After each week-end celebrations, I got fed-up with the message “Low storage memory” in my iPhone 5s.
Your iPhone keeps saying “Insufficient storage space” and is limiting your camera addiction?
Cloud storage services not only retain us by sync our files wherever we are, whenever we need them, but they can be a great way to backup, share, and collaborate as well.
Another limitation of those Apps are individual file size, they offer only 2GB per file size. Consider one cloud application which gives you storage service of about 100GB, You might be able store 100GB in the cloud absolutely free…! Otherwise you may download this best free online storage for iPhone application from the following link and Sync with iTunes. First of all Yunio is cross platform service, means Yunio tools are available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows etc.
It doesn’t matter which operating system you belong to, carry your files wherever you go. It will provide you some options like Create New Folder, Upload photos and videos directly from Camera roll folder, access camera right away from the app and save the taken photos to cloud right over there.
By tapping at the top left corner options you may access Files and folders, recycle bin etc. It will allow you to sync Camera Roll directory to Yunio cloud, which is really an awesome feature.
File sharing is another added advantage of Yunio; How to share folder between other Yunio users? Once you shared your cloud folder, it will be visible under shared folder area in the Yunio control panel.
The best way to view my list of the top iPhone apps is in the screenshot gallery, which includes 2-3 screenshots of each app and a short description of why I chose to include it in the list. Dropbox is a great cloud service that automatically syncs a folder of files between multiple computers (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
Once you get used to typing on a virtual keyboard (and it honestly took me over a year to do it), then these devices are great for note-taking, and Evernote is a great note-taking app.
There are a ton of to-do apps on iPhone but I prefer 2Do because of the great interface and the fact that it can sync with the online service Toodledo. For some reason Google doesna€™t have an official app (for either iPhone or Android) for Google Analytics.
The official Twitter app (formerly known as Tweetie) is still the best Twitter client on iPhone (although Osfoora is catching up), and Twitter is an amazing instant-intelligence engine. I never warmed up to the Amazon Kindle e-reader, but Ia€™m a big fan of the Kindle iPhone app. As much as I like the Kindle ebooks, I actually consume more books as audiobooks via Audible. Photoshop is, of course, the best known photo editor in the world and its mobile app doesna€™t do anything to hurt that reputation.
Ia€™m always running speed tests to check my bandwidth in various places, both to see 3G fluctuations and to check the quality of Wi-Fi.
I used to carry a separate Garmin GPS unit for turn-by-turn directions but I eventually got rid of it and decided to just use the iPhone instead.
A great companion to a GPS system is the app a€?Where To?a€? which lets you quickly look up various types of shops and services, from Cuban restaurants to medical specialists to animal hospitals to local museums and much more. If you want to impress your friends with an iPhone app, the best one to do it with is Shazam.
Boxee is a great little program that lets you turn any PC into a multimedia PC and brings social networking to the experience so that you can see what your friends are watching. This classic game has gotten a rebirth in the digital age and the iPhone version is part of that. Ia€™m not usually an avid gamer (beyond Scrabble) but when it involves an X-wing Fighter attacking the Death Star, Ia€™m in. There are even apps to help you find more apps (thata€™s what happens when a platform has over 200,000 apps).
Apple has released a cumulative list of the best performing apps in the App Store across 2014. The number one paid iPhone app of 2014 was the popular party game Heads Up!, which was made famous thanks to its multiple appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The top paid iPad app of 2014 was Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which first debuted on iOS in 2011.
Apple also announced the top grossing apps of the year, which include Clash of Clans, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Candy Crush Saga, and Big Fish Casino. Top 10 Must-have iPhone Apps Sep 04,2012 - by admin Comments Off If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, the first thing you are going to need to do is to head over to the App Store and download some apps. Okay, so this app is not aesthetically pleasing when it comes to user-interface, but you can ignore this because it is such a good app.
Amazon’s Kindle e-reader has transformed the way we approach reading, letting us download and read books on the move.
At number seven on the top 10 must-have iPhone apps is Dropbox, the world’s most popular cloud storage platform. Every iPhone owner’s worst nightmare is losing their precious device and everything on it, or finding out that it has been stolen – Find My iPhone can track it down.
The iPhone is blessed with a very good camera and there is no better way of putting it to use than with Instagram. It may not be the most exciting of apps but Evernote is undoubtedly the number one app in our list.
This multibillion-dollar business has carved out its own section within the technology industry. Over the past year we've seen some great mobile apps both from well-known developers and lesser-known shops too. Between Apple's App Store and Google's Android Play Store, there are more than 1 million apps to choose from. But not all apps are worth your time, so we picked out the 100 best from a variety of categories like games, news, social networking, and productivity.

