Store and share your data with the best: Our editors pick the top storage and networking devices, new in 2011, that you can buy now. Tech-savvy users who want the most features or flexibility when backing up will likely opt for a network-attached storage (NAS) drive or maybe even a Windows Home Server system. The storage bundle comes with two things: an IDrive wi-fi wireless 1 TB hard drive and a one-year subscription to IDrive pro personal 10TB cloud backup. The IDrive Hard drive enables you to back up data locally and then access it instantly without having to worry about internet lag. And the IDrive pro personal 10 TB cloud back-up let's you consolidate all your data in one secure place and access it from anywhere. Portable hard drives, on the other hand, draw their power from the same cable you use to hook them up to your computer. Our Verdict: You don’t get a bulk discount on its four terabytes, but the Backup Plus Fast is your best choice if you need the most speed and capacity possible from one portable hard drive. Our Verdict: The Fuel may cost twice what a standard 1TB external hard drive does, but its excellent-quality streaming to mobile devices, intuitive setup, and Dropbox integration make it worth the hi-test price. Our Verdict: A handsomely designed drive with good software, the Slim is a fine performer at a mass-market price. Our Verdict: With able, simple software, a rugged metal shell, and good-enough speed, this drive is a worthy backup choice for frequent travelers. Our Verdict: The Portable SSD T1, an external solid-state drive, is stylishly designed and extremely light.
Our Verdict: The first 4TB portable drive we've seen built on a single drive mechanism, the Backup Plus delivers surprising speed and the generous bonus of 200GB of cloud storage for a year. Our Verdict: If you want a speedy, compact external drive with an ample warranty and excellent backup software, My Passport Ultra is a good option. Our Verdict: Rugged, rubbery, and bright, ADATA's HD720 is a decent value-price drive for shoppers who carry critical data everywhere they go.
Our Verdict: This versatile, speedy drive is pricey, but it's a good pick for buyers on Macs or Thunderbolt-capable PCs who need protection from the elements in the field.
Our Verdict: The Rugged RAID offers 4TB of travel-friendly storage for media professionals who need speedy storage on the go.
Our Verdict: On-the-go photographers will be especially attracted to the My Passport Wireless, a Wi-Fi-enabled hard drive with a built-in SD-card slot. Our Verdict: Buffalo’s ruggedized, NFC-equipped drive is enticing for those looking for secure, encrypted portable storage. Sure, cloud storage is one alternative to carrying a mechanism with you, but you need to have Internet access to use it (not always possible when you're traveling), and storing files in the cloud isn't always practical when you're dealing with large files or large collections of files. Before you shop for a portable hard drive, however, you should know that very few of them provide data redundancy, meaning they don't duplicate the data they store. Now that we've established how useful a portable hard drive can be, let us show you how to choose theA rightA portable hard drive for your needs. SSDs perform at a much higher level than mechanical drives, but they're also considerably more expensive. PlatformA If you're buying a portable hard drive for a PC, buy one that's pre-formatted NTFS. Media A platter-based portable hard drive will typically deliver more capacity at a lower cost-per-gigabyte than one based on a solid-state drive, but it will also be slower and more susceptible to damage if it's dropped. Thunderbolt is the fastest hard-drive interface, and it's very popular on the Mac platform. Firewire (aka IEEE 1394) is fast, too, but it's another interface that was more popular with the Mac community than with PC usersa€”and it's on the way out because Thunderbolt is faster. Some drives have more than one interface, which is convenient if you use the drive on more than one platform. EnclosureA Most platter-based portable hard drives use 2.5-inch mechanisms, so they're generally just slightly larger than the drive itself (typically around 3 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and less than an inch thick).
Data securityA If you're security-conscious, consider a hard drive that must be unlocked before you can use it, or one that automatically encrypts the data stored on it (and decrypts it when accessed by an authorized user). Seagate's Backup Plus FastA is loaded with great features, including an attractive price-per-gigabtye of $0.07 (you get 4TB of capacity for $270).
Western Digital's Passport Slim drive boasts a low profile and an attractive price per gigabyte. This drive won't take a lot of space in your laptop bag, but it delivers a full terabyte of storage for taking your data on the road (a 2TB model is also available). If speed is your primary need, Apricorn's Aegis Portable 3.0A is our favorite portable SSD. Elgato's Thunderbolt Drive+ is pricey, but we dig its enclosure and its support for both USB 3.0 as well as the super-fast Thunderbolt.
If you absolutely need the compelling speed that an SSD paired with a Thunderbolt interface can deliver (and have a Thunderbolt interface on your PC to support it)A Elgato's Thunderbolt Drive+ is the fastesta€”and most expensivea€”portable Thunderbolt drive we've tested.
Take a look at the above chart, however, and you'll see that the far cheaper Aegis Portable 3.0 outperformed it when reading a single 10GB file. Anyone who carries sensitive information with them should consider storing it on a drive that encrypts the data to keep it from prying eyes.
The Wireless Plus features Seagate's USM (Universal Storage Module) A technology, so it can be mated to a variety of interfaces. For wireless streaming of media and storage, Seagate's Wireless Plus is a polished, fast, and reliable external drive. More secure portable storage than a thumb drive can provide, and the on-device keypad provides easy access.
