ADrive delivers online cloud storage services to millions of individuals, businesses and enterprise-level users. Backup, share, edit and access files with any device, from anywhere there is access to the internet. Online collaboration – keeps everyone on your team connected and in the “know.” Team members can add, edit and view files from anywhere. Larger files supported – files sizes have been increased to 16 GB, so you can upload and share an entire presentation with everyone on your team.
Set expiration date on shared files – set limits on how long files will be be available for viewing. Increased security – many companies offer this as standard fare on all plans, but ADrive only provides secure transfers and safe storage for paid memberships. The basic plan has fewer features than the paid plans, but you get 50 GB of space completely free.
ADrive has recently added a new desktop application that is compatible with all major operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux. Using WebDav, users can map their ADrive account right from their computer, without signing into their web portal.
JustCloud are a fresh and exciting online backup company offering a fast and reliable service, although new to the industry, these guys know what they are talking about! What sets JustCloud apart from the more distinguished service, is the simplicity of their service. We Rate JustCloud highly, and really believe that they soon be challenging for our number 1 spot once a few tweaks are made. An early arrival on the online data storage scene, DriveHQ has been around for longer than many of its competitors. DriveHQ offers a great service for anyone looking for some cloud space in which to store and share documents, pictures, and other media.
If you want to test DriveHQ out, there’s a free account option that allows you to have 1GB of space to use – and you’ll have access to all of the same sharing features as a paying user, which is a plus even in the face of such a small amount of free space.
DriveHQ really has it down in the realm of features and service, and their user interface is a favorite among industry experts.
Copyright © 2003 - 2016 Powered by Discount Reebok Trainers & Running Shoes For Women. Their goal is to provide a convenient and reliable way for everyone to manage their data from virtually anywhere, at any time.
If you need a specific file, you can find it quickly ans easily with the ADrive search feature. Many programs do not support international characters – you will notice this on some web pages where characters show up as small boxes or some other strange icon. The application was developed in Adobe AIR, and allows users to download, upload, and schedule file and folder backups from your personal computer.

Every part of the interface contains ads – including the file manager and publicly downloaded files. If you don’t mind dealing with a bunch of advertisements, you can get all of this completely free of charge. Although many may not have heard of JustCloud, its clear to see that although JustCLoud is a new and vibrant service, it does match up well against others.
Tagged with Best Online Backup, free Cloud Storage, FREE Cloud Storage Unlimited Storage, free online backup, justcloud reviews, Unlimited Online Backup Storage. The company prides itself on its dependable service, extensive features, and professionalism. Far more than just a backup service, they offer sharing and collaborative functions along with lots of handy extras. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-navigate, and with unlimited device allowance, you can use it on any of your computers. They especially cater to business clients, though, and have attracted some pretty big corporations.
One of the most impressive aspects of their pricing structure is that you can add as many users as you want to your account for less than a dollar each per month. Many claim that it’s overly complicated and that payments are not always allocated properly. They are dedicated to developing new features and offering affordable online data storage solutions. ADrive uses Zoho® technology to allow users to edit their word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Simply send a link to those you wish to share your files with, and with one click, they have access to your files.
With international character support, you can read or write files in any language and not have any strange images showing up in your text. Paid plans are reasonably priced, starting at just $6.95 per month, which means you can add more space as your business grows.
This could also fall into the “con” category, since most online storage providers offer to keep up to 30 versions of older files for as long as you wish. If ads do bother you, a mere $6.95 per month gives you a clean, ad free interface, enhanced security and plenty of other features not available to free members.
However, its real selling point is the vast amount of additional features offered, File Versioning, Automated backup, File sharing, as well as a strong syncing option.
DriveHQ has users from all across the globe – including many large corporations, with clients operating in several different countries.
You can work on your DriveHQ files from anywhere, and access them offline using any synced device. The company also unveiled its WebDAV service recently, which allows you to access your DriveHQ files as a local drive on your synced computer without downloading any software.

File permissions is pretty much an industry standard, but DriveHQ goes one better by making your files inaccessible from any other site.
This even includes external drives, so you can backup directly from your storage device – a cool feature for any file-hoarder. However, while you can pay your way up to having more cloud space, DriveHQ offers relatively little in this area on its basic packages when compared to similar companies.
This seems to be a problem with only a minority of users, though, and presumably all such complaints could be handled through the customer service department.
If you’re looking for a solid online data solution service that also offers web and email hosting, then DriveHQ is the way to go. Beyond the free basic service, the company offers a variety of paid plans to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of any size. With names like that entrusting DriveHQ with their precious data, it stands to reason that the company has some impressive security measures in place. This means that even if someone has the exact URL to the place where your document is stored on DriveHQ, they won’t be able to open up the page. They also have business plans, including an enterprise membership with bonuses like custom log-on pages with your company’s logo and other added touches to add professionalism to your online collaboration.
If you’re concerned about less-than-clear billing practices, it might be a good idea to contact a representative and have them walk you through a mock bill to see if you think it will be an issue for you.
Pretty nifty, especially when you consider the amount of software we download on a regular basis just to interface with the sites and programs we use. You’ll also get full support for your email and other systems both online and via phone from the company’s dedicated customer support center.
DriveHQ sets themselves apart even further by offering a full array of host services, providing web and email hosting for commercial clients. DriveHQ themselves address this concern on their site, saying that many people don’t really need hundreds of GB of space and that paying for it is unnecessary in most cases. DriveHQ is constantly rolling out updates to its email and other services, improving security and functionality on an ongoing basis.
DriveHQ’s physical backup facility is also guarded heavily from all manner of theft, disaster, and outage.
Again, whether you buy into this philosophy will probably depend on how much space you need!

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