Just like last year's App 100 list, a lot of these apps are some of our favorites that we use every day.
De gratis (video)bellen-app Skype is de meest gedownloade gratis app voor de iPad geworden. Op de iPad is ontwerp-app Paper de beste app geworden en het 3D-puzzelspel The Room is het beste spel. As we close out one week and kick off another, let’s take a moment to look back at the attention-grabbing headlines from the past seven days.
Apple has just seeded the third beta version of iOS 7.1 to developers of the iOS Developer Program. Google recently added a new feature in Gmail that lets any Google+ user send you an email even if they don’t know your email address. Beats Music, the new music streaming service said to be “heavy” on curation, will launch on the 21st of this month, following a limited launch to alpha testers, and letting users reserve their usernames for the service. When it comes to Apple products, CES can’t match the excitement of Macworld, which is slated for March of this year. The iPhone camera includes image stabilisation that takes photos in quick succession and combines the images so as to minimise motion. Fitbit confirmed today to SlashGear that the highly anticipated caller ID function is coming to the fitness tracker next month. According to a court filing reported by Bloomberg, Apple and Samsung have agreed to use a mediator to help resolve their patent dispute. T-Mobile is trying to make it as easy as possible for people to switch away from their current carriers and join the T-Mobile network. Apple has just announced that more than $10 billion was spent by customers on the App Store. Apple updated its investor website with information about its upcoming earnings conference call. Pebble today announced its new Pebble Steel smartwatch that has a stainless steel body, as opposed to the plastic body of the original model.
Apple added official support for Made for iOS Game Controllers in iOS 7, but the game controllers launched till now all connect via the Lightning port. Now that iOS 7 has been jailbroken, we have covering some of the best jailbreak tweaks now available for your iPhone. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. In a world with over 200,000 iPhone apps and over 100,000 Android apps, the toughest part is finding the most useful stuff. These are third-party apps that can help you be more productive, streamline several of your activities, reduce the number of gadgets in your life, and take advantage of the top benefits that mobile computing has to offer. However, you can also view the entire list below along with a link for each app in iTunes App Store.
This app extends Dropbox to the iPhone and includes a built-in reader within the app for PDFs, image files, and Microsoft Office files. It is similar to Dropbox in that it saves data locally but syncs it across all your machines and devices. It shows basic data from Google Analytics as well as a bunch of other sources, including Squarespace, Twitter, and Feedburner.
However, I still track some RSS feeds and the best tool Ia€™ve found to do it with is MobileRSS Pro, because of its clean UI and integration with Google Reader. I mostly get news from Twitter and RSS, but the one major exception is ProPublica, the non-profit investigative journalism site. Since it was released Ia€™ve read a lot more books simply because my phone is always with me and I can pull it out and read a few pages anytime Ia€™ve got a couple minutes free. But while the desktop version is known for having a zillion features, the mobile app is distinguished by its simplicity.
In researching the various apps, I eventually decided on NAVIGON, which is a company that makes a lot of the built-in navigation systems for many cars.
It uses the iPhonea€™s accelerometer to track the miles youa€™ve run or walked, and it also throws in data about your pace and the number of calories youa€™ve burned. You simply search by an artist or song and it will create a running playlist based on that one piece of information. Ever hear a song being played at a store or on the radio and ask yourself, a€?Oh, what song is that?a€? Thata€™s where Shazam comes in. Star Wars: Trench Run is a fun game thata€™s easy to play and takes advantage of the iPhone 4a€™s new gyroscope. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. Even though the app is on the top of the list, the social networking giant continues to face criticism for removing the messaging capabilities from its main Facebook app. The app has been updated countless times with new features, better graphics, and bug fixes.
To learn more about me, check out my personal website, which contains links to my projects. When Apple say “There’s an app for that” on their advertising campaigns, they’re not lying. This app is free to download and will help you keep on top of your personal finances, letting you check the account balance of any bank, credit card, investment, or checking account that you have. If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, Documents to Go is essential, letting you view and edit files on the move. By installing and activating this free app on your phone, you can log on to the iCloud website and send a message to your phone that will flash on the screen, or make it play a loud tone to annoy possible thieves, or if you have lost the phone, Find My iPhone will locate it on a map and show you exactly where it is. This app lets you browse the newsfeeds of your social media accounts and displays them in a super-cool magazine-style format; you can also receive up-to-date magazine articles related to your preferences.
The Twitter app is exactly the same as the mobile site and lets you update statuses, check trends and edit your profile on the move.