The SSD versions of the Aegis Portable 3.0 offer far better write performance than the hard-drive models, and are lighter and more rugged.
Well-known data storage company Seagate has announced three interesting new products at CES in Las Vegas. The device offers a nine hour battery life and the ability to store photos and videos, which can be streamed directly through the Seagate Media app. The portable hard drive will be available this month for $129.99 from Seagate and through other retailers like Amazon. The second product announced by the company today is the Seagate Personal Cloud, which is designed to offer traditional server-side cloud storage.
The company’s third product is the Seagate Seven, which is the world’s thinnest 500GB portable hard drive.

No, we don’t as often as we should.So what’s a sure-fire way to make sure backing up actually happens?
These backup solutions, though seldom simple to set up and maintain, give you options like remote access to your files and the ability to run BitTorrent clients. It is well documented that most tech firms such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have put a great focus on their cloud technologies and services, like users nowadays have a lot of data to store and process. We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners, including Amazon. The software that comes with the drive tends to get ignored in the shuffle, but it can be a surprising value—or thoroughly forgettable. We like its zooming-fast data transfers and secure storage options (though we’d also like to see more aggressive pricing).
It's a fine backup solution for photos, though the battery life and multi-user video streaming left us wanting. Seagate announced today what it calls "the next evolution" in its wireless storage category. You can use one to back up your PC, carry important files with you on the road, store music and movies without clogging the hard drive on your PC, and more. Performance and the features listed below the chart are the factors we take into consideration. Macs use the HTFS+ file system, so manufacturers sometimes offer a different SKU for each platform (or they might provide a pre-loaded NTFS driver for Mac users).
Oddly enough, despite being an Intel technology, Thunderbolt ports are rare on the PC fronta€”especially on laptops.
All three interface types provide enough electrical power for most any portable hard drive, so you don't need to carry a power brick. Cases are typically made from plastic (ding resistant), aluminum (lightweight), or a combination of the two. And because this is actually two mechanical hard drives operating in RAID 0, you get phenomenal speed. Ita€™s a good choice for anybody looking to maximize their storage on the go without breaking the bank. The WD Passport Slim also makes a fine backup drive for home-office duty, either plugged into your PC or shared over a network via the USB port on your router.
The drive inside the $900 Thunderbolt Drive+ is a Plextor SATA 6Gbps model that can be purchased directly from Plextor for just $380. Apricorn's Aegis Padlock SSD features a numeric keypad to prevent unauthorized access, and it's certified Level 2 FIPS 140-2, which means any tampering must be rendered evident. The DashDrive HV620 from ADATA isn't flashy or faster than average, but it's got a lot of space and average speeds, with a great price-per-gigabyte.
The wireless portable hard drive is a great way to add additional storage to your device at a reasonable price. The hard drive can also be used as an automatic backup, which makes a secondary copy of all the media stored on your iPhone or iPad. The device will be available in five colours, including lime green, cool blue, slate grey, fire-engine red, and white.
The Personal Cloud allows users to backup their content and store it directly on a secure hard drive. At 7mm thick, the drive uses Seagate’s latest mobile hard drive technology and is aimed at enthusiasts who want the latest and greatest technology. To learn more about me, check out my personal website, which contains links to my projects.
But for those who need sheer backup simplicity before all else, Clickfree’s Wireless Automatic Backup is our drive of choice, for a number of reasons.The biggest one? This is where wireless hard drives come into play as they offer easy connectivity and access. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions. On any given Sunday, you can open the office-superstore sale brochures in your newspaper and see appealing-looking specials on external drives, ranging in capacity from 500GB to several terabytes. Models with plastic shells tend to be cheaper (if less desirable) than models with metal ones. The change includes a major upgrade to the Seagate Media mobile app and new capacities for the drive.
In fact, there are countless other applications for portable drives, simply because you can never have enough storage. So don't use a portable hard drive to storeA irreplaceable information unless you have a duplicate copy stored somewhere elsea€”on another hard drive in your computer, on a second portable hard drive, in the cloud, or on a network-attached storage device. Western Digital and Seagate have lately started offering dual-drive products that are necessarily twice as thick as their single-drive cousins. It's not nearly as fast as Seagate's Backup Plus Fast, because it's not two drives operating in RAID 0, but neither does it come with the tradeoffs of that arrangement.
WD provides backup software for automated backups (you can also back up to a Dropbox account) and security software so you can password-protect your data. While it's come down in price since it was first introduced, you'll still pay $1.09 per gigabyte for this 256GB drive.
So you're paying $520 for a very fancy, water- and dust-resistant enclosure with both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces and a three-year warranty. The device features built-in Wi-Fi, so it does not rely on any existing network connection. Content that is located on the Personal Cloud can be acted through the Seagate Media app, allowing users to view their content from their iPhones or iPads. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. The backup will actually get done.What makes it a winner?As we said in our review, “Clickfree’s Wireless Automatic Backup drive is the simplest solution we’ve seen for multiple-computer backup. If you’re buying one for backing up a laptop or desktop PC, should you just buy based on price—that is, the cost per gigabyte—or should you look deeper? Indeed, sometimes a spot sale is the best way to buy one—$20 or $30 off the cost of a given drive, especially if it’s under $100 to start with, can be the clincher if you’re on a budget. Check out reviews of the drives you’re considering to see how the software stacks up.WARRANTY.

