Thanks to Bitnami, you now have the unique opportunity to deploy ownCloud on your computer and use it as your personal cloud server. The header above sounds quite funny, but ownCloud provides a cloud solution that run on the cloud, hence its name. A subscription to the BitNami Application Library enables public cloud providers and internal IT departments to provide the simplicity of BitNami application deployment on their own cloud. A set of over 20 ready-to-run application and development environment images such as Drupal, Alfresco, Wordpress, SugarCRM, Liferay, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, LAMP, JBoss and more. Regularly updated images as new applications and component versions are released on the BitNami site. For private clouds, a subscription to the BitNami Application Library enables IT departments to provide a ready-to-run set of application images for their private cloud (or virtualized) platform.

For public clouds, a subscription to the BitNami Application Library enables cloud providers to offer one-click deployment of the most popular open source applications and development environments.
Now when you go to the default landing page for your EC2 instance you should see your login screen. It is an amazing product that includes top-notch features like versioning and encryption support. To install it, download the package that corresponds to your computer’s hardware architecture (32-bit and 64-bit), run it and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
However, you can run it on your own hosting provider or on Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud hosting services using Bitnami’s cloud images. This ensures consistency in application and component versions throughout their environments while making it easy to get business apps up and running quickly.

This provides an easy onramp for new customers and helps drive additional cloud usage by existing customers by significantly simplifying the process of deploying apps in the cloud. It can be deployed using BitNami’s native installers, on the cloud, as a virtual machine, on top of a LAMP stack or as a Docker container.

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