Die schlichte Oberflache von Owncloud zeigt das aktuelle Verzeichnis mit Daten und Unterordnern.
Fur alle Internet-Nutzer, die den offentlichen Cloud-Anbietern nicht vertrauen, bietet Owncloud eine interessante Alternative.
Fur die meisten Nutzer ist die eigene Owncloud nur interessant, wenn sie als echte Cloud den Zugriff ubers Internet erlaubt.
Alternativ zur Weboberflache bietet Owncloud auch noch Apps an, die auf Ihre personliche Cloud zugreifen.
Dropbox hat das Bild der Cloud-Speicher gepragt – doch viele Nutzer wollen sich nicht mehr auf diese Art der Speicherung „irgendwo im Netz auf einem amerikanischen Server“ verlassen: Sie mochten ihren eigenen Cloud-Speicher betreiben.
Einfach den namen des Onlineshops, Lieblingsprodukt oder Kategrorie eingeben und wir zeigen Ihnen aktuelle Gutscheine und Deals. Wir bieten in Zusammenarbeit mit Cuponation eine limitierte Anzahl Rabatt-Coupons fur gebrauchte Elektronik und Medien bei Rebuy an.
E' disponibile la nuova versione 3.1 di Seafile, noto servizio di cloud storage in grado di coniugare le qualita di Dropbox con quelle di Owncloud.
In questa semplice guida vedremo come criptare facilmente i nostri file salvati in Dropbox utilizzando EncFS.
Bitnami ha rilasciato un nuovo installer che ci consente di installare facilmente ownCloud in Linux, Microsoft Windows e Apple Mac. Dropbox ha risposto indirettamente alle critiche di Edward Snowden consigliando agli utenti di cripare i propri file prima di caricarli online. Edward Snowden si e scagliato contro Dropbox, il famoso servizio di cloud storage non rispetta la privacy degli utenti. Si aggiorna il client di Dropbox, la nuova versione incluse Streaming Sync funzionalita che ci consente di velocizzare la sincronizzazione dei file. In questa guida vedremo come installare facilmente il client ownCloudin Ubuntu Linux e derivate ufficiali e non. E' disponibile la nuova versione 2.0 di Kuaipan, servizio di storage cloud di Kingsoft Office Corporation incluso nei repository di Ubuntu Kylin. Canonical ha rilasciato Ubuntu One Downloader, semplice applicazione per scaricare i file ancora presenti nell'ormai obsoleto servizio di cloud storage. E' disponibile Canon Irista, servizio di cloud fotografico che ci consente di avere 10 GB di spazio web gratuito nel quale salvare le nostre foto preferite. Droxi e un nuovo tool in Ruby che ci consente di accedere facilmente al nostro spazio web di Dropbox direttamente da terminale Linux.

With this occasion, users are being informed that Python 3 just became the default interpreter for Fedora Linux. To update the Python stack to version 3.5, the Fedora developers will need to follow certain steps that have been outlined in Mr.
Mark Shuttleworth said a few years back during a Q&A session that it was good to be boring. Unity 7 will still ship as default for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but users will also have access to a much more stable and user-friendly Unity 8 session, that should make the new LTS a very exciting version. Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 10 last night and it looks like it incorporates a lot of new and interesting features, but it also comes with something that was first added by Canonical in Ubuntu 12.10, online search.
We noticed a just a couple of months ago that Apple had also decided to bring online searches to its Mac OS X system by integrating them with Spotlight.
The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, seems to bring a ton of new stuff, but Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has also said a very interesting thing in the presentation video. Canonical had some problems with the online search, right after it was released, and I'm guessing the same kind of issues will appear in the other two systems.
Also, it turned out that people were really interested to know what happened with their searches. The Windows community is theoretically much bigger, and in the light of recent online privacy concerns, some people might have a problem knowing that what they search online for might be stored in a server somewhere.
Wichtige Grundfunktionen wie Verschlusselung fehlen prominenten Cloud-Diensten wie Dropbox oder Google Drive. An einem PC in Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk offnen Sie den Webbrowser und geben diese IP in der Adresszeile ein. In unserem tagesaktuellen Sonderangebote-Ticker stellen wir die besten Technik-Schnappchen vor.
Kurik, it would appear that the upcoming Fedora 24 operating system will switch to the Python 3.5 dynamic programming language by default, for all the Fedora editions, including Fedora Workstation, Fedora KDE, Fedora Xfce, and Fedora LXDE. When a new Ubuntu development cycle is started, all the new packages are pulled from the Debian unstable repository, and they are worked into the new edition.
The same kind of remark was made then, and he said that he would take boring over broken any day of the week.
This, of course, is nothing new because this particular sort of feature has been around for a couple of years in Ubuntu and it hasn't been met with the greatest enthusiasm. In fact, it's quite commendable for Microsoft to implement something that was done by someone else already, and we hope they will also learn all other painful lessons that come with it.

The search field in the launcher will also access online sources, in a similar way with Windows 8.1. For example, with the first iterations of this feature in Ubuntu, there was no way to turn it off. The search query was going through a Canonical server, but the answer to that query returned straight to the IP. Im Falle der Owncloud werden Weiterleitungen des Ports 80 und Port 443 benotigt an den Owncloud-Rechner benotigt.
Sie haben damit auch von unterwegs mit dem Smartphone Zugriff auf Ihre Daten und konnen auch Dateien in die private Cloud hochladen. Being the face of Ubuntu, it's easy to see why people would consider a version boring since nothing seems to be different from one edition to another. He doesn’t linger too much on this feature and it seems to have been mentioned only in passing. One of the online sources was Amazon, so the service knew what products the user was interested in.
Gegebenenfalls passen Sie in den Einstellungen der virtuellen Maschine (VM) den verwendeten Arbeitsspeicher und die Netzwerkoptionen an. This part of the OS is constantly updated, but not in any way that would make a visual difference.
Canonical is trying its best to provide Unity 8 in a working state by then and from the looks of it that will happen. Es handelt sich um eine serverbasierte Software-Losung, bei der Sie Ihre Daten im eigenen Hausnetz behalten, aber via Internet von uberall erreichen. In der linken Halfte des Fensters sehen Sie die Seitennavigation, mit der Sie auf Ihre Ordner zugreifen, Favoriten anlegen und Links teilen. In der unteren Ecke des Fensters sehen Sie auch einen Hinweis auf die Einstellungen Ihrer personlichen Owncloud-Installation. Diese beinhaltet auch einen WebDav-Link fur den Zugriff auf Ihren personlichen Owncloud-Speicher.

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