The app is now available for all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows, and Windows RT.
A 2TB drive priced at $120, for instance, would have a cost-per-gigabyte of 6 cents (most hard-drive manufacturers advertise 2 terabytes to be equal to 2000 gigabytes, even though 2048GB is more accurate).
We connect the drive to a testbed PC and copy a 10GB collection of small files from the PC's internal SSD drive to the portable hard drive (a write test). There are less-expensive portable SSDs on the market, but few that match the Aegis Portable 3.0's outstanding price-to-performance ratio.
Given that Thunderbolt is more widely support on the Mac, it's no surprise that the drive comes from the factory formatted HTFS+, so you'll need to reformat as NTFS if you want to use with a PC. After an initial setup and backup session done over a USB connection, the drive acts as a simple set-it-and-forget-it device that will keep your files backed up, even if you use both Macs and PCs in your home (in the case of Macs, recent, Intel-based ones).”Who should buy it?Those looking for the simplest-possible backup solution for their files on multiple computers will love this drive.
But while you should look at the total price, consider these five factors, as well.COST PER GIGABYTE. The warranties on portable hard drives do vary, with the norm typically at two or three years. On top of that it also has integration with cloud backup services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This isn't the best choice for a backup solution, but it's just the ticket when you need to transfer files rapidly.
And because it has a wireless connection to your computers, it’s an especially good pick for those looking for a drive that backs up out of sight, out of mind. Desktop drives are bigger (inside, they use the kind of speedy, cost-efficient platter-drive mechanisms that tower desktop PCs do), and you need to plug them into an AC power source. A drive's overall capacity is the single biggest determinant of its price, so doing the math can be worthwhile. Know that Thunderbolt drives tend to come at a premium at any given capacity, because their interface cables add a good bit to the cost of the drive. Especially opt for metal if you know you’ll tote your drive around casually in a bag or pocket—plastic drives tend to scratch and gouge easily, if you’re not careful with them.Beyond metal, though, ruggedized drives with made-for-the-road exterior cases are also an upward trend, with downward prices. That can be a deciding point, all else being equal, but know that what’s on your drive, as opposed to the drive itself, accumulates more value (as time goes by) than the drive itself. You can lug them around, but as the name suggests, they’re meant to be used on a desk, not on the go. When comparing drives, divide the number of gigabytes by the total price to see how much each gig is actually costing you. Being able to replace a failed drive (and they do fail) is little comfort if you don’t have a copy of what’s on it somewhere else.
The Wireless Plus is the second generation of Seagate's Wireless storage, which first came out in 2013. In not be able to store more then we must take help from third party Wireless Storage for Macbook available in Cheap price. If you tend to use your drives outdoors or take them in and out of a bag in places where there's a possibility of dust or damp exposure, these can be cheap insurance. The company was the first to introduce the mobile wireless storage category with the debut of the Seagate GoFlex Satellite back in 2011.This is a compact battery-operated portable drive, with about 10 hours of battery life, that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi network.
ASUS Wireless Duo (WHD-A1) Black 1TBASUS has a fine reputation in computer accessories and their wireless hard drive is no different. Mobile devices, such as an iPad or a smartphone, connected to this Wi-Fi network can use its storage for backup as well as playing content stored on the drive.
Storages are available in different capacities we can choose as per our requirement.Now a days as per the modern requirement of users there is new device is launched for better compartment and better use, it is called wireless storage which we can carry it anywhere, connect it anywhere wirelessly, store our extra data without any losing of data from laptops, computers or any other devices. This model permits multiple devices to connect simultaneously and the manufacturer claims it to be water resistant.
The firmware interacts great in iOS, Android and Windows but you will have issues interfacing it to Ubuntu. It also contains inbuilt power bank of 5600mAh capacity for emergency purpose when your gadget’s battery gets suddenly low.
You can share your different media throughout latest devices like iPad, android, iPhone etc and many more devices.
It connects seamlessly to any platform and allows for streaming videos & pictures over the cloud as well. You can easily take back up of any files or media without any damaging or losing of any file safely. BUFFALO LinkStation 210 2 TB 1-Drive NAS(143$)This hard drive can connect to your router for a centralized storage as well. The capacity of this wireless drive is 2TB which is enough expansion of memory for your device.
WD My Passport Wireless 2 TB Wi-Fi Mobile Storage (197$)This device is comparatively small and more portable to others. It can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously and you can easily transfer photos from your SD card.
So, Very easy to carry it anywhere as Very compact small in size.Lacie Wireless Storage for OS XWireless storage by Seagate in 2TBBest wireless storage for smart devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc and other devices.
It has very effective and long life battery for better use you can use it for 10hrs nonstop.
This model has up to 10 hours of battery life and integrates to any smartphone with Seagate’s own app.
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