Emerging storage cloud systems provide storage services to millions of geographically-distributed clients.
We developed a capability-based model that addresses these requirements without compromising the system's security, scalability, or availability. Supporting a fully distributed architecture, with no single component that contains all the information about all the objects in the storage cloud. Mechanisms for auditing and access confinement that serve as a basis for accountability, compliance, and billing. Our model has been prototyped and illustrated with two use cases: a healthcare scenario, in which a patient gives an external doctor access to her medical records, and a social networking application.

Cloud storage is becoming a big part of our everyday lives, whether we use it for business or for storage of personal files.
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box are some of the biggest cloud storage free-services.
As you can see, there is plenty of free space available for storing your files on the cloud, but this doesn't mean you should rely on cloud storage as your only means of backup.
A secure access control mechanism is a crucial prerequisite for enabling clients to entrust their data to such a cloud services. Figure 1 illustates a scenario of the social networking application, in which Alice uploads photos and delegates access based on policies.

The sheer scale of the cloud and the new usage scenarios that accompany it form new challenges in the design of such access control systems. Analyzing how existing systems satisfy these requirements, we observed that today's cloud solutions fall short in satisfying all of the above requirements simultaneously. Examples of user-to-user and user-to-application delegation: (1) Alice creates a personal repository in a storage cloud.

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