a virtual machine, on top of a LAMP stack or as a Docker container. I will continue with explaining how to secure access to your data with SSL certificates and using WebDAV in Windows to access your ownCloud files. On the other hand having multiple copies of your files on different devices somewhat defeats the idea of centralized storage, and if you store Gigabytes and Terabytes of data in ownCloud it is just not practical to sync all of it to any device. If you use their services for the first time then I suggest to choose their Express Lane to get a free certificate for your domain really quick. When generating the certificate in StartSSL's web interface be sure to save the password protected private key in a text file. When selecting it you will be prompted for credentials again (although you already saved them). With the StartSSL certificate wizard you can even auto-generate a private key and the certificate request (CSR) without the need to run cryptic openssl commands in a shell. You can use the "Decrypt private key" function from the StartSSL's toolbox to generate that.

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