Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer is pleased to offer the very best economical alternatives in portable refrigerated containers and freezing on the market today. Our clients range in size and composition from the small business to the large corporate producer. If you are grappling with space needs, transportation expense and logistics, inefficiency and frustration give Kelly Refrigeration and Freezer a call.
August.  My husband, my Chief Culinary Consultant, my talented gardener, my friend and the love of my life. Sprinkles or colored sugar kick the decorating up a notch!  All-in-all this is such an easy recipe to make and yet the cake will take made-from-scratch.

When freezing baked cupcakes,you want to prevent the common problems of freezer burn, dryness, and gummy tops. I have found the best way to store cupcakes is to wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then place them in an air-tight storage container, like Tupperware.  This double wrap helps keep freezer burn at bay. If you are reading through the Bible in one year with me, you will find this week’s reading plan listed to the right of this post.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Because the texture and consistency of frosting and icing can change drastically in the freezer, only plain (unfrosted) cupcakes should be frozen.  Once thawed, they can be topped or decorated as desired.

I have had success of storing cupcakes for up to a month in the freezer with little to no difference in the taste. Freezing a cupcake that is already frosted can be done, but the frosting can degrade and become runny when thawed.

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