The very fact you have a Facebook account makes this app a must-have and it doesn’t cost anything to download. This social photo-sharing app has changed the way we take photos, turning amateurs into professionals by letting you add effects to ordinary stills.

When you throw in apps from BlackBerry's App World and the Windows Phone store, we're dealing with a mind-boggling number of apps. We also took a careful look at some of the best and most popular apps that launched over the past year. The best apps look incredible, take advantage of our phone's powerful hardware, are fast, easy to use, and make life easier or more fun.
Rayman Jungle Run de beste iPhone-game van het jaar geworden, Angry Birds Space de meest gedownloade betaalde app en Action Movie FX is de beste app van het jaar volgens Apple. Deze app is namelijk niet standaard meer in iOS aanwezig en moet dus door iOS-gebruikers handmatig gedownload worden. Waar de apps op beoordeeld zijn is overigens niet duidelijk naar voren gebracht door Apple. Some of the news you may recall, some may be new to you, but all of the topics below are worthy of a mention. Google’s decision to add the feature was quite controversial, more so because it is enabled by default for all Gmail users. At CES, we heard a lot about 4K televisions and a million different kinds of wearables, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any gems for iOS and OS X users. But this solution is software-based, and Apple soon plans on moving away from this approach to optical image stabilisation (OIS) as detailed in a new patent application. The legal battle between the two technology companies has played out in a California court room for the past several years. Today during CES 2104, T-Mobile unveiled part 4 of its Uncarrier initiative, which offers to pay termination fees and buy back phones from customers who switch carriers.
It introduced a new program called “Sponsored Data” that lets consumers browse and consume certain types of content for free, with the data usage charges being borne by the sponsor and not you.
SteelSeries today launched Stratus, the first wireless game controller that connects via Bluetooth.
Apple i devices offer limited storage space and there is no extensible memory card facility.
While selecting a cloud storage service, what’s the most crucial feature that you look for? After many more experiments I found the best cloud storage iPhone app which offers free online storage for iPhone photos and videos and here I’m sharing it for you. Sync folders lets synchronize your files always regardless of whatever device you have PC, Mobile etc. But Audible now has its own app, which lets you connect to your Audible library and download over the air, and even gives you a self-contained player optimized for audiobooks. Ita€™s the best iPhone photo editing app for simple crops, brightness adjustments, and sharpens, for example.
My wife is a photographer with a big, expensive camera and shea€™s regularly jealous of some of the shots I can get with the iPhone and Pano.
It is very consistent, although sometimes its upload speeds seem a little lower than reality. You simply scan a producta€™s UPC code and let the app go to work to find it in Google Product Search and TheFind.
Tip: Make sure your iPhone is plugged in to power when you run a GPS navigation program like this because otherwise it will quickly drain your battery. It intersperses an occasional ad between songs but the ads tend to be fairly localized and occasionally even useful.
Just hit the button and let it listen for 15 seconds, query its database, and then return the name of artist and the song. A cool feature of Star Wars: Trench Run is that you can also connect it with your computer using a wireless technology called Brass Monkey and then you can have the game playing on a PC or Mac while you use the iPhone as a controller. The app syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and other cloud clients and also opens files in PDF format. Users can shop for books, sync their Kindle library, customise their reading, and access Amazon’s huge library of free books.
You can sync files between all of your devices and share files with other users – much more convenient than sending attachment-filled emails and saving items on a flash drive. The Facebook app helps you stay well-informed of everything that is happening around you, from updates by family and friends to competitions and news stories. After taking a photo, you can edit it and immediately share it with the world on social media. You can input text, audio and video, save it, and sync it with any of your other devices, ensuring you never forget another thing. Here’s a list of five products unveiled at CES 2014 that I think are significant for Apple owners. You simply forward your confirmation emails for your flights, hotels, rental cars, and more to Tripit and it automatically organizes them into trips with all your details and confirmation numbers. For food it will even look up allergen information and for books it will scan to see if you can get it in a local library. On iOS 4, Pandora can even run in the background, just like the iPhonea€™s native music app. This Boxee app turns your iPhone into a remote with two modes, a straight arrow mode and a gesture mode. However, be prepared to install a plug-in on your computer and you might have to open ports on your firewall to make it work. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Bij dit spel loopt Rayman automatisch door het scherm, maar moet de speler zelf onder andere springen en vijanden verslaan. A similar product is SnapTell, which not only scans barcordes but you can also take a picture of the cover of a book or DVD and it can look them up that way.
These apps are great when youa€™re shopping at a retail store and want to check the prices of products online before buying.

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