While the service-specific details are still a mystery, Android Police has got hold the screenshots and details about the official Android application of the Photos service, which will be replacing the existing Photos app that comes bundled with Google+. According to Android Police, the app will act as a one-stop destination for all the imaging needs of Android users, it will offer image management tools, cloud storage support, enhanced search support, automatic image organization, social-sharing, image editing and more. In addition, the application will introduce a new Assistant feature, which is an upgraded version of the Autoawesome. Note: We're not duplicating any of the built-in or suggested-by-Apple apps in this list; we'll do separate articles on best replacement apps!
Dropbox is a cloud storage and sync service that, on the Mac, can make sure anything in its special folder is kept safe online and mirrored on any other Mac you install it on. If you've ever been walking through a store, or watching a TV show, or enjoying a tasty beverage when a great song started to play, you've likely had the urge to identify the song and maybe even buy it immediately.
There are a ton of options to watch video on your iPhone, including buying or streaming directly on your device. Screens lets you use your iPhone to remotely view and interact with your Mac or Windows PC.
Kahn Academy is one of the best products of education and the internet, and with the Khan Academy app for the iPhone, you have free access videos on topics ranging from kindergarten, advanced science, humanities, history, and more. Pair Tripit for iPhone with a Tripit account and the iPhone becomes your virtual travel assistant. Google Search not only provides text and voice-based search, as the name implies, but also incorporates Google Now technology.
These may be our favorites but if you think we overlooked something or missed an especially awesome app, Let us know in the comments! Utilizing the Android OS provides open access to the Android Market (one of the fastest growing app markets available). The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 contains a 3 Megapixel camera and includes a 720p video recorder.

Tablet Junki is the #1 source for finding the best prices on the latest model tablets available in 2012! Tablet Junki provides the most accurate information available, which is provided from Amazon.
According to a recent report in Bloomberg, the new Photos service will be standalone and not a part of Google+.
Assistant will help the users in organizing their image library, creating automatic collages, photo movies, stories and more.
Using such a tiny screen to control such a big screen might seem difficult if not impossible, and indeed it does work better on the iPad, but Screens does a great job making it as usable as possible even on the iPhone. Luckily the folks at 1Password have a much more robust app you can use for that, and even more.
Simply email any flight or hotel confirmations to TripIt and they'll automagically get logged and displayed on your iPhone, along with helpful maps and additional information to make your travel safer and easier.
That means it uses your location, calendar, and the information Google knows about you and your contacts to provide predictive information for you, presented on easy to use, easy to dismiss cards. We are not held responsible for information that could potentially be outdated or inaccurate.
What's more, Dropbox provides a powerful integration for developers that allow many other apps to tie into their service and use them for cloud storage and sync as well. Simply launch Shazam, tap the screen, and a long as the music is loud and clear enough, and well known enough to be identifiable, Shazam will find it.
All those home movies you've made or DVDs you've - legally in your jurisdiction - ripped and stored for safe keeping? Drop it on your Home screen or Dock, and every time you tap it it presents you with an array of quick actions, from going to websites, performing searches, contacting specific people, tweet out a message, create a todo, and much, much more. It's long been the dream of every IT professional to run their server room from poolside, and every home technologist to run their desktop from the sofa.

It can't access Safari the way Apple can, but it does have a built in browser and support for all your logins, credit cards, licenses, accounts, and more. Basic accounts are free, but if you're a frequent traveler and faster, more meaningful alerts would be beneficial to you, a paid account is more than worthwhile.
Since Apple dropped RSS support from Safari, and Google dropped Google Reader, it's been a challenging year for news junkies. Among the almost million App Store apps are a bunch of other really good apps that even casual users can get a ton of benefit from.
We'll also be updating and adding to this list often, whenever new or just plain better apps come along.
You'll get not only the name, but the ability to share your discovery, and even find it in the iTunes Music store if you so wish.
If you like how easy iOS is to use, but wish you could do more with it, Launch Center Pro is for you. Luckily Reeder has rebooted with support for a ton of new sync services, and has once again regained its spot at the top or feed mountain.
It's not the same, native experience you get on Google's own Android, and it's not the same as Apple's Siri, but if you're willing to trust it with your data, it's a useful feature to have around. Run the small Air Video Server app on your desktop, and then not only can you stream any video, in any format, transcoded on-the-fly to your iPhone, but you can re-stream it to your Apple TV via AirPlay as well. Plus, with its own master password, you can unlock your phone without worrying about unlocking everything else.

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